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Charlotte South Park Turkey Trot Thanksgiving 2012

27 Nov

So I ran with my dad and I don’t know why I look so happy. Perhaps to be done? I was overdressed and about to melt. It wasn’t hot at all but I get SO HOT when I run — I should have gone tank top and arm warmers. Ah, well, live and learn. Our chip time was 46:25 or something. Not displeased — we ran with about 4,000 of our best friends. My mom and daughter walked the 5k (well daughter strolled) – they were both so excited to get finisher medals. 🙂 My mom wore hers the whole rest of the day.

Now we are decorating the tree. And then there’s that bootcamp later today. I feel indecisive — here’s what I have planned:

  • Circuit 1: 21-15-9x
  • deadlift – up row – incline push up – 20 jacks
  • Circuit 2: 15/15x
  • one leg deadlift – bent over row (set one palms facing, set two palms back) – curtsy lunge w bicep – 30 repeater knee/leg
  • cardio: 2 min
  • high knees – burpees – 1/2 jacks – butt kicks
  • Circuit 3: 15x
  • shoulder press – lat raise – front raise – triceps – fly – press – rev fly – squat hold 20 sec – squat – turbo squat – bulgarian split squat – forward lunge – froggy squat hops – 30 sec wall sit
  • cardio: 2 min
  • high knees – burpees – 1/2 jacks – butt kicks
  • Abs: oblique crunch
  • plate twist
  • toe touches


Monday Bootcamp

26 Nov
Hey Girl sushi

Hey Girl sushi (Photo credit: ndh)

This afternoon, I need something hard. I feel sluggish and heavy . . . especially after being around my tiny family. My sister looks like a skeleton which is not inspiring, just worrying. Anyway — here’s what I’m thinking about for this afternoon (repeating any drills if I need to fill time . . .)  —


  • Warm up — 5 min running, butt kicks, high knees, etc

alternate 2 min with 1 min drills:

  • running drill (suicide maybe)
  • spider push ups (knees to elbow)
  • jacks, arms to shoulders
  • squat to press
  • jump rope
  • in and outs (feet on plates or ball)

rest 1 min

  • burpees
  • turkish get up (30 sec/side)
  • skaters
  • inch worms
  • lateral ski jumps
  • side plank hip dips (30 sec/side)

rest 1 min

  • standing climbers
  • leap frogs
  • high knees
  • bridge press ups
  • fast feet with sprawl every 20 sec
  • low squats

rest 1 min

  • tire jumps
  • high plank
  • running drill (run with star jack add on? maybe stairs?)
  • tri dips
  • jacks
  • jump lunges

rest 1 min

  • burpees
  • bridge press one leg (30 sec/side)
  • skaters
  • box jumps
  • lateral ski jumps
  • squat taps

finisher drill: 21-15-9

  • burpees
  • bridge press ups
  • push ups
  • run with 21-15-9 star jacks at one end of room

Cyber Monday sales | 2012

26 Nov

Cyber Monday sales | 2012.


And don’t forget — crazy sales. If you can get the site to load. I’ll be back later with workouts for the week!


Happy Shopping!

Books | We Give Books

19 Nov

Books | We Give Books.

If you have kids, this is a great site. I’m still a little ambivalent about reading online but I’m all about some free things so it’s good to have it as an option.

You just sign up your child (or yourself if your child is under 13) and you get access to all kinds of kids books — free. The company donates to whatever cause they currently support (Hurricane Sandy Relief right now) for every book you read. There’s also a bookshelf so you can keep track of the books you and your child have read.

Ultimately, despite the online part, this seems like a good thing.

Renegade Bootcamp

18 Nov

Balance Exercise Balls 7-3-09 1

I’m just calling it that because I’m using dumbbells, stability ball, medicine ball, maybe some bands. Here’s the plan:

20/10 – 1 min rest followed by 50/10 Circuit:

  1. Dumbbell Deadlifts
  2. Pushups
  3. Lunge and OH Press
  4. Table with Opposite Toe Touch
  5. Dumbbell Reverse and Forward Lunge (R, then L)
  6. Standing Mountain Climbers with light weight
  7. Goblet Sumo Squats
  8. Dumbbell Swings
  9. Side to Side Burpees
  10. V-ups/V-outs

Repeat 2x:

  • Medicine Ball OH Squat x 12
  • Stability Ball Chest Fly x 12
  • Stability Ball Skull Crushers x 12
  • Weighted wipers x 4
  • 5 seconds Fast Feet to 1 Reach Jump x 6

Suicides with Star Jacks — add 3 each time (3-6-9-12-15-18) (maybe in the big gym in which case we’ll do 9-12-15 then a resisted run across and back with bands?)

ABS: 2 Rounds, 30 sec/ea

  • plank feet on ball
  • plank with knees to elbow feet on ball
  • feet on ball, roll in and out
  • side plank L
  • pike, legs straight
  • push ups on medicine ball
  • crunches on ball with DB overhead, R then L
  • side plank R

Sunday Sunday Sunday

18 Nov

Yes, we watch some football around here. 


The Lame Ass Tom Brady Team

husband. blech.

So at least one of likes a team that wins games. Anyway, so that’s what’s on the agenda today. Probably a little time outside too. I don’t think it’s going to be too cold. And the three year old isn’t such a football fan.

Workout plan this week:

Monday: Might do a HIIT in the am or Crosstraining workout (if I can get to the class at 9:45 am) and teaching Bootcamp (I lazy-ed out on yesterday’s workout. I feel bad about that. And I generally can’t get in a workout if I don’t go to the gym due to childcare . . . so not getting a workout today. blah)


Tues: teaching Bootcamp

Wed: Subbing Sculpt and Step (I don’t do step — it will be a beginner bootcamp style class) and teaching Pilates (I wonder if people will even show up to the gym Wed before Thanksgiving? We shall see)

Thurs: 8k Turkey Trot with my parents (and daughter in the stroller – my mom is doing the walk so my dad and I are going to run then go find her. Pretty sure daughter won’t last that long in the stroller . . . )

Fri: Recovery day? Possible run?

Sat: Spin? Rest? Maybe a run? I did sign up for a 1/2 marathon . . .

Sun: Rest day (I almost always take Sunday as rest day)


17 Nov


Registration complete! 1/2 marathon trail race will be done! not fast but not last, right? 🙂




Tabata Time

15 Nov

Thursday Tabata — it’s been a while since I did a tabata routine in class. I used to do them all the time, actually. So my tentative plan is to repeat each circuit 2x with one minute rest between and a 30-60 sec weighted “rope jump” or shuffle between. i’ll let you know how it goes.

Pilates Wed

14 Nov

Just a little of what we’re gonna do . . . .

btw totally not doing all of these moves/these exact routines but i have adopted some moves along with traditional pilates moves into what we are doing tomorrow. Bootcamp Pilates! RAWR!

This seems crazy

14 Nov

I found this workout on pinterest. I hate hate hate the treadmill but I need to get in a run and I have some time before I teach Pilates in the am. so here’s what I’m going to *try* to do. I hope I don’t fall off the damn thing.

Source: via Candice on Pinterest


So this workout was totally crazy — going at a speed of 11 on a treadmill is a 5.30 mile. I don’t run that fast and it was terrifying. I did the mile warm up, the three tabatas and then a brief cooldown — I ran out of time to do the mile cooldown. The first two tabata intervals were hard, don’t get me wrong but the last one was just terrifying — I did the first round at 11, then the next 6 alternating between 9-10 and the last at 11.