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Bootcamp Tuesday

17 Dec

  • warm up: 30 sec ea: jog in place, high knees, lateral hops, butt kicks, jacks, x2 + stretch
  1. round 1 (45/15): holding db, tiny jump squat / prone on step, db between feet, hamstring curl –> 3x through
  2. round 2: 7 min AMRAP –>Β 20 lunges — db seal jacks — burpees — jump rope — rev lunge w/ pull — forward/back X squat — burpees Β –>Β when time is up 1 min wall sit
  3. round 3: 10 box jumps – 10 db swings x3 + 45 sec ea
  4. round 4: 10 seconds of each, 4x: mt climbers, burpees, push ups, star jacks
  5. round 5: snatch (5 each arm) – 10 db pass through lunge
  6. round 6: repeat round 4

Finish: Isometric HELL –> 30 sec ea

  • plank – starfish – plank – starfish – table top or rev plank – prisoner squat hold – crescent lunge R/L – wall sit lat hold – lunge bicep hold – plank L arm to side/R – elbow side plank hip dips R/ – v sit – elbow L – plank – hover – swimmers – end with 2 min wall sit lat hold

shake it out– one final repeat of round 4 (?)

class tomorrow (wed) will likely be shorter – anyone got a good 45 min bootcamp type workout? i don’t want to cut the work part but there’s an overlap with the instructor of the next class — so i need some good 45 min that feel like an hour (or you’re glad it’s not) workouts! πŸ™‚

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sick day

15 Sep

harper wasn’t feeling well Saturday so we all had a low key day after soccer. i wasn’t feeling great either so i was in bed by 9. which was weird. i think we all have colds. about right – school has been back 2 weeks. anyway —

workouts this week:

mon: beginner bootcamp/tabata

tues: bootcamp

wed: c25k, pilates, bootcamp

thurs: bootcamp

fri: tabata

sat: 5k race

sun: off


Sun: corn chowder is already in the crockpot! we’re also going to lunch with MIL & BIL so likely leftovers

Mon: corn chowder, maybe with a sandwich

Tues: taco smash/tacos

Wed: leftovers

Thurs: grilled cheese and soup

Fri: homemade pizza

back with monday’s workouts in a few!

Tuesday Bootcamp

20 Aug

Upper body day!Β 

mobility warm up: crescent lunge hold, unweighted bar overhead squats, bar up and over, inchworms, plank, dips

  • 15 overhead press (goal: 35-45lbs with the bar)
  • 5 push ups
  • 5 pull ups / body rows / resistance band pull downs
  • 15 mt climbers (L+R=1)
  • repeat 2x

cardio intervals – no rest, as fast as you can go — i might do this 30 sec on for 5 min instead of reps

  • 30 fast feet jogs
  • 30 butt kick
  • 30 jacks
  • 10 tuck jumps
  • 1 min jump rope
  • repeat 2x
  • 15 db thrusters
  • 15 lat raises
  • 15 reverse flyes
  • 60 jump rope (60 revolutions)
  • repeat 4x
  • 5 push ups
  • 5 pull ups / body rows / band pull downs
  • 5 full sit ups
  • 15 mt climbers (L+R=1)
  • repeat 4x
  • 15 db bent row
  • 15 band seated row (seated, legs extended, band around feet and pull back towards belly)
  • 15 plate jackknives (feet on plate, slide feet up towards hands; modify: bend knees and slide feet in)
  • 15 burpees (or appropriate modification)
  • repeat 2x
  • 25 oblique crunches R/L
  • 25 side plank dips R/L
  • 25 side v-ups R/L
  • 25 bicycles slow
  • 25 bicycles fast


depending on the crowd, i might do some outdoor running. like some hills.

I’m sorry – wait, I’m not really sorry — this is funny.



New class!

11 Jun

Starting in July I’m switching one of my bootcamps to a running class — couch to 5k style and i’m also adding morning couch to 5k class. it will be about 11 weeks and then there is a 5k Sept 21! should be great!

it will entirely depend on who shows up but my thought is this — monday was a bootcamp so if the same people show up, they are already in pretty good shape. we’ll follow the couch to 5k program but run faster and the wed class will be straight up beginner. obv depends on who is there but that’s my thought for now.


so excited!Β 

i’m thinking this

3 May

tabata friday:

1 [warm up)] squats / push ups / burpees / plank x2

2 squats x2/ pistol squats r/l / back kicks r/l / squats x2

3 db snatch/single leg deadlift (alt arms/legs) [heavy weights]

4 front & side raise — one arm front, one arm side and switch each round/ weighted jump rope [light weights]

5 wide leg high knees/ one arm mt climbers

6 [abs] plank x2 / bicycle / side plank r & l / bicycle / elbow plank x2

Beginner Bootcamp/Tabata/Bootcamp

15 Apr

Monday. Monday. Monday. Love these classes but man I didn’t plan this schedule post race very well. Haven’t had a rest day since the 1/2 and I’m pretty tired. But still going. I get a rest day . . . next Friday?

This week:

Mon: BB/T/B

Tues: Bootcamp

Wed: Pilates (so this will be like active rest, right?)

Thurs: Bootcamp/Pilates

Fri: Subbing Pilates (ok another active rest day. yay!)

Then drive to meet my sister, hand off daughter and return for 2 day yoga certification. Mon back to retrieve daughter in between subbing 8am class/my regular monday/get back for afternoon bootcamp. No wonder i’m tired.

So tomorrow. Here’s the plan.

Beginner Bootcamp:

30/10 strength circuits x2 or 3 rounds dep on time

30 sec x2 no rest cardio circuits

  • 1. plie squat with hammer curl/bent over wide row
  • 2. jump rope/high knees
  • 3. squat to OH press/tricep kick back
  • 4. high knee/cross country
  • 5. stability ball hamstring curl/stability ball push up
  • 6. cross country/double in in out out squat jumps
  • 7. ball transfer/ball rotation

Tabata 20/10 each round (I’ve only done Beg BC and Tabata back to back for the last 2 weeks and most people have stayed so I’m going to try tomorrow just going right into it and count round 1 as warm up . . . we’ll see how it goes:

Bootcamp: 2 options — if we’re inside we’ll do cardio, if outside we’ll run up to 1 mile

warm up – stretches, light cardio

if it’s nice we’ll go outside:

  • 10 burpees/25 curb jumps/25 plank shoulder taps — run 1/4 mile
  • 10 burpee/50 jackknifes both sides/50 side plank knee tuck/run 1/2 mile
  • 10 burpees/25 curb jumps/25 plank shoulder taps/run 3/4 mile
  • 10 burpees/25 jack knife/50 side planks/run 1 mile

if we’re inside curb jumps = box jumps, plank shoulder taps = renegade rows and running = 2-10 min cardio [stairs, jacks, mt climbers, etc]

  • abs: crunch & reach/crunch L knee up 90 R straight, raise R leg up and back to start/plank alt leg lifts/plank wide knee to elbow


I think I have a first timer coming this afternoon as well as varying fitness levels – I’m going to save the workout above for a different day. Here’s the new plan:

Same warm up

Turkish Get Ups Ladder: Start with 1 rep each side and add on up to 4 per side (=10 total)

Taking it outside (I’m going to stay in the parking lot today) — complete all sprints before starting burpees. Depending on ability, sprints can be walks or jogs and burpees can be modified as well. I don’t know yet how I will time this and I might also give people a choice of where to run — there’s a small hill in the parking lot and there’s also flat.

Round 1 in 10 secs complete: 1 sprint + 1 burpee then rest for 0’10”
Round 2 in 20 secs complete: 2 sprints + 2 burpees then rest for 0’20”
Round 3 in 30 secs complete: 3 sprints + 3 burpees then rest for 0’30”
Round 4 in 40 secs complete: 4 sprints + 4 burpees then rest for 0’40”
Round 5 in 50 secs complete: 5 sprints + 5 burpees then rest for 0’50”
Round 6 in 60 secs complete 6 sprints + 6 burpees then rest for 0’60”
Round 7 in 70 secs complete: 7 sprints + 7 burpees then rest for 1’10”
Round 8 in 80 secs complete: 8 sprints + 8 burpees then rest for 1’20”
Round 9 in 90 secs complete: 9 sprints + 9 burpees then rest for 1’30”

We will then go back inside for some butt and gut work πŸ™‚

alt lunges – jump lunges – pulse squats – jump squats – plies – plie jumps – glute bridge – glute bridge pulse – plank – side plank – starfish – rev crunch – πŸ™‚

Summer Shape Up!

13 Apr

I’m co-teaching a class on Sat/Sun till the end of May with another instructor. It’s basically a bootcamp style class with an emphasis on abs/arms (and butt and gut). She’s running a race tomorrow so i’m on my own!

here’s the plan:

Warm up [all bodyweight]: good mornings – windmills [bent knee] – deadlift – inchworm – spider lunge – jacks – repeat

Circuit 1: Arms 35/10 x4

  • push ups to T plank – DB thrusters – dolphin planks – push up – high pull L – high pull R

Circuit 2: Cardio 7 min

  • A: Walk/run 2 laps (short track: 15 laps = 1 mile)
  • B: 10 pull ups/10 push ups repeat while runner finishes
  • switch until time ends

Circuit 3: Abs 35/10 x4

  • Clamp – wiper plank on elbows – sprinkler – triangle obliques with DB – side plank as top leg lifts then knee in L – repeat side plank R – jackknife


  • high knees 1 lap
  • butt kicks 1 lap
  • squat 10 reps jump squats 10 reps
  • jacks 10 reps plie squat 10 reps
  • lunges 1 lap
  • jacks 10 reps
  • squat hold 45 sec
  • jog 1 lap

Finisher (if time):

  • squats – plie squats – donkey kicks R/L – split jumps – lunge R/L – wall sit 45 sec Repeat

Why doesn’t that cat have feet?

Tabata Friday!

12 Apr

It’s Tabata day! I was thinking about doing an extra workout session after but honestly, I’m just plain exhausted. So 30 min of Tabata is all I got today! I think it’s a good one:

Each exercise is 20 sec work/10 sec rest:

  1. Warm up: jump rope – high knees – burpees – jacks repeat 1x
  2. burpees – mt climbers – tuck jump – split squat repeat 1x
  3. DB squat press – alt DB curls – OH Tri extDB Shoulder Press repeat 1x
  4. high knees – ice pickers (this is a wide leg jump squat and you alternate slamming hands toward ground) – burpees – power jacks repeat 1x
  5. one leg lunge and press – R/L alternate
  6. ABS: crossfit sit up (butterfly legs) – rev crunch –Β knee tucks – leg flutters repeat 1x

Honestly, now I don’t know if this is a good one or not. It looks crazy. #3 and 4 I will prob change when i get to class – combine them or something? and #5.

3. db squat press — ice pickers — db shoulder press — burpees

4. alt db curls — high knees — oh tri ext — power jacks

5. one leg lunge and press – jump lunges – other leg lunge and press – jump lunges — repeat 1x

yes. that sounds better.




my shorts don’t fit

11 Apr

i put on shorts today from last summer and they are tighter. i’m guessing it’s muscle as i haven’t put on any weight (scale wise) so i’m not as upset as i would be. it’s super annoying that my clothes don’t fit however.

so we’re gonna have to start to run more in bootcamp and i’ll have to do more on my own when i can (currently teaching about 9 classes a week so that’s a challenge – open to suggestions!)

it’s supposed to rain tomorrow so i’m going to plan for an indoor workout but will take it outside if the weather is nice.






Circuit 1: 7 exercises 7 reps 7 rounds with heavy barbell

1. Sumo Deadlifts
2. Bent Over Rows
3. Barbell Thrusters
4. Alternating Rev Lunge
5. Bench Press
6. Bicep Curls
7. Barbell Roll Outs

Circuit 2: Cardio 30/10 x3 Rounds

  1. Jacks
  2. Mt Climbers
  3. High Knees
  4. Plank Jacks
  5. Burpees

Circuit 3: with barbell:

biceps,triceps, oh press

Finisher: Max rounds in 7 min: 7 burpee box jumps/7 back squats [barbell]


  1. Plate Around the World – Clockwise
  2. Plate Around the World – Counter-clockwise
  3. Knee Tucks
  4. Leg Flutters
  5. Russian Twists
  6. Alternating leg V-Ups
  7. V-Ups

It’s finally SPRING!

7 Apr

If you’re interested, pics from the race yesterday are at http://docophotography.com/p417304811 — picture #112 & 176 πŸ™‚

High tomorrow is like 74! So happy – finally an outdoor bootcamp! Hope my legs make it. Before we get to that —

Beginner Bootcamp — just a 30 min class.

Going to do 20/10 with no rest

  • 20 sec squats
  • 10 sec squat jumps
  • 20 sec dolphin plank (up down)
  • 10 sec plank hold
  • 20 sec mt climbers
  • 10 sec burpees
  • 20 sec bicep curls
  • 10 sec bent over rows
  • 10 sec toe taps
  • 10 sec jacks
  • 10 sec high knees

Rest 2 min and repeat

We’ll end with some abs and stretching. Then on to TABATA! Another 30 min class

Warm up: Jacks – squats – squat hold – inchworms

  • fast feet/push ups
  • bunny hops/plie + upright row
  • front kick + tap down R/L
  • jacks arms OH & front/tricep dips
  • starfish plank R + L/Boat pose extensions

And if that doesn’t all kill me, BOOTCAMP

Warm up — jog to Melrose Ave (about .25 miles away – there’s a hill)

10 push ups, sprint hill x5

10 squats, shuffle hill R/L 2x ea

take it back to the Y and walking lunge @500 feet then jog to the bridge (it’s another hill)


run bridge, back to the Y for abs and stretching

I really have no sense how long this will take so if I need to cut something we’ll skip the bridge πŸ™‚

**update: I have a member I spoke with this am who said she was coming this afternoon. Tips on how to handle this would be appreciated – she doesn’t run due to a myriad of health problems which means I can’t do the whole class outside without alienating her — do I change the class for her or just do what I was going to do and hope she isn’t too hurt?**