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a week off …

29 Dec

last monday was the last time i taught a class – how weird! back at it tomorrow – Beginner Bootcamp & Tabata

Beginner Bootcamp:

warm up — jog, lunges, etc @5min


  • jacks
  • push ups
  • mt climbers
  • lunges
  • plank


  • jump rope
  • curls
  • jump rope 1 leg
  • squats
  • side planks


  • high knees
  • triceps
  • butt kicks
  • turbo lunges
  • rev plank leg lifts


WAR song (?) –> I’m previewing 2 songs Wed so I thought I’d get in a little practice during class. It’s a kickboxing class all choreographed like Group Power. The good part of this is that it’s pre-planned. The bad part is that choreography does NOT come easily to me so it takes me forever to learn a new routine. Currently learning both WAR #5 and Jan ’14 Group Power. ack.

abs — possibly the WAR track as well.


I’m TOTALLY over growing out my hair. Going to call my girl tomorrow and hopefully get a cut this week. YES!

tabata: — chair, heavy db, mb

  1. jog / forward lunges / jog / side lunges
  2. db swings
  3. slow plank jacks push up/fast plank jacks
  4.  wall balls
  5. step up to OH press (chair) –> step up R, OH press L then switch next round
  6. knee tucks on chair / side plank hip lifts on chair

are the bubbles chasing me?

15 Sep

Beginner Bootcamp:

  • warm up: 15 forward lunges, 15 side to side squats, 5 inchworms, stretch
  • #1: 10 prisoner squats, 10 push ups x3, 45 sec of each 1x
  • #2: 10 box jumps, 10 DB swings x3, 45 sec of each 1x
  • #3: 10 tuck jumps, 5 chest press x3, 45 sec of each 1x
  • #4: 10 DB snatches, 10 DB pass lunges x3, 45 sec of each 1x
  • Finisher: 2 min of 10 mt climbers, 10 burpees, 10 push ups, 10 star jacks


  • Warm up: shuffle, high knee skips, jump rope, scissors
  • Upper: dips/alt bicep curls
  • Cardio: box jumps [3 risers]/burpees
  • Lower: [2-3 risers]one foot on step squat with abduction (add jump, opt)
  • Cardio: straddle jumps[1 riser]/burpees
  • Abs: spider plank/v sits

Monday workouts

1 Jul

3 workouts coming at ya:

Beginner Bootcamp (30 min, low impact)

warm up: crescent lunge side bend, straighten leg chest to knee, side lunges, standing knee to elbow, repeat other side

Legs 30/10 x3

  • 180 squats (squat, flip it around stepping) — i always stay low impact with this class but if people want to jump this, have at it!
  • rev lunge + knee R
  • rev lunge + knee L
  • squat taps R
  • squat taps L
  • curtsey lunge with knee lift R
  • curtsey lunge with knee lift L
  • pulse squat to stand (3 pulses to stand)

again, all this is low impact. to increase intensity add jumps or kicks or weights!

Core: 30/10 x1 

  • walk to plank, alt knee to chest
  • plank out out in in (plank – step legs out wide and back in)
  • lateral side to side push up (or hold plank)
  • plank to T
  • plank row to tri ext

Tabata (30 min am)

I usually skip the warm up . . . mostly it’s the same people from beginner bootcamp

20/10 with 30 sec between cycles:

  1. squats/squat jumps
  2. one leg V up R/L
  3. push up/spider push up (or spider plank)
  4. burpees + push up/burpees + plank jack
  5. alternating lunges/split jump lunges
  6. woodchop R/L

Tabata (60 min pm)

20/10 with 45 sec between cycles:

  1. warm up: crescent lunge side bend R/straighten leg, head to knee R/side lunge dynamic/standing alt knee to elbow – repeat L
  2. high knees/butt kicks
  3. zottman curl/plank row to tricep ext
  4. weighted skaters/weighted jacks
  5. weighted alt lunges/weighted one leg forward lunge hops
  6. oh press/rev fly
  7. burpees + push up/burpees + plank jack
  8. goblet squats/weighted 3 pulse squat jumps
  9. squat jacks/air jacks
  10. butterfly sit ups/v ups
  11. plank/side plank


standing: forward fold — low lunge R — down dog — pigeon R — down dog — pigeon L — low lunge L — forward fold

seated: forward fold — one leg chest to knee R — bound angle — chest to knee L — bound angle — forward fold — 1/2 lord of fishes R — 1/2 lord of fishes L — savasana


Monday’s Workouts

12 May

I’ve had Friday, Saturday AND Sunday off!? What?! It’s been good – I think my shoulder needed it — did I mention all that? In class Tuesday, we were doing V-arms and my left arm wouldn’t go up. Went to chiro on Wed and he’s working on it. I go back tomorrow to see how it’s going. So, good thing I had a few rest days. 🙂

busy weekend – house guests since Wed and a birthday party yesterday + a sick husband and birthday girl (ear infections for everyone!)

Back to it tomorrow – Beginner Bootcamp, Tabata and Bootcamp

I’ll play it by ear as far as going outside tomorrow – maybe afternoon. The high is only about 60 which should be fine but we’ll see 🙂

Here’s the plan:

Beginner Bootcamp:

  • Warm up: jacks, step squat, shuffle, seal jack, squat, side lunge, lunge and rotate, reverse lunge, carioca, skip, frankenstein kicks, inchworm, hip swing, etc
  • Jacks between each exercise for 30 sec:
  • Circuit 1 (30/10 x2): chest press, push up, 1/2 get ups R/L
  • Step ups between each exercise for 30 sec:
  • Circuit 2 (30/10 x2): bent over row, lat raises, front raises, flyes, db curl
  • Skips between each exercise for 30 sec:
  • Circuit 3: (30/10 x2): split squat, pistol squat, goblet squat, 3 way lunge, good morning, deadlift, hamstring curl, calf raise
  • Abs: crunches, russian twists, bicycles, reverse crunch


  1. squat jacks/star jumps
  2. squat + front kicks alt
  3. knee in burpees/mt climbers
  4. bulgarian split squat alt
  5. 180 jump squats/pendulum lunge
  6. v-crunch/reverse plank with knee tuck

Bootcamp (indoor)

 Warm Up

  • Power Jacks
  • Squats
  • Jump Squats
  • Lunges
  • Toe Tappers

Circuit 1

  • 30 Seconds Right Lunge
  • 30 Seconds Left Lunge
  • 10× Weighted Jump Squats

Repeat 5×

Circuit 2

  • 30 Seconds Weighted Wall Squat
  • 30 Seconds Squat Box jumps
  • 10× Weighted Jump Lunges

Repeat 5×

Circuit 3

  • 30 Seconds Right High Step-Up
  • 30 Seconds Left High Step-Up
  • 30× Repeater Knees

Repeat 5×

Circuit 4

  • 30 Seconds Deadlift
  • 30 Seconds Plie Squat
  • 40× Speed Skips

Repeat 5×

Leg Burn-Out

  • Donkey Kick Pulses (1 min)
  • Fire Hydrant (30 seconds)
  • Lying Leg Abduction (1 minute)
  • Lying Leg Circles & Pulse (90 seconds)

Repeat 1× on other leg

  • Stability Ball Hamstring Curl (1 minute)
  • Stability Ball Glute Bridges (30 seconds)

Repeat 2×



Bootcamp (outdoor)

Same Warm up

Circuit 1

  • 30 Seconds Right Lunge
  • 30 Seconds Left Lunge
  • 10× Weighted Jump Squats

Repeat 5×

Circuit 2

  • 30 Seconds Weighted Wall Squat
  • 30 Seconds Squat Box Jumps
  • 10× Weighted Jump Lunges

Repeat 5×

Circuit 3 — Run to Park

  • 30 Seconds Right High Step-Up
  • 30 Seconds Left High Step-Up
  • 30× Repeater Knees

Repeat 5×

Circuit 4

  • Run Bridge Suicide — 6th light/3rd light/1st light
  • Return to Y

Leg Burn-Out 

  • Donkey Kick Pulses (1 min)
  • Fire Hydrant (30 seconds)
  • Lying Leg Abduction (1 minute)
  • Lying Leg Circles & Pulse (90 seconds)

Repeat 1× on other leg

  • Stability Ball Hamstring Curl (1 minute)
  • Stability Ball Glute Bridges (30 seconds)

Repeat 2×

I’m hoping for the outdoor option – how about you? 


*Stay tuned – herbal cleanse starts tomorrow. I’ll tell you probably way more than you want to know. Starting with weight and measurements. With 3 days off and too much cake, I should be at a good starting place. LOL.

Tabata Friday!

12 Apr

It’s Tabata day! I was thinking about doing an extra workout session after but honestly, I’m just plain exhausted. So 30 min of Tabata is all I got today! I think it’s a good one:

Each exercise is 20 sec work/10 sec rest:

  1. Warm up: jump rope – high knees – burpees – jacks repeat 1x
  2. burpees – mt climbers – tuck jump – split squat repeat 1x
  3. DB squat press – alt DB curls – OH Tri extDB Shoulder Press repeat 1x
  4. high knees – ice pickers (this is a wide leg jump squat and you alternate slamming hands toward ground) – burpees – power jacks repeat 1x
  5. one leg lunge and press – R/L alternate
  6. ABS: crossfit sit up (butterfly legs) – rev crunch – knee tucks – leg flutters repeat 1x

Honestly, now I don’t know if this is a good one or not. It looks crazy. #3 and 4 I will prob change when i get to class – combine them or something? and #5.

3. db squat press — ice pickers — db shoulder press — burpees

4. alt db curls — high knees — oh tri ext — power jacks

5. one leg lunge and press – jump lunges – other leg lunge and press – jump lunges — repeat 1x

yes. that sounds better.




Leg day! and Arm day! and Pilates!

5 Mar

Thursday is going to be a fun day! We have visitors coming into town Wednesday. I have an appointment to get my hair cut Thurs am and then the tentative plan is to go to the gym – do some arms and abs then take the kids for a swim. Then go back (well I will; I don’t know if friend will want to) for bootcamp. If everyone goes, we’ll have to run the kids home before Pilates (2 hour limit at the nursery) and run back. Busy busy. So here’s what I’m thinking for arms and abs:

Screen shot 2013-03-05 at 10.13.23 AM

Bootcamp will focus on lower body!

Warm up: jacks – squat jacks – double squats in in out out – 1 min ea x2

Drill 1: 20/10 3 rounds

  • squat flip (4 pulse, 180 jump)
  • rev lunge with front kick R
  • squat jacks
  • rev lunge with front kick L
  • pulse squat jumps (pulse 4, jump)

Partner Drill: 5 min

  • A: 15 wall ball squats
  • B: Walking lunge (4 steps) to jump squat (4x)

switch and repeat for 5 min

Cardio Drill 1: 30/10

  • side to side hops
  • plank jacks
  • skaters
  • DB lunges
  • punch – jab – kick

Partner Drill 2:

  • 10 pistol squats R (hold wrists)
  • 10 L
  • 20 squats (hold wrists)
  • 20 double jumps (one partner holds plank and jacks, other partner does squat jacks — this is slow; switch)
  • 50 high knee / squat hold (then switch)
  • 10 jump squats — alternating (one jumps while other is squat)

Cardio Drill 2: 30/10

  • High knees
  • squats with alt front kick
  • butt kick
  • goblet squat


  • high knees
  • DB plié
  • butt kick
  • DB plié hop


  • high knees
  • DB lunge R
  • butt kicks
  • DB lunge L
  • All about abs!

    19 Feb

    Had a request for a focused workout on abs abs abs …

    Somehow that translated in my mind to burpees burpees burpees . . .

    ok. sort of kidding. 🙂 I’m thinking after the warm up (jog – high knee twists – seal jacks – side shuffle (3 steps, tap floor), single leg hops, mt climbers)

    Each Round will be 1:00. No rest. 

    • Squat to clean and press
    • Rev lunge with hop (stay on same leg switching 1/2 way through)
    • plank in and out push ups (hold plank, push up, jump feet in like squat thrust really fast)
    • skaters (touch floor)
    • Renegade Rows
    • Split jump plyo (one foot behind on step, jump. stay on same leg switching 1/2 way through)
    • woodchop (switch 1/2 way through)
    • prisoner jump squat

    Rest 1:00 and repeat from the top (I did say on the one leg exercises to switch 1/2 way through – other option will be to stay on one leg for the whole min switching on Round 2)

    Challenge: 1:00 V-ups

    12 Min AMRAP (This is adapted from Zuzka Light)

    • 10 DB drag burpee (place on L, drag to R with R arm; burpee, repeat other side)
    • 20 Goblet squats
    • 20 Side Plyo step ups (10 per leg or just switch every round — skip to about 2:26 in the video)
    • 10 Side Plank Starfish to plank jack to other side (starfish = lift top leg toward lifted arm)

    Finisher Challenge: 1 Round, AMRAP

    • Burpees
    • Cross-Body Mountain Climber
    • Prisoner Jump Squats
    • Ab Pike (on stability ball or plates)
    • Jump Lunges

    Fabulous Fifties!

    12 Feb

    So what’s up for Tuesday?

    Circuit 1: 30/15 x4 of each move

    1. Deadlift Sumos
    2. Push-up Planks to T Plank (with DB)
    3. Jump Squats (jump on every 4th one)
    4. Lateral Walking Push-ups
    5. Lateral Lunges with weighted oblique twist (alternate each round)
    6. Tuck jump Burpees

    Circuit 2: Fabulous Fifties! 50 Reps of each exercise, however you want to divide it up (for example, 5 sets of 10)

    1. Box Jumps
    2. Knee tucks
    3. Run Stairs
    4. Wall Balls
    5. Prisoner Squats
    6. Butterfly Sit ups
    7. Reverse Lunges with high knee jump (25/leg)
    8. Push Ups
    9. Dips
    10. Star Jacks (or regular jacks)

    Finisher: Calf Tag




    Manic Monday

    26 Jan

    Ice day today = I took a REST day! Woohoo! 8 workouts in 4 days . . . rest day was ok. We shall see what happens with the roads tomorrow – I haven’t gotten to run in over a week and even if it has to be on the treadmill, I miss it! I’d really like a long, slow run (ideally I’d like that on a trail but I’ll take what I can get). On to MONDAY —

    60 sec intervals/15 sec rest:

    1. corkscrew burpee
    2. MB sit up toss (or just sit up, db oh – we don’t have enough MB some days)
    3. DB jump squats
    4. scorpion push ups
    5. squat thrust
    6. bear push up with alt kick outs
    7. one leg jump lunge (do R leg 30 sec then L leg)
    8. side plank starfish [30 sec/side]
    9. plyo step ups

    2 min rest

    repeat 20-30 sec 10 sec rest

    Tabata: 20/10 x8

    • Harpee (hands on floor, step just in front of feet, keeping legs straight jump on and off step)
    • Jump Lunge

    Leg burner – 40/20 — 2 rounds

    • flamingo squat with lat raise R leg
    • pendulum lunge with hammer curl R leg
    • reach for the sun – plie squat up to toes, arms oh with light db

    repeat L

    Finisher 60 sec no rest

    • side step ups
    • hindu squats
    • side to side squats (r – center – l)
    • squat hold
    • jump squat


    • plank 10 sec
    • push up x5
    • side plank R with inner thigh lift x10
    • plank 5 sec
    • push up x5
    • side plank L with inner thigh lift x10
    • plank 5 sec
    • burpees x10
    • sumo squat x50


    Endure Monday

    14 Jan


    I wrote out a schedule at the beginning of the month with various things to focus on — so that I wouldn’t do the same thing every class and so that I would mix things up. Monday’s plan focuses on endurance, back and biceps.

    Warm up – I get so bored with warm ups. I have also tried to vary it the last couple of weeks. But there’s only so much you can do. Butt kicks – russian soldiers – butt kicks – bent knee to elbow – alternating lunges – turbo lunges – jog in place – repeat 2-3x

    Circuit 1: 40/20 2-3 rounds

    1. one arm DB toss
    2. mb push up burpee
    3. R box squat [one foot on step] + bicep curl (elbows at waist, arms to the side)
    4. L box squat + hammer curl
    5. DB wipers
    6. renegade climbers
    7. burpee lunges
    8. double DB cleans
    9. walking lunges w/ R DB OH
    10. walking lunges w/ L DB OH
    11. DB sumo deadlift (wide legs)
    12. grasshopper burpee (modification will be to leave out the push up)

    Circuit 2: 1 min each exercise

    • squat jacks
    • turbo lunges
    • hammer curl

    30 Second Rest

    • DB speed skaters
    • lateral hops
    • zottman curl (heavy DB)

    bicep curl to failure (probably @ 2min)

    • toe taps around the step
    • step-jack-step-jack
    • DB deadlift

    30 Second Rest

    • repeater knee R
    • repeater knee L
    • DB row
    • weighted swimmers (very light weight)


    MB — push it to R, OH, L as fast as you can (2 min?)


    Star Front Planks to V-up (on back, lift head, shoulders and feet, open to the side, back to center to v-up), Single Leg V Up, Leg Flutters, Kick Outs