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Pretty sure that 11 miles was a half marathon …

24 Mar







Phipps Bend 11 mile trail run

24 Mar

Notice I’m calling this a run, not a race . . . I have no intention of running fast — running with friend Aaron who doesn’t train but also because I simply am not fast and I am coming to terms with that. I really don’t want to be slow but I think that’s just how it is. For now.


Anyway, this is my first trail run. yes, first trail run and it’s 11 miles.

then a little kid birthday party.


Veuve CliquotYES.

Chasing Snakes 10k

17 Mar

10k the morning! Time last year: 1:05 ave. pace: 10:30
Goal: <;1:00
May the road rise up to meet you!


Edited: I fell apart during this race. and forgot about all the damn hills. Ave pace: 9:56 finish: 1:01:43 which is faster than last year (and I threw up).