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Working hard!

19 Mar



19 Dec

12 Days of Fitness


supposed to be nice outside tomorrow (blech. december in the south. snows on thanksgiving, 60 degrees in december). anyway, all this can be done outside so that’s where we’ll be in addition to some running!


Changing the paradigm

18 Dec


We keep looking for a way out. What if this IS exactly where we’re supposed to be?


10 Dec

I hope so.

Out of Bounds Training

ImageEver feel like you’re between a rock and a hard place? 

That’s ok, me too. 

But the best part of it is – it’s actually making you better, if you choose. 

Those difficult times in our lives are when we grow the most. 

So don’t fear them, or wish them away. 

Embrace them, learnfrom them, and #BeExtraordinary.

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You better not pout

8 Dec

so true.

i’m telling you why: i didn’t run saturday. there is a lot going on in our lives right now that i’m not going to go into here so suffice to say saturday just wasn’t the day for me to run. i ended up going to to gym and doing this circuit:

  • 500 meter row — 30 push ups — 1000 meter row – 20 push ups – repeat
  • .12 mile run — 50 lunges — 25 squats – i was not going to do 3 circuits but ran into a friend and ended up talking for a few minutes.

then i went to yoga. it was beginner which isn’t exactly what i wanted but i’m not likely to be able to do yoga at my house and that’s all that was offered yesterday. so.

finally got a schedule change — i am teaching a class at the college MWF from 11:20-12:20 which is during the time i teach Pilates on Wednesdays. When I found out about this schedule conflict i told my supervisor who said remind me in december. the easiest solution was to just back up the class an hour but nothing is easy, right? long story short, starting in Jan Pilates will be at 9:30 am on Wed. I also picked up a Group Power class at the other facility on Tuesdays at 5:30 and am going to shorten my Tues bootcamp class to a 30 min HIIT class.

Teaching schedule this week:

Monday: beginner bootcamp/tabata

Tuesday: bootcamp

Wednesday: pilates/bootcamp

Thursday: bootcamp

Friday: subbing Group Power, maybe yoga

Saturday: some kind of crossfit on my own & yoga


Wednesday – my new fav site for workouts

3 Dec

After Monday’s burpee fest, I promised class that there would be no more burpees this week. LOL.

Y’all ever heard of GPP fitness? It’s pretty awesome — crossfit type workouts. did one sat and it was AWESOME! Going to adapt one for bootcamp tomorrow!

EMOM = every minute on the minute

basic warm up (jacks – squats – lunges – t push, etc)

Circuit 1:

  • 10 HEAVY db thrusters EMOM during this circuit — whatever we’re doing, every minute on the minute, stop and do 10 thrusters
  • 3 min prisoner squats with holds
  • 3 min plate switches
  • 1 min rest

Circuit 2: Shoulders – 2 rounds — on my count:

  •            20 front raises 15/20#
  •            20 upright row 15/20#
  •            20 OH press 15/20#

Circuit 3: Triceps – 2 rounds

  •             10 tricep push-ups
  •             20 skull crushers 15/20#
  •             20 OH tricep extension 15/20

Circuit 4: Abs  – 2 rounds

  •             20 situps
  •             20 R side ups — side plank hip ups
  •             20 L side ups
  •             20 Superman back ext’s

Circuit 5: Legs  -2 rounds

  •             20 BTB squats  — hold squat at bottom, below parallel, up on my count
  •             20 jump lunges
  •             20 alt single leg deadlift 15/20#

Finisher: repeat circuit 1 


  • 20 v-ups
  • 20 side plank hip dips R
  • 20 side plank hip dips L
  • 20 superman back ext
  • 20 tap down crunches — bent knee toe taps + crunch
  • 20 sec bridges

Girl with one eye

9 Nov

Classes on Monday:

Beginner Bootcamp

  • march in place 30 sec march wide 30 sec
  • bench march 30 sec switch lead, wide legs 30 sec
  • march lift knee r 30 sec, L 30 sec
  • repeater knee 30 sec r/l
  • bench stair runs 30 sec, hold squat 20 sec, repeat L
  • bench run  30 sec, squat pulses 20 sec, repeat L
  • bench run  30 sec, 16 squats, repeat L
  • band bicep curls slow
  • alt cross body bicep curls
  • alt band curls fast
  • crunch — feet on floor, 90, straight up
  • shuffles/skaters 30 sec 2x
  • lat raise / front raise with band
  • plank variations

 if time: 

  • jacks + front kicks
  • alt lunges foot on bench then pulse R/L
  • flyes with band
  • standing ab twists


warm up — burpee add on 4 min

  1. Medicine Ball Switch Pushups / Jumping Lunge
  2. Medicine Ball Slams / Burpees
  3. Medicine Ball windmills / Double tuck jumps 
  4. Medicine Ball Lateral Hops (lateral squat jump with mb oh) / Plank Jacks
  5. plank feet on ball / hands on ball / side plank hold ballImage

Thursday workout

7 Nov

Today is a bootcamp day! I took it pretty easy yesterday and while I am not 100% I think it’s time for a tough workout. So, without further ado, here’s the plan: 

Warm up: 

lunges front, side, back 30 sec each R, then L, then combo 

jog in place – butt kick – jog – high knee – jog – jacks – jog – jump rope @30 each

Circuit 1: 60/15 x1 — heavy db

  • heavy db high pull swing
  • burpee sprawls (belly to the ground, push up, jump up)
  • x body mt climbers
  • side to side slalom burpees (feet stay together, jump back, L, R, then up)
  • db side to side lunges
  • double burpees (2 push ups/2 jumps)
  • stability ball jack knife or knees to chest
  • grasshopper burpees (kick opp leg under arm from plank)
  • alt db rows
  • speed burpee (fast as you can!)


Circuit 2: 50/15×1

  • speed prisoner squat
  • skaters
  • wall up (5)/ burpee (1) (walk up and down wall 5x, do 1 burpee, repeat)
  • bear crawl / push up (3-6-9) (bear crawl 3 steps, 3 push ups, back to start, repeat 6 steps, 6 push, etc)
  • DB thrusters (heavy)
  • sit up and alt punch (light)
  • windmills up and over end of step
  • x squat — jump forward wide, jump back narrow

Circuit 3: 40/15 x1

  • plyo step ups — tricep dips — squat pulse up and overs
  • push ups — plank — oh press
  • biceps — alt double rows — squat abduction
  • with stability ball: crunches — obliques — bridge roll ins

Circuit 4: Tabata butt and gut

  1. scorpion (feet on stability ball, kick R leg under L and switch) / wedding move with heavy db
  2. elbow plank oblique twist / bridge kicks

Now to work on a new playlist. 

Beginner Bootcamp & Tabata

27 Oct

Here’s what I’m planning for Monday classes:

Beginner Bootcamp: 10 min warm up/cardio + 10 min lower body + 10 min abs/stretching

  • arm circles – small, large, both directions
  • march in place to high knees
  • run in place to butt kick
  • jacks
  • jump rope
  • side shuffle 2 to touch
  • march + knee to elbow to add a hop
  • twist jump rope
  • toy soldiers
  • rev lunges + stretch to side
  • inchworms
  • plank to down dog to lizard planks
  • seated, legs extended twists
  • fast feet, change direction every 15 sec for 60 sec or so

Lower body: DB optional

  • squats
  • reverse lunges to add knee
  • sumo squat to pulses
  • curtsey lunge to side lunge to knee lift
  • repeat other leg
  • single leg hop to one leg touch
  • repeat other leg

on all 4s:

  • knee circles, fire hydrants, clamshells


  • seated twists (db optional)
  • bent knee wiper legs
  • knees to tabletop, straight arms push against legs
  • leg lowers r/l
  • repeat
  • plank + knee taps downs (or plank on knees)
  • bird dogs
  • supermans
  • childpose to down dog


Tabata — equipment: chair, db, maybe a mat

  1. high knees/butt kicks
  2. dips on chair/hammer curls
  3. jacks/power jacks/star jacks
  4. step ups on chair/split squats on chair
  5. jump squat/jump lunges
  6. side plank leg lift on chair

Now, burpees

6 Oct

Maybe not in Beginner Bootcamp: it’s going to be boxing day. i’m terrible at kickboxing but i think i can incorporate some super basic moves

warm up: go over all the punches and kicks

2 min intervals, 30 sec rest:

1. 10 high punches, 10 hammer punches [punch to side], 10 knees

2. left jab, left jab, right cross, left uppercut, right uppercut



3. crunch and punch, start with 2 & add on up to 10; go back down if time

4. seated: punch 20 straight overhead narrow, 20 wide

5. sumo stance, 10 punches, shuffle forward, 10 punches, shuffle back, 10 punches

6. 100s: someone calls out a punch, do 100 reps, repeat during time

7. hook – uppercut – side kick

8. 10 knees, 10 front kicks, switch legs

stretch: down dog, crescent lunge to side angle, wide leg forward fold, repeat other side, down dog, up dog, child pose



1. high knees, jump ropes, jacks, squats x2

2. push up + pendulum leg

3.  burpee: + star jumps

4. lunge stomps

5. burpee: + wall balls

6. planks + hovers

repeat stretches