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Working hard

30 Oct

My other job is costume designer … Waiting to check out costumes on actors. Always exciting!



Halloween workout!

30 Oct

I am so excited about this . . . but also keep changing my mind! I have my playlist — it’s a mix of current pop songs and some classic Halloween hits (Thriller, Monster Mash, Addams Family and a remix of Like a G6 [did anyone else think that song was about mac and cheese sticks?]). So, playlist done.

On to the workout.

Warm up:

  1. zombie kick runs (arms and legs stay straight)
  2. demon drags (drag feet behind on plates)
  3. tip toe ghost squats (squats on tip toes)
  4. deadman burpees (at the bottom, go all the way to the ground)
  5. rise from the dead roll ups (basic pilates style roll up but stan
    d up, arms stay out front)
  6. monster jumps (tuck jumps. with screams)

Circuit 1: 7 exercises of doom, 7 reps. repeat after Tabata slaughter 3-5 reps

  1. burpee
  2. push ups
  3. burpee with push up
  4. squats
  5. squat jumps
  6. roll backs with tuck jumps
  7. burpee + push up + squat + tuck jump

Circuit 2: Medicine Ball (pretend it’s a pumpkin) circuit 50/10

  1. supine plank (hold ball in one hand)
  2. burpee + spiderman pushup
  3. reverse lunge with OH chop
  4. jump lunge with MB toss
  5. mt climbers
  6. repeat supine plank, ball in other hand

Circuit 3: Tabata slaughter

  1. DB Swings
  2. Burpees with side to side jumps

5 Min Finisher: AMRAP — as many rounds as possible

  1. Burpee/Mt Climber (2)
  2. Split Squat (2/leg)
  3. Push ups one arm on step (2)
  4. Jump squats (2)
  5. Skaters (2)

The Ab Gauntlet

  1. squat thrust 20 sec
  2. prisoner squats 20 sec
  3. squat thrust 20 sec

I seem to be off on my timing these days — if there’s not enough time, I’ll cut the Ab Gauntlet, maybe the Tabata Slaughter. I’d like to do circuit 1 two times through. Maybe at the end ???

Updated ***
So my timing was UNDER! We ended up doing about 3 MB partner suicides and then circuit 1 again, all 7 reps.

I really don’t think it was very hard! I’m losing my mind – I want it to be hard – I just don’t feel like I’m working very hard or asking others to … Feeling a little frustrated!

So I overshot that one

29 Oct

Way overplanned today’s workout. And I feel like I’m half assing everything. I have to watch everyone in my classes and there are *ahem* those who just refuse to challenge themselves no matter what I do. And I don’t care that they are half assing so much as I want them to get the most out of their workout – otherwise why bother, right?

So I don’t get to push myself as hard and it’s showing. My abs are pudgy and I’m so embarrassed. I mean, I teach bootcamp — I should look like a beast. Instead I look like this:


Ok . . . that’s not me but i’ll be damned if i’m putting a picture of my own ugly abs on the internet. So back to that workout –

I planned too much. The accumulator part took way longer than I thought it would so we did a warmup, 1 tabata with high knees and hot potato squats followed by the accumulator (see previous post). It was challenging sort of but I wish it was harder – anyone else feel that way?

Planning for tomorrow’s SLAUGHTER bootcamp. I have my Halloween playlist ready to go – just need to kill it! Open to suggestions . . .

29 Oct


The Tabata protocol is a high-intensity training regimen that produces excellent results. A Tabata workout (also called a Tabata sequence) is an interval training cycle of 20 seconds of maximum intensity exercise, followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated without pause 8 times for a total of four minutes. In a group context, you can keep score by counting how many lifts/jumps/whatever you do in each of the 20 second rounds. The round with the smallest estimate is your score.

Credit for this simple and excellent training formula belongs to its namesake, Dr. Izumi Tabata and a team of researchers from the National institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo, Japan. Their groundbreaking 1996 study, published in the journal treatment and Science in Sports & Exercise, in case,granted documented evidence with regard to the dramatic physiological benefits of high-intensity intermittent training. After just 6 weeks of testing, Dr. Tabata noted…

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Monday Bootcamp

28 Oct

Here’s the plan: (the order is [not mentioned] warmup, partners [in pink], tabata 1, dumbbell challenge then tabata burpee finisher followed by abs [also not mentioned].

Halloween week!

28 Oct

I am not subbing this week (yay!) so just this:

Monday — Bootcamp — not sure yet. maybe kickboxing? i have a little routine . . . maybe i could learn it . . .

Tuesday — Bootcamp — Halloween Music, of course! Downloaded from

Wednesday — Pilates — Halloween Jazz Music (there’s a playlist on Songza I will probably use)

Thursday — Bootcamp — I stumbled on a Tony Horton method which is this: 5 rounds — upper body/cardio/core/lower body — each exercise is @60 sec and I’ll probably do 3/section.

Hopefully I will get in a spin or running workout on my own — I really miss doing those! And I have a 10k in Dec . . . better run a little before then . . .

Crazy weather this week – possibly SNOW?! I must admit, this does not displease me in any way . . . I kind of have a snow problem. In that I love love love it but it never snows where I am — I freaking lived in MA for 3 years and it never snowed the way one would expect living there! Of course, the year after I moved they had like 7 blizzards. So consider this fair warning for the snow talk – it might come up again.

Heart of snow

Heart of snow (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


thursday workout plan

24 Oct

Tuesday decisions

23 Oct
park benches

park benches (Photo credit: gilbert928)

Kickboxing or Workout outside? I can’t decide.

I’m pretty bad at kickboxing but it’s fun — would be simple.

My outside plan involves running to the nearby park, using the benches for some exercises, running a hill and repeating the bench workout.

I just can’t decide. Maybe kickboxing outside? And running a hill? Or ???


Kickboxing (Photo credit: ajspratley)

Monday Workout

22 Oct

I keep changing my mind about what to do. At first I thought we’d do kickboxing but then I remembered they did that last Mon when I had a sub. So then I thought I’d go with a modified MMA style strength workout. Which I will probably do. But I checked the weather this week and it’s supposed to be in the low 70’s & sunny so we HAVE to go outside! Given that — here’s what I’m thinking:

Warm up: jump squat/squat ladder (1/15 adding/decreasing 1 each round)

10 Exercises 60 sec/10 Rest

  1. DB Clean and Press & OH Squat (one arm)
  2. Plank with kick through
  3. Burpee with 1/2 hack
  4. Prone lift opp foot and arm tap
  5. DB deadlift & Row ladder
  6. BW squat to curtsey lunge (reverse)
  7. Stability ball knee roll in
  8. DB swings
  9. Tuck jumps
  10. DB push up and side raises (light weight)

Go outside and run to the first close hill — rest and then perform 10 narrow squats, 10 wide squats, 10 narrow, run the hill and at the top 20 180 degree jump squats, run down and repeat squats at bottom, run up and rest at top. There’s a down hill at this point and we might skip down or front kick. Then there’s another hill to run up. At the top we’ll do lunges with feet on the curb. Then back to the gym — all told, this is about a 1 mile loop so it will probably take about 20 min with additional exercises. There’s also a shortcut back if we’re running short on time.

Inside — squat up the stairs. start at 1st step, 1 squat. step one foot on 2nd step and 2 squats. step both feet on step, 2 squats. one foot up and 3 squats — repeat like this to the top — i don’t know how many steps there are. Maybe 30? So this might take a while. 🙂 – there’s actually 2 flights so we could do the squats up the first set then calf raises on the second? We’ll see how it goes with time.

Abs 30 sec/10 rest

  1. Stability ball plank
  2. Alt plank knee to chest (on ball)
  3. Ball roll ins
  4. Side plank R, L
  5. Stability ball pike
  6. Push ups on ball
  7. Crunch on ball
  8. One arm DB press & crunch


21 Oct

Subbing is over — in addition to my 4 weekly classes, I’ve been teaching an additional 3-6 classes a week for about a month. While I’m more than happy to help out, teaching that many classes is pretty exhausting. So this week, back to normal:

  • Monday — Bootcamp
  • Tuesday — Bootcamp
  • Wednesday — Pilates
  • Thursday — Bootcamp
Armed and dangerous haha

Armed and dangerous haha (Photo credit: ~ggvic~)

I’ve planned a pretty hardcore strength workout for Monday, perhaps kickboxing for Tuesday and circuits on Thursday. I’ve been winging it for pilates lately. Maybe I’ll plan something for this week.

Last Tuesday I did an 80’s music themed workout which was a big hit – people seemed to have fun and requested more themes. I’m thinking of these ideas for themes —

  • 70’s glam
  • Halloween/Scary Movies
  • Jam Bands
  • More 80’s
  • Rockabilly
  • Industrial
  • Disco
  • When we get there — Christmas (I actually have an
    iSweat Christmas music cd I downloaded a couple of years ago)

Anyway, happy to take suggestions – if anyone has any, bring em on!

In other news, just to keep track of it here’s my meal plan for the week (my husband and daughter are NOT vegetarian but I’m trying to be! Any meals with meat will be left out or substituted for me)

  • Scrambled egg sandwiches (on baguette with ham for him and melted cheese for me)
  • Black bean soup and grilled cheese sandwiches (possibly with meat for him)
  • homemade corndogs served with slaw and potato chips
  • noodles and vegetables with crunchy fish (the crunch comes from RICE KRISPIES!!!)
  • homemade pizzas (my 3 year old LOVES to help with this! We do individual sized pizzas. Mine is usually veggie or a tofu ricotta base, hers is cheese and hubby is pepperoni)