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Mondays suck.

25 Nov

Screen shot 2013-11-25 at 6.44.48 PM


Can’t go into details but suffice to say, we will not be getting out of debt or depression anytime soon. If you’re the praying type, now is the time. Or just some happy thoughts.


2 a day

19 Nov

Subbing am bootcamp in the morning. here’s what i have planned [going to see how it goes; i might do the same workout in the afternoon; might do stations]

here’s the playlist:



warm up: @10 – 15 min

  • jog perimeter of room.
  • lunge / squat –> in big circle, forward-side squat – back lunge repeat 10x then pulse.
  • repeat jog and then lunge/squat other leg.
  • high knees around room.
  • kicks –> big circle, walk in R/L/R/front kick, walk back, back kick repeat 4x, hold kicks: front L, back R 5x, then 10x hold front kick and extend leg 10x.
  • repeat high knees and kicks other leg

superset #1 45/15 — this will start around the time Blurred Lines starts

  • db deadlift — heavy #25
  • box jumps — with plate or db across chest
  • chest press — same heavy
  • repeat

 superset #2: 45/15

  • hover –> hold as long as possible, rest and repeat
  • alt lunges – med db #15
  • wall sit + bicep curl #10
  • repeat

Tabata weighted pop squats / sit down squat jumps [if this music starts before we’re done, we’ll start the Tabata – i’ve tried to time it but that always fails IRL]

superset #3: 45/15

  • OH press #15
  • db tri ext #15
  • wide squat hold 1 db #15
  • repeat

 superset #4: 

  • plank alt arm lift – 60 sec
  • flutter kicks – 30 sec
  • plank to failure –> 3 min, as long as you can, rest 15 sec, repeat

Tabata weighted pop squats sit down squat jumps

partner finisher [5-10 min dep on time]: one person is running other person does 10 reps then switch:

push ups, db squats with bicep curl, v sits, star jumps, tricep push ups, squat jumps, inchworms, db swings, burpees

abs: leg lowers — 1/2 back sit ups — hollow man — lay flat, bent knees, obliques — double leg extensions

I’ll plan to repeat the workout in the afternoon. If I do stations — it’ll be something like this: (1 min/station, repeat if time)

downdog push ups

one knee balance bicep curl to press

wall balls

barbell thrusters

db high pulls

partner burpee med balls

bridge chest press

wide arm push up to superman

goblet squat bicep curls

I feel like this is something my mother would say.


Countdown to Tuesday

12 Nov

Tuesday is a bootcamp day — I think I was going to do a long run tomorrow but #1 I’m exhausted (I know, it’s only Monday. Maybe it’s the time change but seriously by the time Harper is in bed, I’m ready to be in bed but unfort. that’s usually when my day starts. blah.) and it’s supposed to snow. Screen shot 2013-11-11 at 7.58.42 PM

don’t get me wrong — i love love love love love love love snow but harper had a cough all last week and i mainlined airborne and i have no desire to undo all that placebo work with a run in the snow. my body isn’t acclimated. evidently to anything. time changes, weather.

tomorrow afternoon is a bootcamp class – here’s what i’m thinking: countdowns + tabatas

warm up — jog, jacks, squats, etc

combo countdown 1 — 10 reps a. then 10 reps b., repeat with 9-9, 8-8, etc to 1

a. narrow squats + V raise

b. oblique lifts –> lie on one side, db between feet and lift upper and lower body

tabata jump rope (variations)

combo countdown 2

a. plie squats + oh tri
b. spider planks

tabata jacks (variations)

combo 3

a. calf raise + front/side raise

b. russian twists with db

tabata fast feet — mt climbers – jump lunges – jump squats

combo 4

a. plank butt-ups

b. bicep curls

tabata — up and overs & lateral burpees


db rows & decline db chest press – 15 reps of 3 alt sets –> use same weight for both

criss cross abs & roll ups – 8 reps of 3 alt sets –> use small balls

— Rest —

8 crunches + 8 crunch pulses x2

10 bent knee toe taps + 10 sec hollow man x2

update, because clearly i don’t have enough to do: this is a much more interesting version of everything:

Girl with one eye

9 Nov

Classes on Monday:

Beginner Bootcamp

  • march in place 30 sec march wide 30 sec
  • bench march 30 sec switch lead, wide legs 30 sec
  • march lift knee r 30 sec, L 30 sec
  • repeater knee 30 sec r/l
  • bench stair runs 30 sec, hold squat 20 sec, repeat L
  • bench run  30 sec, squat pulses 20 sec, repeat L
  • bench run  30 sec, 16 squats, repeat L
  • band bicep curls slow
  • alt cross body bicep curls
  • alt band curls fast
  • crunch — feet on floor, 90, straight up
  • shuffles/skaters 30 sec 2x
  • lat raise / front raise with band
  • plank variations

 if time: 

  • jacks + front kicks
  • alt lunges foot on bench then pulse R/L
  • flyes with band
  • standing ab twists


warm up — burpee add on 4 min

  1. Medicine Ball Switch Pushups / Jumping Lunge
  2. Medicine Ball Slams / Burpees
  3. Medicine Ball windmills / Double tuck jumps 
  4. Medicine Ball Lateral Hops (lateral squat jump with mb oh) / Plank Jacks
  5. plank feet on ball / hands on ball / side plank hold ballImage


9 Nov

regular old busy week coming up – in addition to teaching at the Y, I have to find time to read the rest of On the Soul (Aristotle) & Augustine’s Confessions (and I have to find my book . . . ) and decide what Aquinas to read AND work on syllabi for next semester, decide on a text for Modern Philosophy . . . oh and finish grades. And babysit. And make up a class we missed. And deal with a 4 year old who has gone into tantrum mode 67% of the day. so if you don’t hear from me, check a book.

Sunday — possibly a 5k. it’s $25 so i’m debating whether that’s in the budget. sad that $25 might break me. *sigh*

Monday — teaching beginner bootcamp & tabata

Tuesday — long slow run [hour twenty five minutes is the goal] & teaching bootcamp

Wednesday — short interval run, teaching pilates & bootcamp

Thursday — teaching bootcamp

Friday — yoga and teaching tabata

Sat — i’d like to go to the 10 am free crossfit class but depends on childcare

eats: nothing too exciting. trying to get the kid to eat some of these things —

homemade pizza

corn chowder in the crockpot

black beans and rice variations [currently obsessed with adding a sweet potato and tortilla chips & cheese]

soup and sandwiches


Thursday workout

7 Nov

Today is a bootcamp day! I took it pretty easy yesterday and while I am not 100% I think it’s time for a tough workout. So, without further ado, here’s the plan: 

Warm up: 

lunges front, side, back 30 sec each R, then L, then combo 

jog in place – butt kick – jog – high knee – jog – jacks – jog – jump rope @30 each

Circuit 1: 60/15 x1 — heavy db

  • heavy db high pull swing
  • burpee sprawls (belly to the ground, push up, jump up)
  • x body mt climbers
  • side to side slalom burpees (feet stay together, jump back, L, R, then up)
  • db side to side lunges
  • double burpees (2 push ups/2 jumps)
  • stability ball jack knife or knees to chest
  • grasshopper burpees (kick opp leg under arm from plank)
  • alt db rows
  • speed burpee (fast as you can!)


Circuit 2: 50/15×1

  • speed prisoner squat
  • skaters
  • wall up (5)/ burpee (1) (walk up and down wall 5x, do 1 burpee, repeat)
  • bear crawl / push up (3-6-9) (bear crawl 3 steps, 3 push ups, back to start, repeat 6 steps, 6 push, etc)
  • DB thrusters (heavy)
  • sit up and alt punch (light)
  • windmills up and over end of step
  • x squat — jump forward wide, jump back narrow

Circuit 3: 40/15 x1

  • plyo step ups — tricep dips — squat pulse up and overs
  • push ups — plank — oh press
  • biceps — alt double rows — squat abduction
  • with stability ball: crunches — obliques — bridge roll ins

Circuit 4: Tabata butt and gut

  1. scorpion (feet on stability ball, kick R leg under L and switch) / wedding move with heavy db
  2. elbow plank oblique twist / bridge kicks

Now to work on a new playlist. 

Tough Mudder!

7 Nov

Looks like fun, eh? I did have fun . . . until I got kicked in the eye. Medical bills were not what I anticipated.

Screen shot 2013-11-07 at 11.02.56 AM 484779_874101177130_1798669393_n 1393724_874101157170_1735635776_n 1395159_874213162710_1459504526_n 1421073_10201749089283055_832857803_o

Nov 2 was Tough Mudder Charlotte — it was a fun time and we had a fantastic team . . . until I got a kick in the eye. That was not fun. It was about halfway through on these hay bale things – i was almost to the top, waiting for the person in front of me to go and i guess he/she did not see me and landed his/her heel right in my eye as he/she went over [uh, no idea who the foot belonged to] . . . the severity of it did not hit until i was right at Rock Hill (about 20ish min from Charlotte). I stopped, got some ice and thought I was going to pass out. I don’t even know how I got to my sister’s house in Columbia. I was praying the whole time. Was totally out of it and delirious that night and Sunday I was dizzy and nauseous when I tried to walk around. I slept through church and got my sister to take me to Urgent Care later that day. Dr there said it was a scratched cornea and gave me prescription for eye ointment and lortabs. Told me not to drive. blah. recheck the next day and different dr said no prob, it was healing well and i could go home. my niece wanted us to stay so we did . . . in hindsight that was a terrible idea but it was her birthday the next day so maybe it was worth it. finally made it home yesterday.

so that’s my recap of tough mudder. a kick in the eye.

Here’s a link to some photos. There aren’t any of me or anyone on my team. Oh wait, there’s one – 9th row down, 3rd photo. Man, that water is cold. COLD.

Final thought — it was fun, loved the people who were part of the team, i’ll never do another one. it was long (11 miles), the obstacles were challenging (not impossible but many of them i could not do alone) and i’m all kinds of bruised. i think that if i had not had the additional kick in the eye injury i’d feel a little different. but yea, check this one off the bucket list.