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29 Sep

beginner bc and tabata

I was a total blog slacker last week. I don’t know why. Anyway, here I am now. With workouts! Here’s my schedule this week:

Monday: teaching Beginner Bootcamp, Tabata [then immediately running to the dr office, prepping for classes – teaching at the college from 4-10. ugh.]

Tues: am long run (@2 hours), teaching Bootcamp

Wed: max interval run, teaching Pilates & Bootcamp [teaching at the college this day too but only 4-5:30]

Thurs: teaching Bootcamp, easy 15 min jog

Fri: teaching Pilates, 30 min tempo run

Sat: am run? maybe a kettlebell workout at the gym?

Sun: off

I prepped some food this am: black beans, quinoa, potato soup. we also have veggie sloppy joe leftovers [i made enough for all of you]. i also made pancakes and dog food. not sure what got into me.



23 Sep

Pretty routine week coming up — here’s the teaching / additional workouts planned

Monday: beginner bootcamp/tabata, 3.1 mile run

Tuesday: dentist appt, hope to get a [long/slow] run in after before preschool gets out, bootcamp

Wed: another dr appt in the am so sub for Pilates, bootcamp

Thurs: bootcamp

Fri: group power (i think?), might go to yoga after

Sat: kettlebell/tabata workout

Sun: off


I had some new folks in Beginner Bootcamp so I’m going to try to step back a little — that said, all of these exercises can be stepped up!

  • warm up — crossover toe touch stretch, standing elbow to knees, torso rotations, high kicks, leg swings
  • jog in place jacks, windmill steps, static squat + punch, static lunge + curl, static lunge + tri ext, tick tocks, stutter step

with stability ball:

  • hamstring curls — push ups — crunches — wall squats — inner thigh squeeze — back extension — tricep push ups — abductor lifts


  1. warm up — 2 jacks + tuck jump, 2 squats + tuck jump
  2. upper — push ups on plates — feet then supine on hands
  3. cardio — burpees
  4. lower — wall sits, jump squats
  5. cardio — burpees
  6. abs — plank, sit ups


20 Sep



warm up: burpee. yes, burpee. like this: jump out, lift one leg, push up, spider [knee to elbow], jump up, repeat other leg

Each exercise is 20 on 10 rest, repeat rounds 1x

Round 1: rest exercise: squat pulse

  • squat 2 oh presses
  • to the floor push ups
  • mb slams
  • xbody mt climbs

Round 2: rest exercise: iso squat

  • burpee box jump
  • alt lunges
  • mb slams
  • t push up

Repeat Round 1, then repeat Round 2

Abs: plank – side plank – plank – side plank – repeat



are the bubbles chasing me?

15 Sep

Beginner Bootcamp:

  • warm up: 15 forward lunges, 15 side to side squats, 5 inchworms, stretch
  • #1: 10 prisoner squats, 10 push ups x3, 45 sec of each 1x
  • #2: 10 box jumps, 10 DB swings x3, 45 sec of each 1x
  • #3: 10 tuck jumps, 5 chest press x3, 45 sec of each 1x
  • #4: 10 DB snatches, 10 DB pass lunges x3, 45 sec of each 1x
  • Finisher: 2 min of 10 mt climbers, 10 burpees, 10 push ups, 10 star jacks


  • Warm up: shuffle, high knee skips, jump rope, scissors
  • Upper: dips/alt bicep curls
  • Cardio: box jumps [3 risers]/burpees
  • Lower: [2-3 risers]one foot on step squat with abduction (add jump, opt)
  • Cardio: straddle jumps[1 riser]/burpees
  • Abs: spider plank/v sits

sick day

15 Sep

harper wasn’t feeling well Saturday so we all had a low key day after soccer. i wasn’t feeling great either so i was in bed by 9. which was weird. i think we all have colds. about right – school has been back 2 weeks. anyway —

workouts this week:

mon: beginner bootcamp/tabata

tues: bootcamp

wed: c25k, pilates, bootcamp

thurs: bootcamp

fri: tabata

sat: 5k race

sun: off


Sun: corn chowder is already in the crockpot! we’re also going to lunch with MIL & BIL so likely leftovers

Mon: corn chowder, maybe with a sandwich

Tues: taco smash/tacos

Wed: leftovers

Thurs: grilled cheese and soup

Fri: homemade pizza

back with monday’s workouts in a few!

Two times the fun!

12 Sep

Double bootcamp day tomorrow! yea! I think i’ll probably do the same workout in both — but one has an additional butt and gut. i might leave the afternoon class inside and just repeat a circuit as well if it’s 4000 degrees outside

Warm up — the usual, 30 sec per exercise repeat 2x or so

Circuit 1: Biceps & Triceps 45 sec/no rest light to med db

  • bicep curl
  • top 1/3
  • bottom 1/3
  • hold middle 10 seconds
  • alt curls
  • waiters
  • side bicep curls
  • tricep kick backs
  • 10 sec pulse
  • alt kickback
  • skull crushers
  • oh to waist (supine)
  • alt crush
  • both arm crush

Circuit 2: Cardio

100 jacks – 75 mt climbers – 50 jump rope – 25 jump squat

Circuit 3: 30/30 x3 heavy db

  • lateral step and press (in wide squat step and press forward from shoulders)
  • one leg two arm row
  • switch jumps + oh press
  • db chop + rev lunge
  • one leg/other leg/both leg fast teasers

Circuit 4: running 1 mile OR repeat #2

Circuit 5: repeat #1

Circuit 6: Optional/use if not running outside 45/15×1

  • prisoner squats
  • push ups
  • alt lunges
  • jacks
  • jump squats
  • spider plank
  • power jacks
  • spider push up
  • squat to calf raise, arms oh
  • cross body mt climber (slow)

Finisher: 45/15×3

3 tuck jump burpee

Butt & Gut 15 min — 30-45 sec/each

  • lunge R, lift leg straight up on return
  • repeat L
  • squat + abduction R
  • repeat L
  • sumo squat
  • 4 count squat
  • static lunge
  • kneeling leg lift
  • kneeling knee to nose
  • fire hydrant
  • leg circles
  • plank – out out in in
  • donkey kongs
  • starfish
  • side v crunch
  • plank twists
  • elbow plank

****Updated to say: I can’t do the same workout twice in one day. I can’t even do the same workout twice in one year. So pm bootcamp might look more like this OMG I JUST DELETED THE WORKOUT I TYPED so here’s an attempt at a recreation:

warm up: 30 sec ea jacks — power jacks – front kicks – back kicks – repeat then dynamic stretching


  • burpees + push up  x8
  • dolphin planks x8
  • Starfish side plank 30 sec
  • Moutain climbers x8
  • Spider pushups x8
  • Plank jack x8
  • repeat 6 reps, 4 reps, 8 reps


  • jump rope 50x – lunges to end of room – 5 push ups, back and repeat
  • jump rope 30x – squat walk to end of room – 5 squat thrusts, back and repeat
  • jump rope 15x – db plate drag to end of room – 5 pike press – back and repeat


  • shoulder press/wide arm push ups alt 8 reps  3x
  • hindu squats/stomp lunge alt 8 reps 4x
  • tabata alt lunges 20/push ups 10 4 rounds

#4: 30 sec ea no rest

  • power jacks – log jumps – high knees – straddle jumps – fast feet – repeat to knee taps to repeater knees to squats

#5: 30 sec ea 10 sec rest

  • side squat R – box jumps center – side squat L – box jumps center – repeat
  • split squat R (+tri oh) – split L (+up row) – repeat 2x
  • coffee grinder feet on step

#6: finisher & abs

45/15 x3 forward jump burpee + tuck jump

elbow planks  — side planks – v sits – kneeling leg lifts and fire hydrants

Longest run since April

10 Sep


Y’all! This was a slow, easy run — my longest in months! I feel great!!!


10 Sep

On the schedule today: Bootcamp! I might also go for a run. I have lots on my mind and a good run seems like it might be a good idea.

warm up: 30 sec x2

  • pogo hops — jacks — squats with heel lift — jump squats

Circuit 1 

  • jog out and back room 4x
  • leapfrog down, 10 jacks, jog back
  • repeat 3x

Circuit 2: Tabata

  • upright row — clean and press

Circuit 3: Run to Ash st

  • jog up/down hill 4x
  • leap frog up hill, 20 jacks, jog down
  • repeat till someone pukes

Circuit 4: Back to Y/Tabata

  • up right row — clean and press


crunches — planks — toe to shoulder

Just another Monday and a request

8 Sep

Beginner Bootcamp: 30 min

warm up: 30 sec each exercise

  • pogo hops — jacks — squats with heel lift — repeat from beginning — jog room — push ups — jog room — push ups

each exercise in every progression: about 30-60 seconds

  • step touch progression: start with step touch, add a squat, add a jump squat, change step touch to a leap; rest and repeat
  • forward jump 4x, jog 8 steps back — about 4 rounds
  • jogging patterns — high knees, butt kicks, fast feet, etc
  • lunge progression: alt lunge, add a knee, step foot back farther till hands to floor, stomp; rest and repeat same leg, rest and other leg
  • side leaps — 2 rounds, 2 leaps, 4 leaps, 8 leaps
  • jog wide legs 3 steps, tuck jump 30 sec, 8 tuck jumps @4 rounds
  • fast feet sprawl to 4 push ups
  • static lunge progression: static pulse 3x and stand, pulse 4 to stand, pulse 2 to jump, jump, rest and repeat
  • abs: planks and crunches

i wonder . . .

TABATA: advanced, 30 min

  1. warm up: @30 sec per exercise, 2x pogo hops, jacks, high knees, skaters
  2. push ups / plank jacks
  3. high knees / burpees
  4. jump squats / jump lunges
  5. jacks / mt climbers
  6. side planks / side burpees / planks / russian twists

What are your favorite songs to workout to? I’m totally bored with my playlists so help me out here!

This week

8 Sep

We’ll just let that speak for itself.

so saturday was full of soccer and a birthday party



today FOOTBALL! Harper is really excited. 

Schedule for the week:

Mon: Beginner Bootcamp, Tabata, philosophy class 🙂

Tues: Bootcamp

Wed: c25k, Pilates, philosophy class, Bootcamp

Thurs: Bootcamp

Fri: Group Power, Tabata


Eats: i’m so over trying to eat meat to save time and money. it makes me sad and i don’t even like how it tastes. back to veggies for me.

Sun: leftovers!

Mon: Lasagna [crock pot i think], salad

Tues: stir fry — veggies and tofu over rice; maybe some kind of meat for chris?

Wed: roasted veg over whole wheat pasta

Thurs: taco smash (chris will have regular tacos)

Fri: veggie burgers and salad and green beans

Sat: leftovers/wing it

lunches will be leftovers as well — or sandwiches. Picky pants will likely have mac & cheese . . . i need to start adding veggies to her mac & cheese. i used to do that when she was a baby. anything orange usually works.

back with workouts!