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Happy Tuesday!

28 May

Haper, Cole & Connor at the pool

We spent yesterday at the pool! Fantastic weather but the pool was freezing – kids don’t seem to care though!

The Y was closed so I had a rest day! Back at it today though – I am thinking I will go to yoga in a few (I plan to – we shall see) then a picnic at the park and bootcamp this afternoon.

warm up:

high knees/push ups/squat jumps/mt climbers/tri dips/jacks/push ups/lunges/dips/front kicks/plank/burpees/jump lunges (some combination of this, about 30 sec each?)

Circuit 1:

  • DB squats
  • DB crunch on stability ball
  • Plank push up to T (with DB? without?)

Circuit 2:

  • Alternating front lunge with alternating front raise
  • DB standing rotation (ideally this would be done with a medicine ball but we usually don’t have enough to go around)
  • Chest press on stability ball
  • Squat jumps

Circuit 3:

Run to the park — 1 min each exercise

  • plyo step ups on picnic table
  • push ups, feet on seat
  • spider plank, hands on seat
  • hands on seat, jump knees to chest
  • bench dips, bridge up

Run to bridge

Circuit 4:

  • lateral shuffle across, switching direction each light post. I’d like to do this 2x but we’ll see based on time/energy of everyone

Circuit 5:

  • depending on time either back to Y or back to picnic tables and repeat exercises 30 sec each


To get back to the Y: speed bursts back (like 10 sec sprint, 20 sec regular pace or something like that)

1 min each exercise:

  • roll out and back knee plank on the ball
  • roll up feet on ball
  • ball transfer


Tabata Friday! + AdvoCare Cleanse results

24 May

Happy long weekend Friday, y’all! Anyone got big Memorial Day plans? I’ve got the day off from the gym so we’re going to go to the POOL! Horray! First “official” day of summer! Should I try out the new 2 piece I got in Feb? *nervous*

First — AdvoCare Herbal Cleanse is DONE! Happy to be rid of that fiber drink – it’s not bad but certainly not something I’d go out of my way for (FYI if you decide to do this get the Peaches & Cream flavor NOT Citrus! Unless you like Metamucil . . . )


Weight lost in 10 days: 3lbs! (I freaked out about this at first but then talked with another mentor and think about this: I have *maybe* 10 lbs to lose so it’s going to happen slower than if I had 83 lbs to lose – this is the whole reason I’m even doing this thing. I was +50 lbs post pregnancy (ok post a year later . . . ) and it came off pretty quickly when I started exercising/cleaning up my diet just a little bit and now I’ve hit a plateau that I want to bust through

Inches lost (this is total body): 3.5 and yay not from chest 😉 sadly also not from waist. sheesh.

Again, I freaked out about this too but same rules apply – I don’t have tons to lose but I do have inches to turn into rock hard muscle so this is a great start. The mentor (also a fitness instructor) I spoke with said that she lost about 2 lbs on cleanse and 5 on burn but with a total of like 12 inches or something to that effect.

What’s happening now? Burn, baby! I’m in phase 2 and taking MNS Max 3 (click on the instructional flier to see details) — it’s tons of super-charged stuff — I started it yesterday and I tell you, I had TONS of energy whether due to this or what but I usually can’t do 100 burpees easily AND not be sore the next day!

If you are interested in ordering products – know that however you go about doing it unless it is through Amazon or something you will never be alone. I got into this through my cousin and we talk/text daily now. I had a call with both her and mentor last night regarding what I’m doing and how best to use the products (more on that in a minute). It’s a great company with great products and a great support system to keep you motivated and successful. ok, enough of that.

Last thing — after convo with cousin/mentor it turns out – get this – I’m NOT eating enough! What? Well — I almost never have snacks and breakfast is sometimes a fail and I have my heavier meal at dinner. New plan: #1 eat more. Yes! so I packed some non-perishable snacks like almonds to keep in my bag/car and I’m planning to order some Muscle Gain to use as recovery and/or  afternoon snack — including snacks will be key to getting more (healthy) calories. I’m also switching dinner/lunch meals. I usually have a salad for lunch and a carb/veg/protein for dinner so flopping that (or having a meal replacement shake). Day 1: success! I had overnight oats for breakfast, a low carb/peanut butter/1/2 banana snack, carb/protein/veg for lunch AND managed to get in the pills at the right time (you take one pack before breakfast, 2 with and one 30 min before lunch) as well as eat within 30 min of taking pills.

I’m tracking all this on My Fitness Pal (pinkcat35) and even with all the food/extra food I’m still under calorie goal by 500 calories. Here’s to a glass of wine, y’all!

Ok, enough about my diet. On to the workout. 















Whatever. You know you want some Tabata.

Here’s the plan:

  1. power jacks / rev alt lunges with mb
  2. burpee w/ push up & plank jacks (these were so awesome yesterday!) / hindu squats
  3. push ups (maybe offer handstand push ups or walk ups as an option?) / dips
  4. fast feet holding mb / wall balls
  5. lunge pops (pulse 3x on 4th hop and land same leg) — alt each round
  6. plank R/L with 4 mt climbers between / reverse plank w/ alt leg lifts



What a gorgeous sight … Sigh

24 May


And now bootcamp

23 May

it is supposed to rain. again. so i think i’ll plan to stay inside but if it stops we’ll add a little run up the bridge or something to the workout. with medicine balls – the other bootcamp instructor did that the other day. sounds like a good idea to me 🙂

BTW i’m on day 10 of AdvoCare cleanse – tomorrow starts the BURN phase. I’ll update tomorrow with cleanse results. If they’re good. 😉 all i want at this moment is a glass of wine and some cheese. 14 more days. then a CHEAT MEAL . . . but y’all – i love the spark drink. it works but i have to tell you – i miss morning coffee! for real. tomorrow. it’s ON. 


after the warm up

circuit 1: do #1, then 1+2, 1+2+3, and so on to 10

  1. 10 burpees
  2. mt climber (1 min)
  3. 10 squats
  4. 10 push ups
  5. 8 up and overs on step R then L
  6. up up jack down down jack (30 sec)
  7. 10 bodybuilders (like a burpee but add a push up and a plank jack)
  8. 10 tricep extension
  9. bicycles (1 min)
  10. plank (1 min)

circuit 2: 4 rounds do each exercise 8x, 4x, 2x, back to 8x

  • burpees (with push up)
  • inchworms
  • side plank leg lifts R then L
  • mt climbers
  • spider plank
  • plank jacks

*** if it’s not raining we’ll go outside here ***

circuit 3: we’ll go through these as time allows maybe repeating some that are especially fun 😉

  • pinwheel bicep curls x25 each arm
  • harpys 1 min (like a burpee but step is between knees and feet and you jump feet to step)
  • db snatch x25 per arm
  • walking lunges around outside of room with db OH
  • close squats 50x then add alt front kick 50x
  • run stairs a few times
  • push up/dip pyramid 1-10
  • chair pose with hammer curl x25
  • bent over rows x25
  • high knees with db 30 sec
  • plank hip dips 30 sec each side
  • run with mb oh across room

circuit 4: abs/finisher

  • 1 min dips/1 min mt climbers/1 min jog in place with step overhead like a canoe. repeat.
  • abs on the stability ball




yoga AND bootcamp

22 May

Thursday is a yoga/bootcamp day – yoga in the am and bootcamp in the late afternoon. feedback i got from yoga on Tues was mixed – i should tell you about the instructor before i go any further. she teaches . . . odd. i am friends with her outside of class (we’ve known each other about 5 years i think) so i go to her class to support her but it is NOT a style of yoga that i could EVER teach – basically what she does is this:

light candles

breath for what seems like a freaking eternity

1/2 sun salutation

a pose – something crazy easy like mountain. seriously.

adjust people – depending on the class size this can take forever.

release. talk about things.

another pose. adjust people.

child’s pose. adjust people.

lying spinal twist.


seriously it’s the weirdest yoga class i’ve ever taken – it’s like she’s picking a pose of the day and saying ok, class, today we’re going to learn triangle (except we haven’t learned anything that challenging . . . )

So feedback for my class (see previous post) was mixed – an older lady told me it was too fast which i will chalk up at least in part to nerves but honestly i did not think it was fast at all – it was exactly an hour and flowed (i thought) really nicely. another friend was only there about 1/2 the class and she said it was great – that pacing was good. i did 1/2 sun salutation, ssA then ssB and we did them slow, slow, little faster, with breath and then poses we held for 5-10 breaths each. so whatever. i know you can’t please everyone and i know too that yoga is such a personal thing – when i say YOGA everyone immediately has some image of what this is in mind.

Class Thursday: Yoga

opening: theme of the class is ‘appreciate your body’ 🙂 notice any parts of your body that need care or attention. be happy with yourself and your body – it does amazing things every day

  • breath: in – in – in – out (repeat several times) adding movement: in (arms overhead) – in (arms wide to the sky) – in (arms overhead) – out (ragdoll) repeat several times
  • arm swings — like a kid, swing arms side to side (think floppy)

dynamic warm up

  • fold to all 4’s and cat/cow several breaths
  • down dog to knees several breaths
  • 1/2 sun salute
  • sun salute A
  • sun salute B

do each slow – slow – slow – a little faster – a little faster – with breath one time

Active Poses:

starting in down dog:

  • lift R leg
  • low lunge
  • warrior II
  • extended side angle
  • reverse warrior
  • low lunge
  • high plank
  • down dog
  • repeat L

repeat series several times


  • child’s pose – 1 min
  • hip circles (10 each direction)
  • down dog
  • lunge R – back knee taps floor and up
  • half split (lunge forward to forearms)
  • down dog
  • repeat L

Repeat series if desired

  • forward fold to chair 5x

  • downward dog
  • triangle R
  • extended side angle
  • downward dog
  • repeat L

repeat series 2 or 3x

depending on time:

  • low lunge hands to mat
  • down dog
  • pigeon R/L
  • happy cow
  • wide leg forward fold
  • bound angle
  • reclined bound angle
  • reclined twist

Relaxing sequence: 5-10 breaths each

  • child’s pose
  • hero
  • camel
  • down dog
  • pigeon R
  • down dog
  • pigeon L
  • bow
  • butterfly
  • legs up the wall
  • reclining twist

finish in savasana with a guided “thank your body” meditation:

bring awareness to ___ (for ex, your feet). how has ___ supported you in life? thank ___ for all it has done for you.

closing: poem by ee cummings with hands in thunderbolt seal (crossed in front of chest)

Gah. this post is long. back later with bootcamp. 

New Workout Week!

19 May

Exciting news: I’m subbing YOGA this week! My first time teaching yoga. Here’s what I have planned (Tuesday):

Theme (this is a little self serving because of the shoulder issues I have had) Fancy Tape IMG_0896 IMG_0895

LIBERATION of the shoulders . . .

Opening: seated in easy pose, inhale and lift shoulders, exhale and lower. we’ll move arms in various ways, concentrating on movement of shoulders and arms, easy pose with shoulder release (arm crossed in front of body), easy pose forward fold, ending with seated side bends (about 15 breaths here)

Dynamic Warm up: move to cat/cow about 15 breaths, down dog to knees 5x, 1/2 sun salutation 3x, sun salutation A 3x, sun salutation B 4x (we’ll do each one slow 1-2x then with breath 1-2x) — I will also play this by ear depending on who is there. If it’s all newbies, for ex, we’ll just do 1/2 sun salutation 8x or something

Active Poses: 5-10 breaths each pose

  • tadasana
  • warrior I (R)
  • bowing warrior (R)
  • return to mt/tadasana
  • warrior I (L)
  • bowing warrior (L)
  • return to mt/tadasana
  • inhale upward salute, exhale forward fold, inhale 1/2 fold, exhale hover, inhale up dog/cobra, exhale rest down dog 10 breaths

from down dog:

  • plank
  • cobra
  • locust
  • extended child’s pose
  • push up to all 4’s and into down dog for rest 10 breaths, forward to plank and repeat series

from down dog hop or step to mt pose. easy breath – inhale upward salute, exhale forward fold, inhale 1/2 fold, exhale hover, inhale up dog/cobra, exhale rest down dog 10 breaths

  • hop or step to mt/tadasana
  • eagle (just arms/R)
  • warrior II (R)
  • reverse warrior (R)
  • hover – up dog – down dog
  • hop or step to mt/tadasana
  • eagle (just arms/L)
  • warrior II (L)
  • reverse warrior (L)
  • hover – up dog – down dog

from down dog come to easy pose and rest 10 breaths

  • reverse plank
  • bridge
  • one leg bridge (R)
  • reverse plank
  • bridge
  • one leg bridge (L)

*relax between each pose 5-10 breaths)

after final one leg bridge, relax and turn to lying twist for 10 breaths each side

savasana — repeat theme of LIBERATION and talk about letting go of externally imposed rules that don’t make sense 🙂

playlist will include everything from Earth to OM to Lady Gaga. 🙂


AdvoCare Herbal Cleanse Day 7

19 May

Update: I know you’re supposed to wait to weigh/measure until day 11 but I went ahead and did it yesterday (day 6) just to see. Happy to report that I have lost 4 lbs (current weight: 139!) and 1″ from chest, hips and thighs (4″ total!) — 4 days left including today so stay tuned.

I’m going to continue the entire challenge after the cleanse phase — they call it “burn” phase so I will not be taking the herbal cleanse tablets but instead MNS 3 (I think it’s called) which is a thermogenic. Never taken one before so will let you know.

Overall, totally happy with results so far and excited to see what’s next. Only complaint is that I’ve been sick nearly the whole time and I haven’t enjoyed that and I also REALLY MISS COFFEE! It’s just not morning without coffee. I like the Spark drink and all but it’s just not coffee. *sigh*

If you want to join me on this challenge, go HERE! 🙂

Join me!

land of the living?

16 May

I think I’m on the mend – gonna try Bootcamp today (stations — so I can do something without going too overboard!)

AdvoCare update: Day 4: I miss coffee. This cleanse is stupid. Why would anyone want to live without coffee? See, feeling better. In all seriousness, I am feeling better and I really don’t have anything to say one way or the other about the cleanse. I’m only at day 4 though.

Last night I needed carbs so made a chickpea curry served over brown rice. I think it was spicy but I can’t smell much so who knows. I think it was good? I know I don’t do well without carbs so I did feel better after eating it. 

On the menu for tonight: Gluten free spaghetti with sugar free tomato sauce (and meat added to mr man’s). I think I might be “technically” cheating by eating pasta but at least it’s gluten free and I need some “feel good” food.

On to the workout: Hopefully we can do this outside! The skies are a little cloudy and looks like rain . . . maybe it will hold off till later! if we are inside, all running will be done on machines — rowing, treadmill, stairs, etc

short inside warm up then we’ll head outside and everyone will do 2 laps around the Y (it’s proab 1/4 mile?) then we’ll meet in the parking lot for stations (hopefully about 3-4 people per station)

Station 1: 45/15 x2

  • side to side hops the length of parking space
  • mb squat to press
  • russian twist (bodyweight)
  • 1 arm assisted push up (one arm tucked close to body to assist, most of work done with other arm extended far from body)

We will then all run the same short loop around the Y

Station 2: 30/10 x3

  • band bicep curls
  • OH mb lunge
  • T plank with hip drop
  • globe jumps

Run longer loop towards bridge and back

Station 3: timer on this one is the people at the dolphin plank station. one at a time, each person there will run the short loop. after all have gone, we’ll rotate stations

  • push ups
  • mb woodchop
  • dolphin plank
  • rev lunge with hops

Run longer loop — towards bridge and back to Y

I think this will take about an hour — if we have time, we’ll head inside for abs

AdvoCare Cleanse Day 2

14 May

Day 1 was fine … Until about the end of the day. I’m sick! I think it’s just a cold but I am knocked down! My legs even ache. My husband is sick too so good times around here …

Day2: staying on the cleanse but just barely. Eating is hard – all I want is soup but I don’t have any and I’m not up to making any. So I have had 1/2 and apple and a handful of carrots with hummus.

No workout today – I got a sub. Yay!
Stay tuned for day 3. Hope it is better than today!

AdvoCare herbal cleanse day 1

13 May





I can’t believe I’m posting these pictures. Eek.