Sunday Sunday Sunday

18 Nov

Yes, we watch some football around here. 


The Lame Ass Tom Brady Team

husband. blech.

So at least one of likes a team that wins games. Anyway, so that’s what’s on the agenda today. Probably a little time outside too. I don’t think it’s going to be too cold. And the three year old isn’t such a football fan.

Workout plan this week:

Monday: Might do a HIIT in the am or Crosstraining workout (if I can get to the class at 9:45 am) and teaching Bootcamp (I lazy-ed out on yesterday’s workout. I feel bad about that. And I generally can’t get in a workout if I don’t go to the gym due to childcare . . . so not getting a workout today. blah)


Tues: teaching Bootcamp

Wed: Subbing Sculpt and Step (I don’t do step — it will be a beginner bootcamp style class) and teaching Pilates (I wonder if people will even show up to the gym Wed before Thanksgiving? We shall see)

Thurs: 8k Turkey Trot with my parents (and daughter in the stroller – my mom is doing the walk so my dad and I are going to run then go find her. Pretty sure daughter won’t last that long in the stroller . . . )

Fri: Recovery day? Possible run?

Sat: Spin? Rest? Maybe a run? I did sign up for a 1/2 marathon . . .

Sun: Rest day (I almost always take Sunday as rest day)


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