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Beginner Bootcamp & Tabata

27 Oct

Here’s what I’m planning for Monday classes:

Beginner Bootcamp: 10 min warm up/cardio + 10 min lower body + 10 min abs/stretching

  • arm circles – small, large, both directions
  • march in place to high knees
  • run in place to butt kick
  • jacks
  • jump rope
  • side shuffle 2 to touch
  • march + knee to elbow to add a hop
  • twist jump rope
  • toy soldiers
  • rev lunges + stretch to side
  • inchworms
  • plank to down dog to lizard planks
  • seated, legs extended twists
  • fast feet, change direction every 15 sec for 60 sec or so

Lower body: DB optional

  • squats
  • reverse lunges to add knee
  • sumo squat to pulses
  • curtsey lunge to side lunge to knee lift
  • repeat other leg
  • single leg hop to one leg touch
  • repeat other leg

on all 4s:

  • knee circles, fire hydrants, clamshells


  • seated twists (db optional)
  • bent knee wiper legs
  • knees to tabletop, straight arms push against legs
  • leg lowers r/l
  • repeat
  • plank + knee taps downs (or plank on knees)
  • bird dogs
  • supermans
  • childpose to down dog


Tabata — equipment: chair, db, maybe a mat

  1. high knees/butt kicks
  2. dips on chair/hammer curls
  3. jacks/power jacks/star jacks
  4. step ups on chair/split squats on chair
  5. jump squat/jump lunges
  6. side plank leg lift on chair

eats and treats this week

27 Oct

halloween week!

on the schedule this week:

monday: teaching beginner bootcamp/tabata

tuesday: teaching bootcamp

wednesday: am short run + teaching pilates; pm teaching bootcamp

thursday: teaching am bootcamp (switched with another instructor)

friday: off to charlotte area

saturday: TOUGH MUDDER!!!!! EEK!!!!!


eats and treats:

monday: leftovers

tuesday: taco night

wednesday: pasta

thursday: TBD

weekend – out of town

There are reasons we use punctuation . . . .

There are reasons we use punctuation . . . .

my little minion

27 Oct



Halloween Fall Festival at my friend Nikki’s church.

still awake? yea, me too.

9 Oct

got my first every filling today. i’d like it to be the last one. not only do i have {imagine that} the worst dental insurance known to man, it was not even a little bit fun. but you know what is fun? bootcamp! pilates in the am and bootcamp in the afternoon. a little bit of philosophy in the middle.

yea. anyway, here’s the plan:

warm up: the usual. jacks, squats, ropes, etc.

circuit 1: 10 push ups

regular, slow

feet up the wall 6”

feet way up the wall

repeat 2x

circuit 2: 2x: 90/15 {light db}, 60/15 sec {heavy db}

pull downs

superman rows

bridge press

upright row

overhead tricep extension

db thrusters

circuit 3: running outside 15 min

15 prisoner squats

15 high knees L+R=1

15 Burpees

1/8 Run mile — start at 7th, run to locust; locust to anderson; anderson to locust; locust to Y — repeat.

Repeat as many times as you can do it in 15 minutes

circuit 4: super!

supermans with 2.5lbs — arms in V 30 sec then pulse 20x

rest 15 sec

superman arms to side 30 sec/pulse 20x

rest 15 sec

superman arms back 30 sec/pusle 20x

hopping inchworm across floor

walking (creeping?) spider push up back

finisher: 5 min

10 wall ups; 10 bear crawl push ups





Exploding Pyrex

8 Oct

Turns out that if you leave the stove eye on and an empty pyrex dish on said eye, pyrex dish will explode. way to go science. Totally exciting to humans and puppies alike. Anywho,totally love this weather – it’s not even 70 degrees. Makes me want to run! Alas, there’s bootcamp to do — just kidding, I love bootcamp.

My arms are a tiny bit sore today —  so legs! And some arms

sweet Jesus what is wrong with her arms?!

warm up: jacks, squats, inchworms, rope x2

circuit 1: 50/10, 40/10, 30/10 — increase DB each round

OH squats

box jump squats – holding plate

OH walking lunges

db burpees

wall sits with plate

circuit 2: 40 sec x3 no rest between rounds


curtsey lunges r


curtsey lunges l

circuit 3: run to ash street 

Partner 1 runs to top, 20 squats; other stays in squat hold


20 squat jumps + run/plank hold — partner 2 will do run first this round


everybody runs up to top of melrose/ 5 tuck jumps circle around short cut and do melrose again

run back to Y


10 wall ups – bear crawl 10 push ups x5 [if time]

plank/push up circle — one person starts, does 10 push ups and move to right till everyone goes. you can go to your knees only during push ups. if your knees hit the floor any other time, you’re out and have to do burpees till we’re all finished.

Now, burpees

6 Oct

Maybe not in Beginner Bootcamp: it’s going to be boxing day. i’m terrible at kickboxing but i think i can incorporate some super basic moves

warm up: go over all the punches and kicks

2 min intervals, 30 sec rest:

1. 10 high punches, 10 hammer punches [punch to side], 10 knees

2. left jab, left jab, right cross, left uppercut, right uppercut



3. crunch and punch, start with 2 & add on up to 10; go back down if time

4. seated: punch 20 straight overhead narrow, 20 wide

5. sumo stance, 10 punches, shuffle forward, 10 punches, shuffle back, 10 punches

6. 100s: someone calls out a punch, do 100 reps, repeat during time

7. hook – uppercut – side kick

8. 10 knees, 10 front kicks, switch legs

stretch: down dog, crescent lunge to side angle, wide leg forward fold, repeat other side, down dog, up dog, child pose



1. high knees, jump ropes, jacks, squats x2

2. push up + pendulum leg

3.  burpee: + star jumps

4. lunge stomps

5. burpee: + wall balls

6. planks + hovers

repeat stretches


6 Oct

Screen shot 2013-10-06 at 9.34.44 AM


Schedule this week + fails from last week:

Mon: attending Group Power to check form [new release, new moves], Teaching Beginner Bootcamp, Tabata & Pilates

Tues: getting my first ever filling, doing a damn long run, teaching bootcamp

Wed: doing a damn interval run, teaching pilates, bootcamp

Thurs: 2nd chance to do damn long run in case filling takes too long, teaching bootcamp

Fri: teaching pilates, perhaps an interval run or kettlebells

Sat & Sun: off — sat includes soccer, birthday party, pool party (i think?) and a grown up birthday party

Fails: i did not do any extra runs. i guess i don’t care about finishing the tough mudder NOV 2!!!!! i was going to go yesterday but husband was driving his mom (=no child care) and totally don’t feel like going today. plus he’s working.


still have leftovers — black beans, veggie sloppy joes

slow cooker lasagna

tater tot casserole — with veggie meat crumbles

need to pick up some kiddo lunch food. whatever that is. she has not been eating much at all lately. unless pirate booty counts.






4 Oct

Screen shot 2013-10-03 at 11.02.16 PM

door in the time

2 Oct

demon bridge


wed is teach pilates, get the kid from pre school, get ready for philosophy class, drop kid off, teach philosophy, run to the y and teach bootcamp. and run some more. i might run in the am too. lol. i have a 20 min tempo run on my half marathon training schedule. i don’t like running these days. it’s not easy and i suck. it only annoys me because i know i can be better i’m just not. also – the other bootcamp instructor is teaching at the park tomorrow so we’ll cross paths. we might not do what i wrote above – but we might. who knows. 🙂

only one mile

1 Oct

impulse buy of the day: Tuaca. if you haven’t had some, go get some. it’s awesome.

annoying thing of the day: guy in philosophy class. he doesn’t read, doesn’t understand shit and barely tries. on top of all that he dominates the conversation with irrelevant inanity. SO ANNOYING.

good news: husband’s fainting spell was just that (did i mention that? he fainted last week so i made him a dr appt) – caused by stress due to his job and internalizing of stress. I was worried it was something more serious but happy to report he’s in otherwise great health. now if i can get him to the gym …

and now for Tuesday: