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a week off …

29 Dec

last monday was the last time i taught a class – how weird! back at it tomorrow – Beginner Bootcamp & Tabata

Beginner Bootcamp:

warm up — jog, lunges, etc @5min


  • jacks
  • push ups
  • mt climbers
  • lunges
  • plank


  • jump rope
  • curls
  • jump rope 1 leg
  • squats
  • side planks


  • high knees
  • triceps
  • butt kicks
  • turbo lunges
  • rev plank leg lifts


WAR song (?) –> I’m previewing 2 songs Wed so I thought I’d get in a little practice during class. It’s a kickboxing class all choreographed like Group Power. The good part of this is that it’s pre-planned. The bad part is that choreography does NOT come easily to me so it takes me forever to learn a new routine. Currently learning both WAR #5 and Jan ’14 Group Power. ack.

abs — possibly the WAR track as well.


I’m TOTALLY over growing out my hair. Going to call my girl tomorrow and hopefully get a cut this week. YES!

tabata: — chair, heavy db, mb

  1. jog / forward lunges / jog / side lunges
  2. db swings
  3. slow plank jacks push up/fast plank jacks
  4.  wall balls
  5. step up to OH press (chair) –> step up R, OH press L then switch next round
  6. knee tucks on chair / side plank hip lifts on chair

Bootcamp Tuesday

17 Dec

  • warm up: 30 sec ea: jog in place, high knees, lateral hops, butt kicks, jacks, x2 + stretch
  1. round 1 (45/15): holding db, tiny jump squat / prone on step, db between feet, hamstring curl –> 3x through
  2. round 2: 7 min AMRAP –> 20 lunges — db seal jacks — burpees — jump rope — rev lunge w/ pull — forward/back X squat — burpees  –> when time is up 1 min wall sit
  3. round 3: 10 box jumps – 10 db swings x3 + 45 sec ea
  4. round 4: 10 seconds of each, 4x: mt climbers, burpees, push ups, star jacks
  5. round 5: snatch (5 each arm) – 10 db pass through lunge
  6. round 6: repeat round 4

Finish: Isometric HELL –> 30 sec ea

  • plank – starfish – plank – starfish – table top or rev plank – prisoner squat hold – crescent lunge R/L – wall sit lat hold – lunge bicep hold – plank L arm to side/R – elbow side plank hip dips R/ – v sit – elbow L – plank – hover – swimmers – end with 2 min wall sit lat hold

shake it out– one final repeat of round 4 (?)

class tomorrow (wed) will likely be shorter – anyone got a good 45 min bootcamp type workout? i don’t want to cut the work part but there’s an overlap with the instructor of the next class — so i need some good 45 min that feel like an hour (or you’re glad it’s not) workouts! 🙂

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Beginner Bootcamp & Tabata

8 Dec

Funny story: guy has been coming to class for months. he asked last week or so if there were other morning classes [because there isn’t a HUGE schedule posted outside on the wall . . . ] so i directed him to the am bootcamp classes on T/R. he loved the class – fabulous BUT [i cannot even tell you how much this annoys me] he told a mutual friend that the T/R class he went to was SO MUCH HARDER and he never gets a workout like that in my class.

can we talk about something: what does BEGINNER bootcamp mean to you? to me, it means, “geared towards those just starting out or returning to exercise after an extended absence.” Therefore, all workouts are designed with that in mind. While there are participants who have been taking the class for a while, most fall into the definition above. I keep the instruction low impact while offering ways to modify up or down — my thought is that dude is not working as hard as he could be, for one thing, and also does not realize he’s in a beginner class.

anyway, it’s annoying.

But on to the workout:


warm up (blow me)

  • circuit 1 (whistle): push ups x12 – wall sits w/ bicep curls x12 – stability ball crunch x15
  • circuit 2 (gangnam style): db row x 15 – lunge w/ lat raise x10 – supermans x15
  • circuit 3 (good time): push ups x15 – squats x12 – plank x30s
  • circuit 4 (one more night): chest press on ball x10 – wedding move x12 – oblique crunch on ball x10
  • circuit 5 (as long as you love me): dips x10 – dead lifts x10 – criss cross x20
  • repeat circuit 1 (without you) & circuit 3 (idealistic) –>depending on time?

cool down/stretch  (hello)

Playlist: Screen shot 2013-12-08 at 4.17.45 PM

tabata: equipment needed: mat and step

  1. curtsey lunges to sumo squat R/L
  2. suicide plank with plank jack
  3. abs: toe touch / reach through
  4. plank jack burpees / plank pendulum
  5. pendulum lunge up and over step
  6. squat jumps / pop squats with hand tap to floor
Princess Tinkerbell Snowflake

Princess Tinkerbell Snowflake

Tuesday legs day

2 Dec

Bootcamp Tuesday will be a legs day. I’m thinking cardio Wed and upper body (biceps/triceps? shoulders/back?) Thurs

So — here’s the plan:

warm up: 30 sec or so each move x2

  • jacks – power jacks – squats- jump squats – alt lunges – plyo step ups

Circuit 1: 5 min

  • steps will be set up across the room in increasing height — no risers, 1 riser, 2 risers, 3 – 4 – 5 i think that might be all and then back down so 10 steps total. we’ll all start at one end and box jump across the room, slow lunge back. Drill continues for 5 min

Circuit 2: 5 min or as long as it takes to do 30 sec per step

  • everyone gets a step (if more than 10 ppl we’ll just have that many steps out) — 30 sec plyo step ups start with R leg/30 sec squats/repeat L leg — move a step and repeat — Drill continues for 5 min –> we’ll change it up, sometimes plyo step ups, sometimes box jumps, some squat to box jump, oh and my fav sit to squat jump along with split squats, etc

Circuit 3: upper body circuit –> with db – bicep curls 3 min vary

Abs: sit on step — knee in and outs 1 min

Circuit 4: repeater knees — go through each step so another 5 min

Circuit 5: upper body — triceps

Abs: plank for 1 min – side planks 30 sec/side

Circuit 6: 5 min –> jacks on floor – jacks on step 1 min switch lead leg after 30 sec. go through each step

Circuit 7: upper body — lat raises with band and flyes (cross band in front and pull back)

Abs: sit on step — russian twists

Circuit 8:

  • w/ medium db: 30 sec lunge R — 30 sec lunge L — 10 jump squats — repeat
  •  w/ plate — 30 sec wall sit — 30 sec squat to box jump — 10x jump lunges — repeat
  • 30 sec stomp R — 30 sec stomp L — 30 sec plate switches — repeat

***If there is still time ***

In groups of 3: (running group is timer)

plank                                      dolphin plank                                   squat hold

squats                                    alt warrior 3                                       turbo lunge

run out and back 2x          high knees out and back 2x            bear crawl out/crab walk back

abs and stretch and done!

Workouts this week and stuff

1 Dec

December y’all. 

Monday: Teach Beginner Bootcamp & Tabata

Tuesday: Teach Bootcamp

Wednesday: Teach Pilates & Bootcamp

Thursday: Teach Bootcamp

Friday: Probably off, maybe yoga

Sat: 1/2 Marathon that I have not trained for. It’s on the lower elevations of a trail but still. 13.1 is a long way. oops. Well, my time from last year is like 3 hours so I’m pretty sure I can at least beat that LOL.

Plan for Beginner Bootcamp:

basic warm up @3 min

  • 1 min plank feet on either med ball or stability ball
  • 10 push ups – alt arm mb or regular

repeat 4x

  • 8-12x stability ball one arm oh press
  • 15-20x chest flyes on the ball

repeat 4x



A lot of Beg Bc folks stay for Tabata so even though the workout is stepped up, all exercises can be modified. To modify this workout, switch burpees for another cardio move, e.g., jacks – mt climbers – jog in place, high knees, march in place, butt kicks, etc. Push ups can be done standing, chest press can be done without the bridge (and with lighter weight), squats can be a small movement, etc. You get the idea –

  1. burpees / v ups
  2. burpees with push up (advanced: jump down with ball, push up on floor, jump up with ball) / med ball push ups
  3. burpees flying squirrel (jump feet and hands off floor at same time) / bridge chest press 25#
  4. burpees with star jump /prisoner squats (advanced: below parallel)
  5. burpees lateral hop/ DB swing 25#
  6. planks/hovers at 10 sec rest

Countdown to Tuesday

12 Nov

Tuesday is a bootcamp day — I think I was going to do a long run tomorrow but #1 I’m exhausted (I know, it’s only Monday. Maybe it’s the time change but seriously by the time Harper is in bed, I’m ready to be in bed but unfort. that’s usually when my day starts. blah.) and it’s supposed to snow. Screen shot 2013-11-11 at 7.58.42 PM

don’t get me wrong — i love love love love love love love snow but harper had a cough all last week and i mainlined airborne and i have no desire to undo all that placebo work with a run in the snow. my body isn’t acclimated. evidently to anything. time changes, weather.

tomorrow afternoon is a bootcamp class – here’s what i’m thinking: countdowns + tabatas

warm up — jog, jacks, squats, etc

combo countdown 1 — 10 reps a. then 10 reps b., repeat with 9-9, 8-8, etc to 1

a. narrow squats + V raise

b. oblique lifts –> lie on one side, db between feet and lift upper and lower body

tabata jump rope (variations)

combo countdown 2

a. plie squats + oh tri
b. spider planks

tabata jacks (variations)

combo 3

a. calf raise + front/side raise

b. russian twists with db

tabata fast feet — mt climbers – jump lunges – jump squats

combo 4

a. plank butt-ups

b. bicep curls

tabata — up and overs & lateral burpees


db rows & decline db chest press – 15 reps of 3 alt sets –> use same weight for both

criss cross abs & roll ups – 8 reps of 3 alt sets –> use small balls

— Rest —

8 crunches + 8 crunch pulses x2

10 bent knee toe taps + 10 sec hollow man x2

update, because clearly i don’t have enough to do: this is a much more interesting version of everything: gizoogle.net


Beginner Bootcamp & Tabata

27 Oct

Here’s what I’m planning for Monday classes:

Beginner Bootcamp: 10 min warm up/cardio + 10 min lower body + 10 min abs/stretching

  • arm circles – small, large, both directions
  • march in place to high knees
  • run in place to butt kick
  • jacks
  • jump rope
  • side shuffle 2 to touch
  • march + knee to elbow to add a hop
  • twist jump rope
  • toy soldiers
  • rev lunges + stretch to side
  • inchworms
  • plank to down dog to lizard planks
  • seated, legs extended twists
  • fast feet, change direction every 15 sec for 60 sec or so

Lower body: DB optional

  • squats
  • reverse lunges to add knee
  • sumo squat to pulses
  • curtsey lunge to side lunge to knee lift
  • repeat other leg
  • single leg hop to one leg touch
  • repeat other leg

on all 4s:

  • knee circles, fire hydrants, clamshells


  • seated twists (db optional)
  • bent knee wiper legs
  • knees to tabletop, straight arms push against legs
  • leg lowers r/l
  • repeat
  • plank + knee taps downs (or plank on knees)
  • bird dogs
  • supermans
  • childpose to down dog


Tabata — equipment: chair, db, maybe a mat

  1. high knees/butt kicks
  2. dips on chair/hammer curls
  3. jacks/power jacks/star jacks
  4. step ups on chair/split squats on chair
  5. jump squat/jump lunges
  6. side plank leg lift on chair


20 Sep



warm up: burpee. yes, burpee. like this: jump out, lift one leg, push up, spider [knee to elbow], jump up, repeat other leg

Each exercise is 20 on 10 rest, repeat rounds 1x

Round 1: rest exercise: squat pulse

  • squat 2 oh presses
  • to the floor push ups
  • mb slams
  • xbody mt climbs

Round 2: rest exercise: iso squat

  • burpee box jump
  • alt lunges
  • mb slams
  • t push up

Repeat Round 1, then repeat Round 2

Abs: plank – side plank – plank – side plank – repeat



Two times the fun!

12 Sep

Double bootcamp day tomorrow! yea! I think i’ll probably do the same workout in both — but one has an additional butt and gut. i might leave the afternoon class inside and just repeat a circuit as well if it’s 4000 degrees outside

Warm up — the usual, 30 sec per exercise repeat 2x or so

Circuit 1: Biceps & Triceps 45 sec/no rest light to med db

  • bicep curl
  • top 1/3
  • bottom 1/3
  • hold middle 10 seconds
  • alt curls
  • waiters
  • side bicep curls
  • tricep kick backs
  • 10 sec pulse
  • alt kickback
  • skull crushers
  • oh to waist (supine)
  • alt crush
  • both arm crush

Circuit 2: Cardio

100 jacks – 75 mt climbers – 50 jump rope – 25 jump squat

Circuit 3: 30/30 x3 heavy db

  • lateral step and press (in wide squat step and press forward from shoulders)
  • one leg two arm row
  • switch jumps + oh press
  • db chop + rev lunge
  • one leg/other leg/both leg fast teasers

Circuit 4: running 1 mile OR repeat #2

Circuit 5: repeat #1

Circuit 6: Optional/use if not running outside 45/15×1

  • prisoner squats
  • push ups
  • alt lunges
  • jacks
  • jump squats
  • spider plank
  • power jacks
  • spider push up
  • squat to calf raise, arms oh
  • cross body mt climber (slow)

Finisher: 45/15×3

3 tuck jump burpee

Butt & Gut 15 min — 30-45 sec/each

  • lunge R, lift leg straight up on return
  • repeat L
  • squat + abduction R
  • repeat L
  • sumo squat
  • 4 count squat
  • static lunge
  • kneeling leg lift
  • kneeling knee to nose
  • fire hydrant
  • leg circles
  • plank – out out in in
  • donkey kongs
  • starfish
  • side v crunch
  • plank twists
  • elbow plank

****Updated to say: I can’t do the same workout twice in one day. I can’t even do the same workout twice in one year. So pm bootcamp might look more like this OMG I JUST DELETED THE WORKOUT I TYPED so here’s an attempt at a recreation:

warm up: 30 sec ea jacks — power jacks – front kicks – back kicks – repeat then dynamic stretching


  • burpees + push up  x8
  • dolphin planks x8
  • Starfish side plank 30 sec
  • Moutain climbers x8
  • Spider pushups x8
  • Plank jack x8
  • repeat 6 reps, 4 reps, 8 reps


  • jump rope 50x – lunges to end of room – 5 push ups, back and repeat
  • jump rope 30x – squat walk to end of room – 5 squat thrusts, back and repeat
  • jump rope 15x – db plate drag to end of room – 5 pike press – back and repeat


  • shoulder press/wide arm push ups alt 8 reps  3x
  • hindu squats/stomp lunge alt 8 reps 4x
  • tabata alt lunges 20/push ups 10 4 rounds

#4: 30 sec ea no rest

  • power jacks – log jumps – high knees – straddle jumps – fast feet – repeat to knee taps to repeater knees to squats

#5: 30 sec ea 10 sec rest

  • side squat R – box jumps center – side squat L – box jumps center – repeat
  • split squat R (+tri oh) – split L (+up row) – repeat 2x
  • coffee grinder feet on step

#6: finisher & abs

45/15 x3 forward jump burpee + tuck jump

elbow planks  — side planks – v sits – kneeling leg lifts and fire hydrants

Tuesday Bootcamp

20 Aug

Upper body day! 

mobility warm up: crescent lunge hold, unweighted bar overhead squats, bar up and over, inchworms, plank, dips

  • 15 overhead press (goal: 35-45lbs with the bar)
  • 5 push ups
  • 5 pull ups / body rows / resistance band pull downs
  • 15 mt climbers (L+R=1)
  • repeat 2x

cardio intervals – no rest, as fast as you can go — i might do this 30 sec on for 5 min instead of reps

  • 30 fast feet jogs
  • 30 butt kick
  • 30 jacks
  • 10 tuck jumps
  • 1 min jump rope
  • repeat 2x
  • 15 db thrusters
  • 15 lat raises
  • 15 reverse flyes
  • 60 jump rope (60 revolutions)
  • repeat 4x
  • 5 push ups
  • 5 pull ups / body rows / band pull downs
  • 5 full sit ups
  • 15 mt climbers (L+R=1)
  • repeat 4x
  • 15 db bent row
  • 15 band seated row (seated, legs extended, band around feet and pull back towards belly)
  • 15 plate jackknives (feet on plate, slide feet up towards hands; modify: bend knees and slide feet in)
  • 15 burpees (or appropriate modification)
  • repeat 2x
  • 25 oblique crunches R/L
  • 25 side plank dips R/L
  • 25 side v-ups R/L
  • 25 bicycles slow
  • 25 bicycles fast


depending on the crowd, i might do some outdoor running. like some hills.

I’m sorry – wait, I’m not really sorry — this is funny.