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Beginner Bootcamp & Tabata

8 Dec

Funny story: guy has been coming to class for months. he asked last week or so if there were other morning classes [because there isn’t a HUGE schedule posted outside on the wall . . . ] so i directed him to the am bootcamp classes on T/R. he loved the class – fabulous BUT [i cannot even tell you how much this annoys me] he told a mutual friend that the T/R class he went to was SO MUCH HARDER and he never gets a workout like that in my class.

can we talk about something: what does BEGINNER bootcamp mean to you? to me, it means, “geared towards those just starting out or returning to exercise after an extended absence.” Therefore, all workouts are designed with that in mind. While there are participants who have been taking the class for a while, most fall into the definition above. I keep the instruction low impact while offering ways to modify up or down — my thought is that dude is not working as hard as he could be, for one thing, and also does not realize he’s in a beginner class.

anyway, it’s annoying.

But on to the workout:


warm up (blow me)

  • circuit 1 (whistle): push ups x12 – wall sits w/ bicep curls x12 – stability ball crunch x15
  • circuit 2 (gangnam style): db row x 15 – lunge w/ lat raise x10 – supermans x15
  • circuit 3 (good time): push ups x15 – squats x12 – plank x30s
  • circuit 4 (one more night): chest press on ball x10 – wedding move x12 – oblique crunch on ball x10
  • circuit 5 (as long as you love me): dips x10 – dead lifts x10 – criss cross x20
  • repeat circuit 1 (without you) & circuit 3 (idealistic) –>depending on time?

cool down/stretch  (hello)

Playlist: Screen shot 2013-12-08 at 4.17.45 PM

tabata: equipment needed: mat and step

  1. curtsey lunges to sumo squat R/L
  2. suicide plank with plank jack
  3. abs: toe touch / reach through
  4. plank jack burpees / plank pendulum
  5. pendulum lunge up and over step
  6. squat jumps / pop squats with hand tap to floor
Princess Tinkerbell Snowflake

Princess Tinkerbell Snowflake


Workouts this week and stuff

1 Dec

December y’all. 

Monday: Teach Beginner Bootcamp & Tabata

Tuesday: Teach Bootcamp

Wednesday: Teach Pilates & Bootcamp

Thursday: Teach Bootcamp

Friday: Probably off, maybe yoga

Sat: 1/2 Marathon that I have not trained for. It’s on the lower elevations of a trail but still. 13.1 is a long way. oops. Well, my time from last year is like 3 hours so I’m pretty sure I can at least beat that LOL.

Plan for Beginner Bootcamp:

basic warm up @3 min

  • 1 min plank feet on either med ball or stability ball
  • 10 push ups – alt arm mb or regular

repeat 4x

  • 8-12x stability ball one arm oh press
  • 15-20x chest flyes on the ball

repeat 4x



A lot of Beg Bc folks stay for Tabata so even though the workout is stepped up, all exercises can be modified. To modify this workout, switch burpees for another cardio move, e.g., jacks – mt climbers – jog in place, high knees, march in place, butt kicks, etc. Push ups can be done standing, chest press can be done without the bridge (and with lighter weight), squats can be a small movement, etc. You get the idea –

  1. burpees / v ups
  2. burpees with push up (advanced: jump down with ball, push up on floor, jump up with ball) / med ball push ups
  3. burpees flying squirrel (jump feet and hands off floor at same time) / bridge chest press 25#
  4. burpees with star jump /prisoner squats (advanced: below parallel)
  5. burpees lateral hop/ DB swing 25#
  6. planks/hovers at 10 sec rest

Favorites from the week and a day off!

31 Aug

It’s been a week! My husband went back to work (professor so he’s off all summer) this week and I started teaching a philosophy class (yay!). But the babysitter backed out on my last minute and i’m having trouble finding a new one. i got a recommendation from a friend for a girl but i don’t know her and that makes me nervous. it’s not like im asking her to watch my phone, i’m asking her to watch my child. my only child. so that’s a little stressful.

So this week in philosophy class we are discussing the Presocratics — the guys who were before Socrates, basically. Here’s a link if you’re interested. 🙂 They are really fun because think about it – the whole world was new and exciting for them. It’s like watching a baby — this sense of wonder that we simply don’t have because it’s all already been done.

so the other thing that happened this week – i saw a baby born! my friend Kellee had a scheduled c-section and i went to watch. pretty amazing. she had a little girl, Caroline Grace 8.1lbs 20 inches. 

Caroline Grace


We also visited pre school this week for orientation – Harper starts the 4 year old class this week. She is SO excited.

Harper and her friends

Harper and her friends


Monday is a day off from the gym – labor day and all. i’m going to try to do something on my own. i’d like to run but we’ll see. Sunday is the family reunion for my husband’s side of the family. i’d rather poke my eyes out with sharp sticks.

I’ll be back soon with some workouts


Happy Tuesday!

28 May

Haper, Cole & Connor at the pool

We spent yesterday at the pool! Fantastic weather but the pool was freezing – kids don’t seem to care though!

The Y was closed so I had a rest day! Back at it today though – I am thinking I will go to yoga in a few (I plan to – we shall see) then a picnic at the park and bootcamp this afternoon.

warm up:

high knees/push ups/squat jumps/mt climbers/tri dips/jacks/push ups/lunges/dips/front kicks/plank/burpees/jump lunges (some combination of this, about 30 sec each?)

Circuit 1:

  • DB squats
  • DB crunch on stability ball
  • Plank push up to T (with DB? without?)

Circuit 2:

  • Alternating front lunge with alternating front raise
  • DB standing rotation (ideally this would be done with a medicine ball but we usually don’t have enough to go around)
  • Chest press on stability ball
  • Squat jumps

Circuit 3:

Run to the park — 1 min each exercise

  • plyo step ups on picnic table
  • push ups, feet on seat
  • spider plank, hands on seat
  • hands on seat, jump knees to chest
  • bench dips, bridge up

Run to bridge

Circuit 4:

  • lateral shuffle across, switching direction each light post. I’d like to do this 2x but we’ll see based on time/energy of everyone

Circuit 5:

  • depending on time either back to Y or back to picnic tables and repeat exercises 30 sec each


To get back to the Y: speed bursts back (like 10 sec sprint, 20 sec regular pace or something like that)

1 min each exercise:

  • roll out and back knee plank on the ball
  • roll up feet on ball
  • ball transfer

And now bootcamp

23 May

it is supposed to rain. again. so i think i’ll plan to stay inside but if it stops we’ll add a little run up the bridge or something to the workout. with medicine balls – the other bootcamp instructor did that the other day. sounds like a good idea to me 🙂

BTW i’m on day 10 of AdvoCare cleanse – tomorrow starts the BURN phase. I’ll update tomorrow with cleanse results. If they’re good. 😉 all i want at this moment is a glass of wine and some cheese. 14 more days. then a CHEAT MEAL . . . but y’all – i love the spark drink. it works but i have to tell you – i miss morning coffee! for real. tomorrow. it’s ON. 


after the warm up

circuit 1: do #1, then 1+2, 1+2+3, and so on to 10

  1. 10 burpees
  2. mt climber (1 min)
  3. 10 squats
  4. 10 push ups
  5. 8 up and overs on step R then L
  6. up up jack down down jack (30 sec)
  7. 10 bodybuilders (like a burpee but add a push up and a plank jack)
  8. 10 tricep extension
  9. bicycles (1 min)
  10. plank (1 min)

circuit 2: 4 rounds do each exercise 8x, 4x, 2x, back to 8x

  • burpees (with push up)
  • inchworms
  • side plank leg lifts R then L
  • mt climbers
  • spider plank
  • plank jacks

*** if it’s not raining we’ll go outside here ***

circuit 3: we’ll go through these as time allows maybe repeating some that are especially fun 😉

  • pinwheel bicep curls x25 each arm
  • harpys 1 min (like a burpee but step is between knees and feet and you jump feet to step)
  • db snatch x25 per arm
  • walking lunges around outside of room with db OH
  • close squats 50x then add alt front kick 50x
  • run stairs a few times
  • push up/dip pyramid 1-10
  • chair pose with hammer curl x25
  • bent over rows x25
  • high knees with db 30 sec
  • plank hip dips 30 sec each side
  • run with mb oh across room

circuit 4: abs/finisher

  • 1 min dips/1 min mt climbers/1 min jog in place with step overhead like a canoe. repeat.
  • abs on the stability ball




Renegade Bootcamp

18 Nov

Balance Exercise Balls 7-3-09 1

I’m just calling it that because I’m using dumbbells, stability ball, medicine ball, maybe some bands. Here’s the plan:

20/10 – 1 min rest followed by 50/10 Circuit:

  1. Dumbbell Deadlifts
  2. Pushups
  3. Lunge and OH Press
  4. Table with Opposite Toe Touch
  5. Dumbbell Reverse and Forward Lunge (R, then L)
  6. Standing Mountain Climbers with light weight
  7. Goblet Sumo Squats
  8. Dumbbell Swings
  9. Side to Side Burpees
  10. V-ups/V-outs

Repeat 2x:

  • Medicine Ball OH Squat x 12
  • Stability Ball Chest Fly x 12
  • Stability Ball Skull Crushers x 12
  • Weighted wipers x 4
  • 5 seconds Fast Feet to 1 Reach Jump x 6

Suicides with Star Jacks — add 3 each time (3-6-9-12-15-18) (maybe in the big gym in which case we’ll do 9-12-15 then a resisted run across and back with bands?)

ABS: 2 Rounds, 30 sec/ea

  • plank feet on ball
  • plank with knees to elbow feet on ball
  • feet on ball, roll in and out
  • side plank L
  • pike, legs straight
  • push ups on medicine ball
  • crunches on ball with DB overhead, R then L
  • side plank R

Monday Workout

22 Oct

I keep changing my mind about what to do. At first I thought we’d do kickboxing but then I remembered they did that last Mon when I had a sub. So then I thought I’d go with a modified MMA style strength workout. Which I will probably do. But I checked the weather this week and it’s supposed to be in the low 70’s & sunny so we HAVE to go outside! Given that — here’s what I’m thinking:

Warm up: jump squat/squat ladder (1/15 adding/decreasing 1 each round)

10 Exercises 60 sec/10 Rest

  1. DB Clean and Press & OH Squat (one arm)
  2. Plank with kick through
  3. Burpee with 1/2 hack
  4. Prone lift opp foot and arm tap
  5. DB deadlift & Row ladder
  6. BW squat to curtsey lunge (reverse)
  7. Stability ball knee roll in
  8. DB swings
  9. Tuck jumps
  10. DB push up and side raises (light weight)

Go outside and run to the first close hill — rest and then perform 10 narrow squats, 10 wide squats, 10 narrow, run the hill and at the top 20 180 degree jump squats, run down and repeat squats at bottom, run up and rest at top. There’s a down hill at this point and we might skip down or front kick. Then there’s another hill to run up. At the top we’ll do lunges with feet on the curb. Then back to the gym — all told, this is about a 1 mile loop so it will probably take about 20 min with additional exercises. There’s also a shortcut back if we’re running short on time.

Inside — squat up the stairs. start at 1st step, 1 squat. step one foot on 2nd step and 2 squats. step both feet on step, 2 squats. one foot up and 3 squats — repeat like this to the top — i don’t know how many steps there are. Maybe 30? So this might take a while. 🙂 – there’s actually 2 flights so we could do the squats up the first set then calf raises on the second? We’ll see how it goes with time.

Abs 30 sec/10 rest

  1. Stability ball plank
  2. Alt plank knee to chest (on ball)
  3. Ball roll ins
  4. Side plank R, L
  5. Stability ball pike
  6. Push ups on ball
  7. Crunch on ball
  8. One arm DB press & crunch