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Using machines again!

30 Jan

Thursday went pretty well last week (I think) so we’re gonna do intervals again. First one is 3 rounds.

Screen shot 2013-01-26 at 10.01.13 PM

Circuit 1: 1st round: 21 reps, 2nd round: 15 reps, 3rd round: 9 reps

  • push ups
  • mt climb (L+R=1)
  • squat thrust
  • squats
  • sprints — 10 sets of 10 sec on/10 sec rest sprints treadmill or stairs or rowing machine or bike

Circuit 2: 2 rounds, 21 reps each round

  • Half Kneeling fly with band (on one knee with band under knee, complete flys)
  • lunge pulse with hammer curl
  • high knees (L+R=1)
  • rock star jumps
  • sprints — 5 sets of 20 sec on/10 sec rest sprints treadmill, stairs, row or bike

No sense of how long this will all take —

finisher: 5 min crab soccer with stability ball


  • supine plank to v up
  • single leg v up
  • leg flutters
  • kick outs

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Run safely

29 Jan

IMG_3197Last year a woman in Montana, Sherry Arnold, was running early one January morning and went missing. The only thing found for a long time was her shoe. Her body was found early in March. Two suspects were arrested for this horrible crime and have been in jail since.

Sherry’s cousin has a blog,, and last year she organized a virtual run in memory of her cousin. My friend Kellee and I made a point to run that day. It was pretty odd – we had not had a cold winter at all and that day it was freezing and even snowing. We ran from the YMCA to the Anderson Street bridge and when we got to the top there was this giant black bird that flew across our path –  now, I’m not saying it was God or Sherry or anything but come on, how weird is is that we’d had a 60 degree winter and the day we ran to commemorate a woman from Montana it was SNOWING? Butterflies, right Kellee?

So, the point of this is two fold — one, if you’re a runner and especially if you are female – BE SAFE. Don’t run the same time, the same route day in and day out. Change things up. Be aware of your surroundings. If you have to have music when you run, only use one headphone.

Second – there’s a virtual run again this year. See for details. I hope you’ll join in – RIP Sherry.

Terrific Tuesday!

29 Jan

So here’s the plan:

Circuit 1, AMRAP, rep Circuit 1, rep AMRAP [if time], finisher and abs:

Circuit 1: 40/20

  1. shoulder press
  2. woodchop
  3. knee tuck jump
  4. static lunge with lat raise
  • side to side plyo step ups [these will be the 20 sec “rest” break]

AMRAP 10 exercises, 10 reps, 10 min:

  1. one arm DB swing
  2. plank jacks
  3. turbo lunge
  4. renegade row
  5. rev alt lunge with bicep curl
  6. blast off push up
  7. one leg v up to press L
  8. plyo step ups
  9. one leg v up to press R
  10. db thrust jumps

**Rep Circuit 1 20/10

**Rep AMRAP one round 10 reps ea? or whatever there’s time for

Finisher: possibly individual, possibly partner – – one runs while the other does plyo move

  • sprint, 8 star jacks
  • sprint, 8 reg jacks
  • sprint, 8 push ups
  • sprint, 8 jump lunges
  • 60 sec plank


  • weighted crunch
  • v-up R
  • v-up L
  • boat pose 30 sec
  • russian twist

Heart Rate Monitor Training

26 Jan

Finally got a chance to do a long run with the HRM. I hoped to get in 2 hours but it was only 1. If I can, I’ll do another hour tomorrow.

So, I read up on HRM training and found some charts and graphs and this am I put it on, got to the gym and was all ready to run slow.

I had no idea just how slow.

It seems that I’m not in good aerobic shape at all. WTF?

Seriously, how is that even possible? I teach bootcamp for chrissakes.

I walked for a couple of minutes on the TM and then upped the incline to .5 and speed to 5.5 — at which point my HR skyrocketed past 160. My goal HR for today’s run was in the 140’s (my range is 119-156 BPM). So I slowed down to 5.2 and stayed there for a while. But after a while even that was pushing me past 160. UGH. I walked for a minute, got some water and upped it back to 5.2. Same thing. So I slowed down to 4.5. People – that’s like a 13.30 min mile. WTF. I can run sub 9 min miles in a 5k (not fast but not last, right?) so I’m shocked that my body evidently needed to run that slowly. I must admit, I kept trying to up the pace and my HR upped right with it so finally I accepted the slow-as-molasses pace and just stayed there.

Frustrating. Slow. But here’s the thing – most of my workouts are balls to the wall max HR and I’m hoping that if I add in this long slow run (at least one hour, up to two) once a week, my HR will adapt and I’ll be able to go faster with a lower HR. That’s the theory anyway. From what I’ve read, I will probably not see results for a month or so.

Has anyone ever done HR training? Am I the only turtle out there?


Stitch Fix

26 Jan

Have you guys heard of Stitch Fix? It might be the coolest thing ever. I just got my invite and signed up. My first shipment is Feb 11 so I’ll let you know what happens.

No idea what I’m talking about? Stitch Fix is this site where you fill out info about yourself and monthly (or whatever you choose) a stylist (yes, a real stylist) sends you a box of clothes/accessories for $20 [which you can then apply to whatever you keep]. You pick what you want to keep (and pay an additional whatever they cost) and send back what you don’t want. I’ve read really good reviews and Lord knows I need some styling. If you want to sign up, there’s a link below.

Manic Monday

26 Jan

Ice day today = I took a REST day! Woohoo! 8 workouts in 4 days . . . rest day was ok. We shall see what happens with the roads tomorrow – I haven’t gotten to run in over a week and even if it has to be on the treadmill, I miss it! I’d really like a long, slow run (ideally I’d like that on a trail but I’ll take what I can get). On to MONDAY —

60 sec intervals/15 sec rest:

  1. corkscrew burpee
  2. MB sit up toss (or just sit up, db oh – we don’t have enough MB some days)
  3. DB jump squats
  4. scorpion push ups
  5. squat thrust
  6. bear push up with alt kick outs
  7. one leg jump lunge (do R leg 30 sec then L leg)
  8. side plank starfish [30 sec/side]
  9. plyo step ups

2 min rest

repeat 20-30 sec 10 sec rest

Tabata: 20/10 x8

  • Harpee (hands on floor, step just in front of feet, keeping legs straight jump on and off step)
  • Jump Lunge

Leg burner – 40/20 — 2 rounds

  • flamingo squat with lat raise R leg
  • pendulum lunge with hammer curl R leg
  • reach for the sun – plie squat up to toes, arms oh with light db

repeat L

Finisher 60 sec no rest

  • side step ups
  • hindu squats
  • side to side squats (r – center – l)
  • squat hold
  • jump squat


  • plank 10 sec
  • push up x5
  • side plank R with inner thigh lift x10
  • plank 5 sec
  • push up x5
  • side plank L with inner thigh lift x10
  • plank 5 sec
  • burpees x10
  • sumo squat x50



Injinji giveaway!

25 Jan

Injinji giveaway!

Pinterest is making me HUNGRY!!!

24 Jan

I’ve got to go to the grocery today – I’ve somehow managed to put it off all week. woo hoo. so i did a menu plan for today-next thurs.


Thurs – burgers/fries

Fri – homemade pizza/i’m going to try cauliflower crust pizza  . . . it’s Paula Deen, how bad could it be?

Sat – leftovers/wing it

Sun – beer mac and cheese soup and pretzel rolls

Mon – quesadillas

Tues – Slow cooker white chicken chili  (I might eat this – I don’t usually eat meat but I also don’t like making 2 dishes)

Wed – Spinach lasagna rolls

Thurs – leftovers/wing it

I’m also going to get things the picky toddler will eat. sigh.

Thursday + I need a new playlist

24 Jan

Tomorrow is bootcamp day. Yahoo! I’m thinking of incorporating the various workout machines – treadmill, rowing, bike while we do other circuits (including using the sandbag!). Here goes:

After warm up, we’ll go straight into this:

Partner Stations — I’m thinking that the stations will be 2 min? with 20 sec rest? then 1-2 min to switch stations?

1. a: Rowing machine

b: RUN on treadmill

2. a: sandbag bench press

b: break dance push ups

3. a:  spider drags + burpee (leave out the elbow plank part and just drag the db [since we have no kb] when you jump out into plank

b: squat and reach [on floor since we don’t have bosu . . . ]

4. Partners will complete 10 reps and continue to switch throughout the 2 min

a: partner pistol squat (10 per leg) [Stand 2 feet from partner, facing each other. Hold each other’s wrists. Lift and extend opposite legs. Support one another and lower into one-legged squat]

b: partner tricep dips (10 reps and switch) [One person stays in tabletop. The other turns away from partner and squats in front, placing hands on partner’s thighs, fingers forward. Standing partner walks feet away from body and lowers until triceps are parallel to ground]

5. a: cycle sprint

b: cycle uphill climb

We’ll see how long this all takes — I can throw in some fillers if we need and here’s the finisher:

  • 50 crunches
  • 15 push ups
  • 1 min plank
  • 30 sec side plank
  • 1 min bridge
  • 15 push ups
  • 30 sec side plank other side
  • 50 crunches
  • 1 min plank
  • 2 min bridge
  • 50 crunches


PS — I need a new playlist! Any suggestions?

Wacky Wednesday!

23 Jan

Subbed today and taught sculpting, beginner type bootcamp and pilates. i’m pretty tired. i did stations in bootcamp – 2 min/exercise, 4 exercises per circuit. i thought it was fun 🙂 but seriously – after the db clean squats yesterday — let’s just say horray for compression socks!

exciting news — looks like starting next month i’ll be teaching a 30 min Tabata class (on rotation with 2 other instructors) on Fridays at 4:30!

back later with tomorrow’s workout!