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Workouts this week and stuff

1 Dec

December y’all. 

Monday: Teach Beginner Bootcamp & Tabata

Tuesday: Teach Bootcamp

Wednesday: Teach Pilates & Bootcamp

Thursday: Teach Bootcamp

Friday: Probably off, maybe yoga

Sat: 1/2 Marathon that I have not trained for. It’s on the lower elevations of a trail but still. 13.1 is a long way. oops. Well, my time from last year is like 3 hours so I’m pretty sure I can at least beat that LOL.

Plan for Beginner Bootcamp:

basic warm up @3 min

  • 1 min plank feet on either med ball or stability ball
  • 10 push ups – alt arm mb or regular

repeat 4x

  • 8-12x stability ball one arm oh press
  • 15-20x chest flyes on the ball

repeat 4x



A lot of Beg Bc folks stay for Tabata so even though the workout is stepped up, all exercises can be modified. To modify this workout, switch burpees for another cardio move, e.g., jacks – mt climbers – jog in place, high knees, march in place, butt kicks, etc. Push ups can be done standing, chest press can be done without the bridge (and with lighter weight), squats can be a small movement, etc. You get the idea –

  1. burpees / v ups
  2. burpees with push up (advanced: jump down with ball, push up on floor, jump up with ball) / med ball push ups
  3. burpees flying squirrel (jump feet and hands off floor at same time) / bridge chest press 25#
  4. burpees with star jump /prisoner squats (advanced: below parallel)
  5. burpees lateral hop/ DB swing 25#
  6. planks/hovers at 10 sec rest

2 a day

19 Nov

Subbing am bootcamp in the morning. here’s what i have planned [going to see how it goes; i might do the same workout in the afternoon; might do stations]

here’s the playlist:



warm up: @10 – 15 min

  • jog perimeter of room.
  • lunge / squat –> in big circle, forward-side squat – back lunge repeat 10x then pulse.
  • repeat jog and then lunge/squat other leg.
  • high knees around room.
  • kicks –> big circle, walk in R/L/R/front kick, walk back, back kick repeat 4x, hold kicks: front L, back R 5x, then 10x hold front kick and extend leg 10x.
  • repeat high knees and kicks other leg

superset #1 45/15 — this will start around the time Blurred Lines starts

  • db deadlift — heavy #25
  • box jumps — with plate or db across chest
  • chest press — same heavy
  • repeat

 superset #2: 45/15

  • hover –> hold as long as possible, rest and repeat
  • alt lunges – med db #15
  • wall sit + bicep curl #10
  • repeat

Tabata weighted pop squats / sit down squat jumps [if this music starts before we’re done, we’ll start the Tabata – i’ve tried to time it but that always fails IRL]

superset #3: 45/15

  • OH press #15
  • db tri ext #15
  • wide squat hold 1 db #15
  • repeat

 superset #4: 

  • plank alt arm lift – 60 sec
  • flutter kicks – 30 sec
  • plank to failure –> 3 min, as long as you can, rest 15 sec, repeat

Tabata weighted pop squats sit down squat jumps

partner finisher [5-10 min dep on time]: one person is running other person does 10 reps then switch:

push ups, db squats with bicep curl, v sits, star jumps, tricep push ups, squat jumps, inchworms, db swings, burpees

abs: leg lowers — 1/2 back sit ups — hollow man — lay flat, bent knees, obliques — double leg extensions

I’ll plan to repeat the workout in the afternoon. If I do stations — it’ll be something like this: (1 min/station, repeat if time)

downdog push ups

one knee balance bicep curl to press

wall balls

barbell thrusters

db high pulls

partner burpee med balls

bridge chest press

wide arm push up to superman

goblet squat bicep curls

I feel like this is something my mother would say.


Girl with one eye

9 Nov

Classes on Monday:

Beginner Bootcamp

  • march in place 30 sec march wide 30 sec
  • bench march 30 sec switch lead, wide legs 30 sec
  • march lift knee r 30 sec, L 30 sec
  • repeater knee 30 sec r/l
  • bench stair runs 30 sec, hold squat 20 sec, repeat L
  • bench run  30 sec, squat pulses 20 sec, repeat L
  • bench run  30 sec, 16 squats, repeat L
  • band bicep curls slow
  • alt cross body bicep curls
  • alt band curls fast
  • crunch — feet on floor, 90, straight up
  • shuffles/skaters 30 sec 2x
  • lat raise / front raise with band
  • plank variations

 if time: 

  • jacks + front kicks
  • alt lunges foot on bench then pulse R/L
  • flyes with band
  • standing ab twists


warm up — burpee add on 4 min

  1. Medicine Ball Switch Pushups / Jumping Lunge
  2. Medicine Ball Slams / Burpees
  3. Medicine Ball windmills / Double tuck jumps 
  4. Medicine Ball Lateral Hops (lateral squat jump with mb oh) / Plank Jacks
  5. plank feet on ball / hands on ball / side plank hold ballImage

Thursday workout

7 Nov

Today is a bootcamp day! I took it pretty easy yesterday and while I am not 100% I think it’s time for a tough workout. So, without further ado, here’s the plan: 

Warm up: 

lunges front, side, back 30 sec each R, then L, then combo 

jog in place – butt kick – jog – high knee – jog – jacks – jog – jump rope @30 each

Circuit 1: 60/15 x1 — heavy db

  • heavy db high pull swing
  • burpee sprawls (belly to the ground, push up, jump up)
  • x body mt climbers
  • side to side slalom burpees (feet stay together, jump back, L, R, then up)
  • db side to side lunges
  • double burpees (2 push ups/2 jumps)
  • stability ball jack knife or knees to chest
  • grasshopper burpees (kick opp leg under arm from plank)
  • alt db rows
  • speed burpee (fast as you can!)


Circuit 2: 50/15×1

  • speed prisoner squat
  • skaters
  • wall up (5)/ burpee (1) (walk up and down wall 5x, do 1 burpee, repeat)
  • bear crawl / push up (3-6-9) (bear crawl 3 steps, 3 push ups, back to start, repeat 6 steps, 6 push, etc)
  • DB thrusters (heavy)
  • sit up and alt punch (light)
  • windmills up and over end of step
  • x squat — jump forward wide, jump back narrow

Circuit 3: 40/15 x1

  • plyo step ups — tricep dips — squat pulse up and overs
  • push ups — plank — oh press
  • biceps — alt double rows — squat abduction
  • with stability ball: crunches — obliques — bridge roll ins

Circuit 4: Tabata butt and gut

  1. scorpion (feet on stability ball, kick R leg under L and switch) / wedding move with heavy db
  2. elbow plank oblique twist / bridge kicks

Now to work on a new playlist. 

Beginner Bootcamp & Tabata

27 Oct

Here’s what I’m planning for Monday classes:

Beginner Bootcamp: 10 min warm up/cardio + 10 min lower body + 10 min abs/stretching

  • arm circles – small, large, both directions
  • march in place to high knees
  • run in place to butt kick
  • jacks
  • jump rope
  • side shuffle 2 to touch
  • march + knee to elbow to add a hop
  • twist jump rope
  • toy soldiers
  • rev lunges + stretch to side
  • inchworms
  • plank to down dog to lizard planks
  • seated, legs extended twists
  • fast feet, change direction every 15 sec for 60 sec or so

Lower body: DB optional

  • squats
  • reverse lunges to add knee
  • sumo squat to pulses
  • curtsey lunge to side lunge to knee lift
  • repeat other leg
  • single leg hop to one leg touch
  • repeat other leg

on all 4s:

  • knee circles, fire hydrants, clamshells


  • seated twists (db optional)
  • bent knee wiper legs
  • knees to tabletop, straight arms push against legs
  • leg lowers r/l
  • repeat
  • plank + knee taps downs (or plank on knees)
  • bird dogs
  • supermans
  • childpose to down dog


Tabata — equipment: chair, db, maybe a mat

  1. high knees/butt kicks
  2. dips on chair/hammer curls
  3. jacks/power jacks/star jacks
  4. step ups on chair/split squats on chair
  5. jump squat/jump lunges
  6. side plank leg lift on chair

Now, burpees

6 Oct

Maybe not in Beginner Bootcamp: it’s going to be boxing day. i’m terrible at kickboxing but i think i can incorporate some super basic moves

warm up: go over all the punches and kicks

2 min intervals, 30 sec rest:

1. 10 high punches, 10 hammer punches [punch to side], 10 knees

2. left jab, left jab, right cross, left uppercut, right uppercut



3. crunch and punch, start with 2 & add on up to 10; go back down if time

4. seated: punch 20 straight overhead narrow, 20 wide

5. sumo stance, 10 punches, shuffle forward, 10 punches, shuffle back, 10 punches

6. 100s: someone calls out a punch, do 100 reps, repeat during time

7. hook – uppercut – side kick

8. 10 knees, 10 front kicks, switch legs

stretch: down dog, crescent lunge to side angle, wide leg forward fold, repeat other side, down dog, up dog, child pose



1. high knees, jump ropes, jacks, squats x2

2. push up + pendulum leg

3.  burpee: + star jumps

4. lunge stomps

5. burpee: + wall balls

6. planks + hovers

repeat stretches


6 Oct

Screen shot 2013-10-06 at 9.34.44 AM


Schedule this week + fails from last week:

Mon: attending Group Power to check form [new release, new moves], Teaching Beginner Bootcamp, Tabata & Pilates

Tues: getting my first ever filling, doing a damn long run, teaching bootcamp

Wed: doing a damn interval run, teaching pilates, bootcamp

Thurs: 2nd chance to do damn long run in case filling takes too long, teaching bootcamp

Fri: teaching pilates, perhaps an interval run or kettlebells

Sat & Sun: off — sat includes soccer, birthday party, pool party (i think?) and a grown up birthday party

Fails: i did not do any extra runs. i guess i don’t care about finishing the tough mudder NOV 2!!!!! i was going to go yesterday but husband was driving his mom (=no child care) and totally don’t feel like going today. plus he’s working.


still have leftovers — black beans, veggie sloppy joes

slow cooker lasagna

tater tot casserole — with veggie meat crumbles

need to pick up some kiddo lunch food. whatever that is. she has not been eating much at all lately. unless pirate booty counts.





29 Sep

beginner bc and tabata

I was a total blog slacker last week. I don’t know why. Anyway, here I am now. With workouts! Here’s my schedule this week:

Monday: teaching Beginner Bootcamp, Tabata [then immediately running to the dr office, prepping for classes – teaching at the college from 4-10. ugh.]

Tues: am long run (@2 hours), teaching Bootcamp

Wed: max interval run, teaching Pilates & Bootcamp [teaching at the college this day too but only 4-5:30]

Thurs: teaching Bootcamp, easy 15 min jog

Fri: teaching Pilates, 30 min tempo run

Sat: am run? maybe a kettlebell workout at the gym?

Sun: off

I prepped some food this am: black beans, quinoa, potato soup. we also have veggie sloppy joe leftovers [i made enough for all of you]. i also made pancakes and dog food. not sure what got into me.

This week

8 Sep

We’ll just let that speak for itself.

so saturday was full of soccer and a birthday party



today FOOTBALL! Harper is really excited. 

Schedule for the week:

Mon: Beginner Bootcamp, Tabata, philosophy class 🙂

Tues: Bootcamp

Wed: c25k, Pilates, philosophy class, Bootcamp

Thurs: Bootcamp

Fri: Group Power, Tabata


Eats: i’m so over trying to eat meat to save time and money. it makes me sad and i don’t even like how it tastes. back to veggies for me.

Sun: leftovers!

Mon: Lasagna [crock pot i think], salad

Tues: stir fry — veggies and tofu over rice; maybe some kind of meat for chris?

Wed: roasted veg over whole wheat pasta

Thurs: taco smash (chris will have regular tacos)

Fri: veggie burgers and salad and green beans

Sat: leftovers/wing it

lunches will be leftovers as well — or sandwiches. Picky pants will likely have mac & cheese . . . i need to start adding veggies to her mac & cheese. i used to do that when she was a baby. anything orange usually works.

back with workouts!

Pepperoni eyes and a few workouts

25 Aug

my daughter just wandered by talking about pepperoni eyes. i wonder if i should have followed her? 

the plan for this week:

Monday: Beginner Bootcamp, Tabata

Tuesday: Bootcamp, orientation at preschool afterwards! 

Wednesday: C25k, Pilates

Thursday: Bootcamp 

Friday: Maybe a long run? Maybe yoga? maybe both? 

Saturday:  washing cars as a part of a fundraiser for a sick little girl http://www.gofundme.com/3h3tqc

Sunday: off

my schedule changed a little – notice no more C25k on Mondays; I am teaching philosophy class at the college during that time (yay!) and finally got rid of that 6:45 pm Tabata on Thursday. 

Meal plan: 

Sunday: leftovers/wing it

Mon: veggie burgers 

Tues: couscous and sausages 

Wed: fish and chips

Thurs: breakfast for dinner (eggs, bacon, pancakes, grits, etc)

Fri: pizza night!Image