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The Sub

27 Feb

The other bootcamp instructor and I switched classes tomorrow (she has a meeting in the am) so I’m teaching in the morning. Weird. She also does a 15 min butt and gut at the end of class so that’ll be fun. I’ll also be able to use the big gym (there’s various activities in there every afternoon – I tried to sneak in and use the perimeter but was asked not to for now . . . ). Originally I had thought about doing legs tomorrow but holy wow yesterday. if you’re looking for a good leg/butt workout, see yesterday’s post! I’m thinking tomorrow will be more upper body and cardio intervals —


Circuit 1: 4 rounds increase weight/decrease reps each round

12x light 10x heavier 8x heavier 6x heaviest

  1. bicep curl
  2. rev fly
  3. skull crushers
  4. progressive push ups (2 count down, 1 up)
  5. double row
  6. deltoid press
  7. bent arm lateral raise
  8. renegade row

Circuit 2: Cardio — big gym with Sandbag!

one person will run a lap with sandbag (30lbs) OH or on back

everyone else will do squat with kicks, clock lunges, calf raises, standing HR push ups, back kicks, plie squats, wall sit (we’ll alternate exercises while the runner is doing a lap)

Circuit 3: 40/10 x2 (stay on same leg for single leg exercises; switch on round 2)

  • side to side DB toss squat
  • breakdance push up
  • split squat with bicep curl
  • db wipers
  • db clean and press
  • db walking lunges
  • db sumo deadlift
  • grasshopper burpee
  • renegade climbers
  • burpee lunges

Finisher game: Crab soccer!

As usual, no idea how long this will take so if we need to repeat a circuit, will do!

Butt & gut is 15 min:

first 3 are on all 4’s –

  • donkey kick
  • kneeling rainbow
  • roundhouse — lift bent leg to hip height, extend and back
  • standing tree with leg extension (start in tree pose, hold 3 sec and kick leg back)
  • 1/2 squat, tap toe to the side and back
  • pilates calf raise — pilates stance, bend knees then come up to toes
  • diamond frogs — legs lifted, heels together, extend legs out to side and heels back together

follow with 300 abs:

  • 30 crunch
  • 20 bicycle
  • 30 toe touches
  • 20 rev crunches
  • 15 side plank dips
  • 40 crunches
  • 15 side plank dips
  • 30 russian twists
  • 30 bicycle
  • 15 oblique v-ups
  • 20 rev crunches
  • 15 oblique v-ups
  • 10 leg lowers




My foot hurts.

26 Feb

I can’t seem to get it right. I wore New Balance when I started working out (summer 2010) – fast forward to fall 2011 post 1/2 marathon = plantar fasciitis which I’ve dealt with off and on since then. In both feet. Now fast forward to Feb 2013 = hella pain on the ball of my foot started friday-ish. Did elliptical and yoga Sat instead of my long run (we shall see where this goes – 1/2 in April might not happen if I’m in pain) and rested yesterday. Bootcamp today and of course we did a lot of jumping. I tried to stay on one foot (if I stop or try to call the class no one works as hard. it’s odd but evidently a thing that happens in group fitness classes. I think that’s what I would do in a class where the instructor was just walking around though) but that’s just not entirely possible so now it hurts like someone beat me with a hammer. Just in one spot – the ball of my foot. I ordered new shoes: Reebok Scream 2.0

$49 at! Based on reviews that I have read these shoes are good for cross training activities like we do in bootcamp as well as short distance running. I was wearing some New Balance cross trainers and I think that they just didn’t have enough support in the right places – despite my orthotics. I told you – feet problems!

So when the shoes get here (yes, I went to the $##&* store and they were super unhelpful/not knowledgeable and didn’t have the purple ones above (love purple!) and they were more expensive. Dude offered to order them but honestly I really just didn’t want to go back to the store), I’ll let you know what I think.

On to Tuesday: Focus on cardio and BUTT!

after the warm up:

Circuit 1: 60/15

  • Barbell squats
  • alt jump lunges
  • glute bridge kicks
  • BB good morning
  • deadlift
  • calf raise

Circuit 2: 60

  • Wall sit with plate (10 lb)

Circuit 3: 45/15

  • jump squat
  • donkey kick R
  • donkey kick L
  • kneeling rainbow R
  • kneeling rainbow L
  • jump switch lunges
  • side lunge R
  • side lunge L

Repeat Circuit 2

Circuit 4: 20 reps each x2-4 rounds, DB or BB

  • deep thrusters (20 lbs) [basically a squat with OH press]
  • oh alternating lunges (15 lbs)
  • deadlift (30-35 lbs)

Repeat Circuit 2

Circuit 5: 60/no rest

  • squats
  • R iso lunge
  • R stomp (low lunge, R leg forward, hands on ground, stomp L leg up to R and back, repeat — the video is the basic idea but hands will be on ground and foot will be flat when you step up)
  • R hip lifts (on back, bridge up, cross L leg over R and lower and lift)
  • Repeat L leg no rest

Repeat Circuit 2

Repeat Circuit 5, L leg

Finisher: 30 sec ea

  • repeater knee R
  • elevated squat with leg lift R
  • one leg dead lift R
  • step ups R
  • rev lunge kicks R
  • Rep L leg

ABs: 1:00 (the circuit we didn’t get to Monday)

  • knee tucks
  • one leg v-up
  • walk out with oblique twist
  • butterfly crunches
  • 3 leg down dog into crocodile
  • plank with arm lifts


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Rainbows and cupcakes

24 Feb

So Harper is watching Mike the Knight in the other room and they just said something about rainbows and cupcakes. It probably wasn’t this.

Monday Bootcamp: Cardio & Abs!

Circuits will go like this: 1 –>1 +2 –> 1+2+3 –> 1+2+3+4 –> 1+2+3+4+5 (or just 5 depending on time)

Circuit 1: 30/10

  • elbow plank
  • jacks
  • crunches
  • high knees
  • plank jacks
  • mt climb
  • starfish plank r
  • starfish plank l
  • jacks
  • squat with alt leg lift
  • burpees

Circuit 2: 35/10

  • mt climb
  • oblique crunches
  • jab/cross
  • frog squats
  • renegade row
  • jump rope
  • step ups
  • bridge leg lifts
  • jacks
  • alt front kicks
  • burpees

Circuit 3: 40/10

  • rope
  • db swings
  • rope
  • db swings
  • rope
  • db crunch
  • rope
  • db crunch
  • rope
  • double leg extension with db
  • rope
  • double leg extension with db

Circuit 4: 45/10

  • mummy kicks
  • power jacks
  • squat thrust
  • basketball hops
  • skaters
  • burpees
  • full sit up
  • jump squat
  • russian twist
  • plank oblique twists

Circuit 5: 50/10

  • knee tucks
  • plank jacks with tuck
  • one leg alt v – ups
  • inchworm with oblique twist
  • butterfly crunches
  • 3 leg down dog into crocodile
  • plank with alt arm lifts

We’ll see what we get through tomorrow. Woo hoo.


We did circuit 1 & 2 twice and 3 & 4 once. Didn’t even get to 5!


What doesn’t kill you . . .

22 Feb

Screen shot 2013-02-22 at 2.06.16 PM

You’ll feel better

20 Feb

So no burpees Thursday. People just don’t like them. So I thought of some reasons you should love burpees.

  • Total body exercise – both cardio and strength
  • endless amount of variations – never a dull burpee
  • fat burning
  • muscle building
  • increase your cardio endurance

I’m sure there are other reasons but let’s move on and get to the workout!

Warm up:

  1. Kick knees toward butt (1 minute)
  2. Arm circle: small to big then point hands down
  3. Jumping jacks: 30 seconds on then lower down into a squat position and continue the jacks “plyo jacks” 30 seconds
  4. Rope climbers: arms and legs straight and move like you are climbing a rope. Alternating right arm up left leg back and continue for 30 seconds- 1 minute
  5. Spin the bottle (5 min)

Circuit 1: (benches with 4 risers)

  • 2 min: step ups on the bench (alternating lead leg every 30 sec or so)
  • 1 min: Squat thrusts, hands on floor or bench
  • 1 lap around the aerobic room.
  • 30 sec Push-ups against the bench with 10 sec hold at the bottom to end

Circuit 2: Tabata Cardio Interval (20/10)

  1. football runs
  2. jumping jacks
  3. jump squats
  4. jumping rope
  5. plyo step ups
  6. upper cuts in squat position
  7. side plyo step ups
  8. high knees

Circuit 3: with heavy DB, walking lunges around outside of aerobic room

Circuit 4: 45/15

  1. Half seated leg circle L (on elbows, point toe and circle clockwise for 25ish se
  2. Half seated leg circle R
  3. One leg dead lift L
  4. One leg dead lift R
  5. Lateral shuffle (3 each direction, tap floor on 3rd)
  6. Good Mornings
  7. Stability lunge L
  8. Stability Lunge R
  9. Skaters
  10. Alternating single leg plank – leg reach up to 10 inches.
  11. 3 way lunge – side/ 45 degrees/ straight with kick L
  12. 3 way lunge R
  13. Pistol squat L (stand on step)
  14. Pistol squat R
  15. Squat jumps

Depends on time — mabye repeat circuit 1 and then go to this awesome finisher:

Repeater knees L 30 sec with 30 sec squats between then crabby dips (8 then crab walk to opp side of step, repeat for 1 min). Repeat drill for 5 min switching lead leg each round.


  • 30 crossfit sit ups (heels together, sit up)
  • 20 reverse crunch with twists
  • 30 ski abs (start in plank and jump both feet to one shoulder, back, opp shoulder)
  • 20 reverse crunch with twists
  • 20 in and out abs
  • 30 low plank obliques (spider plank on elbows)
  • 25 crossfit sit ups
  • 30 plank butt lifts (alternating leg lifts in plank)
  • 30 reverse crunch
  • 20 in and out abs
  • 20 leg raises
  • 25 crossfit sit ups
  • Plyos (

Hey good lookin

20 Feb


All about abs!

19 Feb

Had a request for a focused workout on abs abs abs …

Somehow that translated in my mind to burpees burpees burpees . . .

ok. sort of kidding. 🙂 I’m thinking after the warm up (jog – high knee twists – seal jacks – side shuffle (3 steps, tap floor), single leg hops, mt climbers)

Each Round will be 1:00. No rest. 

  • Squat to clean and press
  • Rev lunge with hop (stay on same leg switching 1/2 way through)
  • plank in and out push ups (hold plank, push up, jump feet in like squat thrust really fast)
  • skaters (touch floor)
  • Renegade Rows
  • Split jump plyo (one foot behind on step, jump. stay on same leg switching 1/2 way through)
  • woodchop (switch 1/2 way through)
  • prisoner jump squat

Rest 1:00 and repeat from the top (I did say on the one leg exercises to switch 1/2 way through – other option will be to stay on one leg for the whole min switching on Round 2)

Challenge: 1:00 V-ups

12 Min AMRAP (This is adapted from Zuzka Light)

  • 10 DB drag burpee (place on L, drag to R with R arm; burpee, repeat other side)
  • 20 Goblet squats
  • 20 Side Plyo step ups (10 per leg or just switch every round — skip to about 2:26 in the video)
  • 10 Side Plank Starfish to plank jack to other side (starfish = lift top leg toward lifted arm)

Finisher Challenge: 1 Round, AMRAP

  • Burpees
  • Cross-Body Mountain Climber
  • Prisoner Jump Squats
  • Ab Pike (on stability ball or plates)
  • Jump Lunges

Partner Monday

16 Feb

After a 5 min warmup, we’ll partner up and complete the following:

Upper body circuit 7 min AMRAP
(Partner A will do first ex, B will do 2nd)
1. Plank/10 burpees over planker
2. 5 L arm circle push up/L plank
3. 5 R arm circle push up/R plank
4. 1 coffee grinder
5. 15 band curls/super crunch
6. 15 dips/plank

Repeat, switching exercises

Lower body circuit 7 min AMRAP
Same as above
1. L lat lunge/ISo L forward
2. R lat lunge/ISo R forward
3. 10 donkey kicks
4. 10 squats/ISo squat
5. 10 jump squats/bridge hold
6. 10 squat thrust

Repeat, switching exercises

Finisher game!
Hot Potato! I’ll set the timer for something (15, 30 or 45 sec) and in a circle we will do squats or squat jumps in a wave fashion. If you’re jumping when timer goes off, leave circle and do 25 burpees then abs till game is over. 🙂



Love Tabata!

15 Feb


Tabata time!

15 Feb

Tabata! New class for me – format is 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds rest and repeat for 4 min. The other instructor has done the same exercise for each round which I find a little boring so I’m going to alternate between two:

Globe jumps/Power jacks
Plank to wide dead loft/Plank to
shoulder press
Alt rev lunge with bicep curls/Jump
Plank row/plank row with knee tuck to
wide jump
DB swings/prisoner squats