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30 Jul

It’s always weird the days I only have one class, right? So this am I got up at 5:30 (AM y’all. AM) and went to the 6 am Tabata class at the Y (the instructor requested that I come along with a couple of other female instructors). I had heard him talking it up so I guess my expectations were super high or I’m just more fit than I thought but it wasn’t very hard. Or maybe I just wasn’t awake? So I think that we (the female instructors) should team up and teach the class. Pretty sure we would have them on the floor.

On to the afternoon — Bootcamp!

warm up: my usual, butt kicks, high knees, arm circles, etc

squat jumps  x25

push ups (on TOES!) x20

alternating back lunge with DB x20/leg

reverse plank 30 sec

chest fly in bridge x20

plank jacks 1 min

tricep dips x20

repeat this.

then we will run. i think it’s a good day for a bridge suicide. that always sounds horrible.

Anderson Street Bridge. Suicide run.



Couch 2 5k

29 Jul

Week 5! 11 weeks total so we r taking the 8 week app and slowing it way down.

Week 4 in the app is this


So I’ll see how the kids feel. We might repeat last week which was this


In addition to running we also do a few minutes of strength/toning:

Plank knee to chest
Single leg dead lift R/L
Off set push up
Goblet squat
Plank walks (lateral, up/down)
Donkey kicks
Side plank R/L
Bridge on ball with hamstring curl


Beginner bootcamp/Tabata

29 Jul

After warm up:
Arnold press x15
Quiet burpee x8
Overhead press x15
Plank toe taps 1 min
Single leg bridge x20/leg
Ball transfer x15
Quiet burpee x8
Weighted calf raise x50
Repeat if time

1. High knee-butt kicks-Spider-Man-lunges x2
2. Double under / Mac raises
3. Burpees / push ups
4. Thrusters / good mornings
5. Pile jumps / tricep push ups
6. Roll up / oblique roll up


Shoes I want/need!


29 Jul

4 classes on Monday!
Beginner bootcamp

Also a trip to the library & the bank as well as the grocery

Black bean burgers & salad
Salmon/green beans/potatoes
Salad nicoise
Greek couscous with chicken
Tuna melts

Extras: lentil salad & Mediterranean wrap

I just sensed a theme here. Totally unintentional.

Oh, hi there.

25 Jul

That’s me, 2nd from the end on the right. I always forget how short I am …

I’m back. I cannot even begin to express in words how TIRED and SORE I have been this week! Training for Group Power was amazing — crazy, but amazing. Anyone out there done Group Power? Anyone done the latest release like 15x in 3 days? Yea.

So Monday,  I broke out an old workout for Beginner Bootcamp & Tabata. Then there was running. Tuesday was Bootcamp – I *thought* I’d just do the workout with them but I got in the room and loaded up a barbell and decided to do it as stations.

  • Warm up: 5 min outdoor run (I sent them out on their own and directed late comers)
  • Each station was 3 rounds:
  • Station 1: 15 Burpees, 10 push ups, 50 mt climbers
  • Station 2: 15 Squat with DB raise, 15 pop squats (squat on floor, jump to step and squat, jump down and squat), 20 bench dips
  • Station 3: 30 sec Bench jumps, 15 bent over rows [40 lb sandbag], 10 walking lunges [each leg]
  • Station 4: 50 Toe Taps on bench, 21’s [barbell], 15 jump squats

We finished with about 15 min of abs with and without the ball. Looked like a good workout. I think I’ll do it again sometime and do it with them. 🙂

On the agenda for Thursday — Bootcamp & Tabata

I like the 5 min jogging warm up. I think we’ll do it for 10 min.

  1. Pyramid: Jump Squat, Push Up, DB Swing — Start with 10 reps and decrease by 2 each round. We’ll see how long that takes, possibly go back up
  2. 15 Deadlifts – 1:00 Double Unders – 25 Burpees – 15 Cleans – 25 Box Jumps – 1:00 Double Unders – 15 Squats – 24 HR Push Ups – 1:00 Double Unders – 15/arm Snatch – 15/leg Pistols – 1:00 Double Unders – 15 OH Press – 1:00 Double Unders — (This can be done with BB or DB)
  3. Finisher/abs: 10 burpees, 10 sit ups x5 (or 10 depending on time)

Tabata + Yoga

  1. warm up – jacks/butt kicks/plie squats/squats with punches x2
  2. wall sits/squats
  3. burpees with push up/sit ups
  4. jump lunges/reverse lunges with bicep curl
  5. mt climbers/dips
  6. plank jacks/pike press [with plates]

Yoga stretches

  • on back, knees to chest
  • rock to side, arms wide
  • child’s pose, wide legs, elbows bent, hands to prayer on head
  • on all 4s, shoulder stretch (one hand under opp shoulder, lower to ground)
  • easy pose, arms overhead then forward

on all 4’s:

  • one arm forward, circle around, repeat other side
  • knee to chest, extend foot flexed
  • child’s pose
  • low cobra, down, up R, down, up L, down, cobra
  • child’s pose
  • low lunge, revolved twist, lizard, repeat other side
  • bound angle
  • staff pose, grab outside of one foot and lean back lifting leg & twisting
  • chest to knee
  • repeat other side
  • seated fold
  • savasana

have a great day/night. i must grade now (i’m teaching an online class … it’s so casual i have a hard time sitting down and just grading)






hour of power

18 Jul

So click that link and you’ll see what i’m in for this weekend. eek. Here’s another link. double eek.

Before that, Bootcamp & Tabata to get through [please note, we are leaving at 5:30 am. have i mentioned how NOT a morning person i am?]

had a request for some inner thigh work so here’s the bootcamp plan —


Circuit 1: 45/15

  • alt fly & ball crunch
  • curtsey lunge + bicep curl
  • back kick + oh press
  • pilates push up
  • bench dips, feet on the ball
  • surrenders
  • frog kicks
  • warrior III + tricep kick
  • deadlift
  • one leg hamstring curl on the ball

Circuit 2: 12 min AMRAP

  • 50 jump rope
  • 10 pilates push ups
  • 10 split jumps or jump lunges

Circuit 3: 1-15 ladder

burpees – plie squat with up row

Circuit 4: 1:00/:30 (alternate one move for 1:00, the next for :30, no rest)

squat jacks – side lunges R – squats – jog – burpees – side lunge L – pendulum lunge R – jump rope – plie jump squats – repeater knee R – pendulum lunge L – rope – plie squat jumps – repeater knee L

Circuit 5/finisher: 50/10

  • bridge on ball, move one leg up, down, side
  • squat, swing leg over ball
  • bridge other side
  • squat other side
  • side plank leg lift bottom, top
  • curtsey pulse squat
  • standing dancer swing
  • plies

Circuit 6: Abs

  • 30 ball crunches
  • 20 bicycles
  • 20 toe crunches (ball btwn feet)
  • 20 rev crunch
  • 15 plank dip r
  • 30 crunch
  • 15 plank dip l
  • 40 russian twists
  • 30 bicycles
  • 15 one leg v up
  • 20 rev crunch
  • 15 one leg v up
  • 10 leg lowers

Um, yea, this picture never gets old.


  1. warm up — something
  2. breakdance push ups
  3. squats/180 squat jumps
  4. x jumps (plank narrow to wide arms and legs)
  5. lunges/jump lunges
  6. get ups r/l



14 Jul


Beginner Bootcamp (30 min) followed immediately by Tabata (advanced/30 min)

  • warm up: [low impact] high knees, butt kick, squats, jacks
  • circuit 1: squats/push ups/jacks x3
  • circuit 2: squat thrusts/alt lunges/standing leg lifts w/ oh press x3
  • circuit 3: walk/jog around big gym (or outside Y) 3x with 1 min plank in between laps



  1. knee hugs/walking lunges/arm circles/jacks
  2. split jumps/down dog push ups
  3. squat thrusts + push up
  4. jump squats/spiderman push ups
  5. burpees variations (1/2 burpee + tuck jump, candlestick …)
  6. plank variations

C25k (1 hour, afternoon)

so it’s going to be 4000 degrees Monday afternoon so we might play this by ear — at this point we are only outside about 25/30 min so it shouldn’t be terrible and i think i will encourage folks to bring water with them.

Options this week:

  • warm up 5 min walk, run 1 min, walk 3 x5
  • warm up 5 min walk, run 90 sec, walk 90 sec; run 3 min, walk 3 min x2
  • warm up 5 min walk, run 2 min, walk 1 min x7

We’ll come back to the Y and do 20ish min butt/gut and stretching

  • donkey kicks (on all 4s)
  • plank – bring toe to knee and cross knee over and out
  • on belly, heels together, knees bent butt lifts x2
  • plank cross overs x2
  • i have no idea what to call this move: sit with one leg in front and other leg behind and bent, lifting back leg up and down then forward and back,
  • pretzel leg crunch
  • keep ankle over knee, bridge lifts
  • x crunch (right arm to left leg

repeat from the top depending on time

This weekend

14 Jul

It’s been a long weekend – I was gone for all of 24 hours to a personal training workshop — It was pretty intense. 6 hours of lecture Friday night, visit with friends & up late studying [ahem, learning ALL the names of muscles! Like “biceps brachii” not just biceps!] and back up at 6am to get ready for more lecture and the exam at 7:30.

Have I mentioned I’m not a morning person?

So I think I did ok — I will know Monday. Stay tuned

Y’all! I passed – 98 on the written exam & excellent review on the practical! Rock!

Coming up this week:

Mon: beginner bootcamp/tabata, c25k

Tues: visiting a 6am tabata class {wth?}, I think subbing yoga is over?, subbing bootcamp, my regular bootcamp

Wed: c25k, pilates

Thurs: bootcamp, tabata

Fri: leaving super early to get to Atlanta (about 6 hrs from here?) by 12 to go to another workshop. this time for group power certification. i’ll be there till sunday. whee.


Sun: Whole bunch of leftovers? I don’t think I have any fresh produce . . .

Mon: Tuna lettuce wraps with pesto and couscous

Tues: Mexican salad/Tacos

Wed: Pasta/Spaghetti Squash with Garlic, Mushrooms, Tomato and Feta

Thurs: Pineapple chicken over rice (stir fry red and green peppers in sesame oil, add chicken & pineapple till warm)

Fri-Sun — I’ll be dining out every meal and leaving the husband and kid here to fend for themselves. Probably a pizza night in there for them.

whole lotta working out goin’ on

11 Jul

Thursday: yoga, bootcamp, tabata/yoga


child’s pose
down dog
standing fold/rag doll

sun a
sun b
4x each

standing balance — tree pose?

vinyasa to warrior I (R) to warrior II repeat
in w2 lock fingers behind back, head to knee, back to w2
extended side angle
peaceful warrior
vinyasa and repeat

vinyasa to mt – forward fold – wide leg fold – goddess – garland – vinyasa to seated

seated fold – reverse plank – seated head to knee R/L
vinyasa to dd — slow vinyasa from dd to seated to 1/2 lord of the fishes and repeat

from dd to plank to hover to belly – bow — up dog — dd — seated — 1/2 hero head to knee R/L [ or pigeon ]  – vinyasa

from dd to belly — 1/2 frog R/L – locust – child – cat/cow – thread needle from table – puppy pose –
come to back and roll side to side knees to chest — 🙂 baby
reclined twist — savasana

workout #2: bootcamp
warm up then 2 rounds of 45/10:
oh press – chest flyes – db squats – db lunges – one leg deadlift – bicycles
5 min cardio then round 2
5 min cardio (?) then
DB clean and press squat ladder 1-5
db snatch ladder 1-5
run bridge — depending on time we’ll just run out and back or suicide

workout #3: tabata/yoga

  1. jacks – high knees – butt kick – squat
  2. air squats – hindu plyo squats
  3. db swing with squat (heavy)
  4. box jumps/donkey kicks
  5. push ups 3 ways
  6. plank — toe to shoulder, side with lower knee tuck

yoga stretch — 15-20 min:

child – cat/cow – dd – forward fold – mt – sun salutation – ext side angle – triangle – standing wide fold – lunge twist – bow – pigeon – one leg reclined ham stretch – savasana


Lonely bootcamp!

9 Jul