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Workouts and menu this week

30 Jun

Monday: beginner bootcamp, Tabata (advanced 30 min), Tabata (intermediate 60 min)

Tues: Yoga, Bootcamp

Wed: new class! Couch to 5k/butt & gut, Pilates

Thurs: off! Happy 4th!

Fri: working nursery in the am, Tabata pm

Chicken & vegs (roasted asparagus, green beans or corn), brown rice or quinoa

Shrimp & Parmesan tilapia

Turkey burgers & sweet potato fries

Veg burgers/meat burgers

Breakfast: protein shakes, eggs, oatmeal, cereal with fruit

Lunches: leftovers, black beans & quinoa, salads with nuts

Snacks: protein shakes, Greek yogurt & fruit, nuts, cheese sticks



This week

27 Jun

So I’ve had a little insomnia this week.  I think I finally slept last night but you know how that goes –

now I’m really tired.

Workouts today include Yoga, Bootcamp & Tabata. Wanna hear about some? Bootcamp is gonna be awesome.

Warm up: 30 sec of each, no rest

  • jacks – seal jacks – cross over jacks arms overhead – high knees – run in place – squats – alt front kick – opp elbow to knee – calf raises – arm circles – side to side stretch – side lunges

Circuit 1: Cardio 30/15 x2

  • jacks – jump lunges – burpees – alt side lunges – squat jacks – push ups – skaters – plank jacks

Circuit 2:

  • 60/10:
  • rev lunge with front kick R
  • butt kicks
  • rev lunge with front kick L
  • butt kicks

rest 30 sec & repeat

  • 30/10:
  • R leg in front, tiny hops
  • fire hydrant R
  • L leg in front, tiny hops
  • fire hydrant L

rest 30 sec and repeat

  • bridge hip raise 60 sec
  • squat jumps 30 sec

rest 30 sec and repeat

  •  60/10: (5-10 lb db optional)
  • step up R (chair)
  • standing leg extension R
  • step up L
  • standing leg extension L
  • fast feet
  • triple pulse squat

rest 30 sec and repeat

standing leg extension

Tabata Abs: 20/10 x2

  • wood chop
  • russian twist
  • mt climbers
  • knee in and outs


Tabata + Yoga stretch

  1. Burpees + Squats
  2. Mt climbers + Lunges
  3. Jump rope + Tri dips
  4. High knees + Goblet squats
  5. Jacks + push ups
  6. Box jumps + Bicep curls
  • holding each 5-10 breaths:
  • standing chest to knee
  • gate pose
  • 3 leg dog knee bend
  • lunge –> revolved lunge
  • triangle –> revolved triangle
  • plank –> downward dog (inhale plank, exhale dog)
  • yoga squat
  • staff –>bound angle pose –> supine twist –> 2 min savasana

Yoga squat also called Garland Pose


Rolling away at the chiropractor

26 Jun


I’m baaaack!

24 Jun

WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH WORDPRESS? i just lost my entire post?! and everything looks different?

4 workouts tomorrow. i’ll tell you about them later.

Free Yoga!

18 Jun

yoga (Photo credit: GO INTERACTIVE WELLNESS)

Want to try free yoga? i’ve been using this site for a couple of months and it’s pretty awesome. check it out:



Pics from the day

18 Jun

Hey y’all! Greetings from SC! It’s hot here and my sister hates air conditioning! Whee!

I’ll be here all week so no workouts to post – what?! My foot will hopefully appreciate this and I’ll be back to it next week (11 classes in 5 days next week!)

Check out the personal training pic — should I do it?





New class!

11 Jun

Starting in July I’m switching one of my bootcamps to a running class — couch to 5k style and i’m also adding morning couch to 5k class. it will be about 11 weeks and then there is a 5k Sept 21! should be great!

it will entirely depend on who shows up but my thought is this — monday was a bootcamp so if the same people show up, they are already in pretty good shape. we’ll follow the couch to 5k program but run faster and the wed class will be straight up beginner. obv depends on who is there but that’s my thought for now.


so excited! 

running still hurts. *&^%$#@

11 Jun

ran a little in class on Mon and my stupid foot. i can’t run fast to begin with and this pain is super slowing me down. i don’t have a clue what to do. taking off from sat – the following sunday so that should help. i’ll probably gain 700 lbs too.

today — back and biceps bootcamp

warm up — arm circles, leg swings, squats, lunges, jacks

supersets! do each set 2x each 50/10

  • bent row one arm – R/L
  • sumo squat kicks – R/L
  • seated db lat pulldown

    seated db lat pulldown

  • jump squats
  • plank row
  • high knees
  • lying lateral raise
  • box jumps
  • deltoid squeeze
  • leg lowers (one leg crossed at knee)
  • hammer curls
  • jumps squats
  • OH press
  • plank to push up
  • bicep curls
  • run stairs (rather than time here do 5x)
  • back extension with light db — 4 sets

run 1 mile

abs on the ball (we did not get to these yesterday)

“ow eechy”

9 Jun

hey y’all. i’ve done yoga the last 3 days and i swear i’m more tense. i have been trying to give my body a break – at least from the high impact stuff. i swear i’ve gained 15 lbs. speaking of. advocare.

advocare. oh y’all. i am SO disappointed. i did not lose ANYTHING – inches, lbs, nothing after the 10 day cleanse. i have no clue why – i (obviously) workout, i changed my eating habits — cutting out sugar, processed foods, alcohol (!) and increasing calories through snacks and i switched my heavier meal from dinner to lunch. and NOTHING. i think my cousin thinks i hate her – of course that isn’t true; it must just be me and my dumbass metabolism (or lack of). pissed i spent so much money — i was doing fine not spending money and maintaining weight (and still drinking alcohol and eating sugar thank you very much). i talked to my cousin (who is not a dr, i might add) and while no one seems to have any clue why the supplements didn’t work – seriously, i even kept up with my fitness pal  — my cousin sent me a consolation prize of 2 canisters of spark, 2 packs of pouches and a thing of catalyst. i have added a multi-vitamin and i’m going to stick with the catalyst & i went ahead and opened the thermoplus that i ordered – i don’t know if it works but it’s already here.

what a good distributor i am, eh? here’s the thing — even though it didn’t work for me, my cousin has lost 40 freaking lbs. obviously it does something. or maybe it only works for people who have crappy diets and no fitness in their life before advocare? i haven’t thrown in the towel — spark is good stuff and you should order some (from me, duh) – and if you have a crappy diet, you should try the challenge. if nothing else, i am more conscious of what i put in my mouth. though admittedly i went off the deep end this weekendScreen shot 2013-06-09 at 3.38.15 PM

So, 3 days of yoga and i’m really ready to get some cardio in — neuroma and all.

Monday: 30 min beginner bootcamp, 30 min tabata, 60 min bootcamp

Beginner Bootcamp: 

  • warm up — jacks, hamstring stretch, high knees, jacks (all modified)
  • 1 min intervals, 15 sec rest, 2 rounds:
  • shuffle 3 steps each way, alternating lunges, bicycles, mt climbers
  • abs (1 min ea, 2 rounds):
  • double leg extension
  • modified starfish side plank


  1. split jumps/ice picks
  2. heel clicks/line jumps
  3. crazy burpees/jump lunges
  4. band push ups/pulse jump lunges
  5. static lunge band bicep curls/star jacks
  6. plank/bicycles

Bootcamp: chest & triceps

warm up: step up and across, jog in place, squat (slow), arm circles, jacks

3 rounds, 40/20:

  • bb bench press — increase weight each round
  •  incline db press
  • push ups (2 min)
  • close grip bb bench press
  • tricep kickbacks
  • skull crushers

**if it’s not raining** **if my foot can handle it**

setting my timer and we’ll run 5 min then lunge 2 min, run 2 min alt for about 15-20 min

rain plan: 20 min HIIT

50 sec jump rope alternated with 20/10 of:

  • push ups
  • skaters
  • lunge stomps R
  • lunge stomps L
  • high knees
  • star jacks

abs on the ball: weighted crunches, oblique, plank, glute lowers — 2 min each

That should do it. I hope my foot is ok — i have read some about neuromas and it’s not going to go away if that is indeed what’s going on. i will just have to hope for the best. *sigh*

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well this isn’t going to be easy

5 Jun

bad news at the chiro today — muscle in my shoulder isn’t doing what the doc wants it to and he casually mentioned that he thinks the muscle might be torn. which an MRI could confirm but $$$. i also have a neuroma in my right foot. which an MRI could confirm but $$$. he taped my shoulder and shrugged, told me to ice my foot and come back friday.

i’m not very happy. 

in other news it’s day 24 — i’ll let you know full AdvoCare 24 day challenge results tomorrow. don’t get too excited – they are going to be small. i have maybe 10 lbs to lose/convert to muscle so this is going to be a process. i know, i have a hard life. evidently i’m going to have to get a new job if i keep falling apart like this.

which i am in the process of doing – have i mentioned that i have 2 master’s degrees + 30 graduate hours in philosophy? well, it’s true. so i’m applying as an adjunct around town. there’s a few community colleges hiring. cross your fingers.

what else? oh, yea, workouts 🙂

tuesday was odd – had a guy show up in crocs so we did not go run. i did a random 30 sec on/10 sec off circuit a few rounds plus the 10 min amrap at the beginning. it was just odd. coupled with the whole is my class too easy problem . . . anyway – thursday. i *think* it’s supposed to rain/i have sharp nails in my foot so we’re going to run inside (and i might even skip that part)


simple mobility warm up

circuit 1: 

  • run across & back room 2x
  • OH walking lunges with db (outside room)
  • squats 70x
  • reverse OH walking lunges with db (outside room)
  • db push press 35x
  • run out and back 4x
  • db thrusters 15x
  • walking lunges no weight (outside room)
  • burpees 35x
  • reverse walking lunges no weight (outside room)
  • wall balls 35x
  • run out and back 6x
  • jump rope 70x
  • run out and back 8x

repeat from the top

circuit 2: 

  • squats 25x
  • push ups 20x
  • lunges 26x
  • bridge chest press 10x
  • flutter kicks 50x
  • jacks 30x
  • supermans 10x



later that night — Tabata! followed by unofficial pilates/yoga stretch (i’m thinking about 15ish min)

  1. jog-high knees – jacks – butt kick x2
  2. db swings (2 arm)/jump rope
  3. floppy burpees/squat jumps
  4. punch & squat/split jumps
  5. star jacks/db thrusters
  6. dolphin plank/side plank knee to elbow

Stretch: hold each pose 5-10 breaths — even if no one stays, i’m going to do this part

  • mt pose
  • standing forward fold
  • plank to belly to cobra easing into up dog
  • child’s pose
  • down dog – walk heels one at a time then both together
  • child’s pose
  • low squat, knees wide
  • forward fold hands behind back and lift
  • down dog to lunge to warrior 2 to arms OH knee straight a few times to w2 hold
  • down dog repeat all on R side
  • down dog
  • forward fold
  • child’s pose
  • savasana
  • easy pose