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Favorites from the week and a day off!

31 Aug

It’s been a week! My husband went back to work (professor so he’s off all summer) this week and I started teaching a philosophy class (yay!). But the babysitter backed out on my last minute and i’m having trouble finding a new one. i got a recommendation from a friend for a girl but i don’t know her and that makes me nervous. it’s not like im asking her to watch my phone, i’m asking her to watch my child. my only child. so that’s a little stressful.

So this week in philosophy class we are discussing the Presocratics — the guys who were before Socrates, basically. Here’s a link if you’re interested. ūüôā They are really fun because think about it – the whole world was new and exciting for them. It’s like watching a baby — this sense of wonder that we simply don’t have because it’s all already been done.

so the other thing that happened this week Рi saw a baby born! my friend Kellee had a scheduled c-section and i went to watch. pretty amazing. she had a little girl, Caroline Grace 8.1lbs 20 inches. 

Caroline Grace


We also visited pre school this week for orientation – Harper starts the 4 year old class this week. She is SO excited.

Harper and her friends

Harper and her friends


Monday is a day off from the gym – labor day and all. i’m going to try to do something on my own. i’d like to run but we’ll see. Sunday is the family reunion for my husband’s side of the family. i’d rather poke my eyes out with sharp sticks.

I’ll be back soon with some workouts



Per request

27 Aug

had a request for a hard bootcamp tomorrow with a focus on upper body and cardio. careful what you wish for, folks — here goes:

warm up: @30 sec each

  • butt kicks/jacks x2
  • squats /heismans [step-step-hop] x2
  • rope 2 min

circuit 1: 60 sec – 50 sec – 40 sec – 30 sec – 20 sec – 10 sec with 20 sec between rounds

  • turbo squat
  • high knees
  • burpee
  • jacks
  • rest

circuit 2: upper body/cardio 2 rounds, 30 sec rest between rounds — db = double normal weight (see my # below)

  • 10 hollow man chest press (25lbs)
  • 10 bent over row (25 lbs)
  • 60 jacks
  • 10 weighted dips (25 lbs, db in lap)
  • 10 hammer curl (25 lbs)
  • 60 jacks
  • 10 front raise (10 lbs) [i know; these are my kryptonite]
  • 10 skull crushers (25 lbs)
  • 60 jacks

circuit 3:

  • short run — up and over the bridge pausing for 10 – 20 – 30 – 40 – 50 – 60 reps at each light posts

10 tuck jumps, 20 push ups, 30 wall sit (sec), 40 lunges, 50 squats, 60 single leg deadlift (30 per leg) — run down & back to Y without stopping

circuit 5: finisher & abs!

7 min AMRAP

  • walking lunges across room (short)
  • 30 sec handstand (or walk walk up)

abs: 20 reps each

  • plank with knee to opp shoulder
  • crossfit sit ups
  • slow bicycles
  • straight leg crunch oblique
  • reverse crunces


This has me laughing way too much.

beginner bootcamp & tabata

26 Aug

beginner bootcamp: no one liked the workout i did last week. evidently partner workouts give people anxiety. so we won’t be doing that.

brief warm up: high knee marches, hamstring curls + arms up flutter, jog in place, jacks, standing leg lift, shoulder raise, arms up and back

45/15 one round:

1. squat to parallel — modify squat to a chair

2. overhead press

3. db row palms up, hinge at hips

4. push ups — modified as needed

5. shuffle 3x each way

6. hollow man

7. squat hold with forward press

8. lateral raise

9. hollow man chest press

10. high knees

11. plank

12. hammer curls

13. hollow man chest flyes

14. one arm row

15. other arm row

16. burpee – modified as needed; mt climbers or jacks, etc if necessary

17. crunches, legs at 90

18. upright row

19. skull crushers

20. side lunge jumps tap floor

stretch and get ready for


  1. warm up: warrior 2 lunges / squats with knee lift
  2. upper: tricep kick and dips / divebomber push ups
  3. cardio: squat jacks / skaters with punch
  4. lower: plie squats with bicep hold / oh press with squat abduction
  5. cardio: heel clicker squats / heismans
  6. abs: woodchoppers / oblique crunch with bicycle legs




Pepperoni eyes and a few workouts

25 Aug

my daughter just wandered by talking about pepperoni eyes. i wonder if i should have followed her? 

the plan for this week:

Monday: Beginner Bootcamp, Tabata

Tuesday: Bootcamp, orientation at preschool afterwards! 

Wednesday: C25k, Pilates

Thursday: Bootcamp 

Friday: Maybe a long run? Maybe yoga? maybe both? 

Saturday:  washing cars as a part of a fundraiser for a sick little girl

Sunday: off

my schedule changed a little Рnotice no more C25k on Mondays; I am teaching philosophy class at the college during that time (yay!) and finally got rid of that 6:45 pm Tabata on Thursday. 

Meal plan: 

Sunday: leftovers/wing it

Mon: veggie burgers 

Tues: couscous and sausages 

Wed: fish and chips

Thurs: breakfast for dinner (eggs, bacon, pancakes, grits, etc)

Fri: pizza night!Image



25 Aug

ever heard of bulu box? me either — it’s one of those subscription services that sends you stuff every month. this one is $10 and you get a variety of samples — this particular service is for health and wellness based products. I’ve gotten a weight loss sample (which you will be SHOCKED to learn did NOTHING – those things have NEVER worked for me!), a sleep product (worked), a sample of thera-gesic (yay, i always need a pain relief product), fitmixer amino (just ordered some – full review to come), free month subscription passes to, a yoga website, and so on. you get the idea.

so, if you’re into it, here’s my referral link:¬†

Back later with a workout or 3!

Tabata Friday

23 Aug

I subbed yoga this am and there were all of 2 people there. There’s a lot going on this weekend including that big time Nascar race so I’m guessing the locals just don’t leave the house . . . or they go to the race? that’s where the instructor was. anyway, it was fun and i love teaching and totally enjoying teaching yoga these days.

Finally got myself back on the Tabata rotation. since no one showed up for class last night, I have a ready to go plan (of course i changed some things around. i can’t just leave it alone)


  1. Warm up: 2 jacks + 2 tuck jumps, 2 tuck jumps + power jacks
  2. Upper body: push ups with feet slides on plates,  push ups to down dog
  3. Cardio: burpees + *jacks, *jacks
  4. Lower body: windmill squats (R hand to L foot, jump and switch)/ice picker heel click squat jumps (R arm overhead, squat, jump up, click heels and L arm overhead)
  5. Cardio: double burpees (jump out and in 2x then up to tuck jump)
  6. Abs: planks (on elbows, hip twists; spider; cross body, toe tap)


I’ll just do wall sits by myself.

22 Aug



And this is why Thurs pm Tabata is over

22 Aug


Thursday Bootcamp

21 Aug

Legs day!

warm up: jog – butt kick – high knees – squat x3 – crescent lunge hold 30 sec/leg – side lunges – add calf stretch – arm circles

Circuit 1: Deadlegs x3

20 prisoner squats

20 jump lunges

20 x squat — jump narrow (back) to wide (forward)

20 180 squat jump

20 bridges — on heels

1 min wall sit — make sure 90/90, arms out


Circuit 2: cardio x4

20 jacks

10 burpees

20 jacks

10 mt climbers

20 jacks

10 high knees

20 jacks

10 skaters — touch floor


Circuit 3: slow motion x4

10 second low lunge hold

15 lunge tap

15 reverse lunge kick

repeat other leg

15 prisoner squat jumps


Circuit 4: cardio x4 ***

10 mb slams or tuck jumps

10 snatch (5/arm)

10 mb burpees

10 bicycle crunches


Circuit 5: glutes x4

10 reverse lunges with heavy db

10 forward lunges with heavy db

10 single straight leg deadlift

10 stomps

repeat other leg


Circuit 6: abs x4

20 rock climbers (knee to elbow in plank)

20 figure 8 ball pass (crunch up and pass ball over/under legs)

20 reverse crunch — option cross ankle over knee

20 ball crunch — pass ball under legs

***we might go outside and do a little run with some lunges up and down the hill

Check out our new wall art:


Pilates Bootcamp

21 Aug

Pilates tomorrow — here’s a workout I’m thinking about

warm up: neck circles, shoulder circles, twist and reach, wide squat shoulder to knee, side lunge stretch

upper body/core:

  • golf ball arms 45 sec each direction
  • arm raises (like jumping jacks) 45 sec
  • soccer ball arms 45 sec each direction
  • eagle arm chest press pulse 90 seconds
  • triceps push up 8 tempo, 4 4count up/down
  • 1/2 cobra push up 22x hold last one 10 seconds
  • tricep dips 15x
  • tricep dips with leg kick 12x/leg
  • reverse plank hold 10 sec, dip 8x, hold 10 sec


  • roll up x5
  • single leg extension (100 arms) x20 hold for 10 sec
  • roll like a ball x12
  • windmill straight legs x14
  • 1-2-3 pulse single leg extension legs x10
  • criss cross x20
  • single leg drop x8
  • double leg lifts x6
  • single leg lift x14
  • dig and drag — start with legs at 90, lower both toes to mat, extend and circle legs back to 90 x11
  • reverse crunch x6, jackknife x4
  • earthquake — roll down pausing 1/3, 1/2, 2/3 for 50 sec, 30 sec, forward fold after each hold
  • plank series — forward, side

legs & glutes

  • start standing, cross R ankle over knee, squat x30, hold 10 sec, pulse 40 sec
  • squats x10, hold 20, pulse 20 sec
  • hindu squats x13
  • on all 4’s with or without db behind knee: lift and lower leg 90 sec, knee circles x30 each direction, switch legs
  • grasshopper 90 sec (on stomach, bent knees, lift and lower)
  • leg extensions x30 (stay in grasshopper and with legs lifted, extend long)
  • heel beats x30
  • scissors on belly 30 sec
  • leg circles 1 min each direction/leg