Tabata Interval Circuit

12 Oct
Author: Bagande

Author: Bagande (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s been a WILD week. To start, Harper was SICK SICK SICK on Sunday as we drove home from Richmond. I was sick the night before which was totally lame as I didn’t get to hang out with my friend. It seemed like maybe I drank too much . . . without drinking. So that was awful.

We recovered. Finally.

I taught a beginner bootcamp style class Monday followed by waiting around for a Senior class – no one showed up – followed by Pilates. I called my husband who was home with Harper and he wasn’t feeling too good so I got a sub for my afternoon bootcamp.

Tuesday Harper was still sick so we stayed home but did make it to Bootcamp that afternoon. We did games – duck duck goose, stations and some abs. I thought it was totally fun.

Wednesday was sculpt followed by beginner bootcamp followed by pilates – none of it very hard just 3 back to back is a lot.

Today was bootcamp – and only 3 people showed up. Lame. But we did a great circuit and ran some outside – the people who were there are not speedy runners (which is fine – I’m not either!) so we did some slow jog with the medicine ball and some hill work. Was not easy, I didn’t think but was pretty fun. Beautiful weather here.

Tomorrow I have beginner bootcamp followed by Pilates. Whee. I’m totally burnt so I’m using a workout from

Tabata Interval Circuit.


2 Responses to “Tabata Interval Circuit”

  1. Kyle October 13, 2012 at 7:15 am #

    That sucks when you only have a small group. I hope they enjoyed the workout!


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