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2011 Bluegrass Half Marathon

26 Sep

2011 Bluegrass Half Marathon A preliminary recap.

Race started right at 7:30 am. I got there about 6:45 or so and milled around a bit and pretended to warm up. I don’t really warm up before races – some kind of superstition thing. I did jog for a few seconds today and did some dynamic stretching since this was a longer than ever before race.

So, the race started and with a smile to myself, I thought, “I’m running a half marathon!” It was pretty exciting I must say. The first 3 miles went great – I was moving at a steady 10 min mile pace which was what I hoped to maintain the whole race. I’m still a new runner and I just can’t maintain speed yet. That’s my next goal, however. More on that in the future.

The next 3 miles weren’t bad, I just started to realize that I was going to be running for a hella long ass time. Shew. I still maintained my 10 min mile pace through mile 6ish. I don’t remember mile 6-7 but it was after mile 7 that things *totally fell apart*

It was getting hot – not burning but I’m a wimp and it was sunny. The water stations were just that – water. I was starting to wish for gatorade but just kept getting handed water. Took 3 jelly belly sport beans every 3 miles. I don’t know if that’s the best way to eat them because by mile 8.5ish I began to wonder if I was still moving. Then I realized I was walking. eh.

Mile 9 I wanted to sit down and cry and began to not even care if I finished the race. I’m not sure why but I just ran out of go. Maybe because this was such a solitary endeavor? I do think that when/if Kellee and I do a half together we will encourage one another and even if she runs ahead of me because she’s SO FAST I’ll know she’s there. And who knows, maybe in training with her (and dropping 30lbs) I’ll be fast too?

So I made it *finally* to mile 10. I still wanted to die or at least just quit. I tried to convince myself it was just a 5k left and while that helped, I was getting a dehydration headache (awesome – it still lingers like 12 hours later) and my feet hurt and my legs just did NOT want to GO. So annoying.

Somehow got to mile 11. And then there were 2 miles left. I can do this. And I did. I made it without walking (except through the water station – which had GATORADE!!!) and then I saw my dad! He was standing on the street watching for me just yelling his head off! Was great – I knew I was close and I was so happy to see a familiar face. I don’t usually have anyone cheering for me at a race and so I pretend that the people cheering for others are really cheering for me. It’s way more fun to have people actually cheering for you.

Hit mile 13 and it was just a little .1 left. I put on as much freaking speed as I could – probably from 12 min to 11 min mile speed. Anyway

official stats:

361/456 overall

26/33 age group

11:02 pace

2:24:49 gun time


Before running

25 Sep


Less than 24 hrs

24 Sep


I’ll be running my first half marathon tomorrow at this time!

Tree of life baby afghan

21 Sep



Calm, sweaty & happy!!!

20 Sep


What metabolism?

19 Sep

My husband, God love him, announced today that he’s lost 20lbs. WTF body? While I am VERY proud of him – he quit drinking excessive amounts of soda and eating fast food – part of me is also VERY jealous. I can’t lose 20lbs running a half marathon let alone just by monitoring food – he hasn’t exercised regularly a day in his life.

So, off to the grocery store to buy some apples and water. Evidently that’s all I can eat.


19 Sep


Watching the Emmys with Tico who finally seems used to her haircut.

I can’t keep up

18 Sep

So this blogging while chasing a 2 year old while cleaning (or not) and living and prepping for a 1/2 marathon is crazy. i don’t have time to do all this! so i’m about a week behind in my life . . .

did my last long run last Sunday. 12 miles. it OWNED me. so sad. took like 12 hours. lovely photos, eh?










i couldn’t even talk about it all week it was so awful. i did redeem myself a little with a 6 mile tempo run Tues and an awesome crazy Motion Traxx treadmill run Friday. Hills and speed wha?!

Toddler woke up Wed morning puking. That was fun. I didn’t make it to the gym but I did do a Nike Training Club workout thing from my iPhone app. I sweated and my thighs burned so I guess it counts for something.

Thursday was boot camp. Always awesome.

Saturday was cycling. Skipped Group Power in favor of the children’s day events at Rhythm & Roots downtown. Other than the scary mascots it was a good time. I think my daughter was a farmer in another life.

So stay tuned. Taper week. Love it. Oh and the cat got a haircut.

So I might be last

11 Sep





I survived!

10 Sep


First of 5 four hour classes done & done! A great group of students – should be a fun semester . . . If I can remember all their names!