Charlotte South Park Turkey Trot Thanksgiving 2012

27 Nov

So I ran with my dad and I don’t know why I look so happy. Perhaps to be done? I was overdressed and about to melt. It wasn’t hot at all but I get SO HOT when I run — I should have gone tank top and arm warmers. Ah, well, live and learn. Our chip time was 46:25 or something. Not displeased — we ran with about 4,000 of our best friends. My mom and daughter walked the 5k (well daughter strolled) – they were both so excited to get finisher medals. 🙂 My mom wore hers the whole rest of the day.

Now we are decorating the tree. And then there’s that bootcamp later today. I feel indecisive — here’s what I have planned:

  • Circuit 1: 21-15-9x
  • deadlift – up row – incline push up – 20 jacks
  • Circuit 2: 15/15x
  • one leg deadlift – bent over row (set one palms facing, set two palms back) – curtsy lunge w bicep – 30 repeater knee/leg
  • cardio: 2 min
  • high knees – burpees – 1/2 jacks – butt kicks
  • Circuit 3: 15x
  • shoulder press – lat raise – front raise – triceps – fly – press – rev fly – squat hold 20 sec – squat – turbo squat – bulgarian split squat – forward lunge – froggy squat hops – 30 sec wall sit
  • cardio: 2 min
  • high knees – burpees – 1/2 jacks – butt kicks
  • Abs: oblique crunch
  • plate twist
  • toe touches


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