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maybe fully crazy

30 Mar

i have worked out very few times this week. Monday — pilates & bootcamp. then not till Thursday — pilates and weights. i am so on edge i screamed at the puppy. and the big dog. and the kid. who is feeling better FINALLY. she almost got dehydrated but we gave her tons of fluids and just stayed home again today. i am really looking forward to getting to the gym tomorrow. if i can make it, 9 am spin class is on the agenda. yay. if i don’t make it, i will probably do my own spin routine/podcast. then, of course assuming little kid is feeling ok, we’re off to hunt easter eggs at a friend’s church and if she is well behaved *ahem* we will go to toys r us for a buy one get one 50% off lalaloopsy bonanza. the kid is OBSESSED. 

it is actually possibly a good thing i had a surprise rest week because here’s the schedule Mon-end of May:

Mondays: beginner bootcamp (30 min), tabata (30 min), subbing pilates here and there, bootcamp

Tuesdays: bootcamp

Wednesdays: pilates

Thursdays: bootcamp, pilates

Fridays: rotation Tabata (30 min) (i think i have 3 in april?)

Saturdays: other than this saturday when i will be running a completely unprepared for 1/2 marathon, bootcamp (part of summer shape up)

Sundays: bootcamp

rest days? who needs rests days? i guess that will be wednesdays? or the days i’m not teaching friday tabata? i better get some abs out of this . . .


Sick Days

28 Mar

Harper has been sick since Tues morning. [*updated: she’s still sick so the workout below will happen Monday*]. Other instructors covered my classes so I have had an unexpected 2 rest days/taking care of puking 3 year old days. Other than holding her and doing tons of laundry, I’ve not worked out and I am really hoping she feels better tomorrow – both because I hope she’s better and because it would be great to get out of the house. I also hope that no one else gets sick . . .

So, hoping to teach some bootcamp, pilates and personal train tomorrow –

as for bootcamp, here’s the plan:
after the warm up:

Circuit 1: 50/10 x2

  • Lunge Stomps R
  • Lunge Stomps L
  • Cross around the worlds (on knees, take DB from waist, circle OH back to opp waist and reverse)
  • DB Rev Lunge Twists R
  • DB Rev Lunge Twists L
  • Cross body mt climbers
  • Skaters (hand to floor)

Circuit 2: 20/10 — Do ex 1-4 twice through then 5-8 twice through

  1. windmill squat jumps
  2. spider plank/push ups
  3. punches with DB
  4. butt kick
  5. box jumps
  6. tricep dips
  7. insanity high knees
  8. burpees

Circuit 3: 10 reps of each exercise followed by 1 burpee – 3 rounds [if time allows]

  • jacks
  • 10 sec fast feet sprawl
  • heisman
  • butt kick
  • high knees


10 Wall-Ups, 10 Push-Ups X 5 Times (NO REST between sets)


  • in and outs
  • plank jacks
  • alt leg V ups
  • plank oblique twist
  • crossfit sit ups
  • down dog – extend leg, bring in to chest, back up and switch
  • plank with alt arm lifts

let’s do this

25 Mar

Joseph Pilateswell, maybe not that. bet pilates folks would love my 1xx+lb  body standing on them while we did the 100. HA. So yes i’m teaching pilates and bootcamp tomorrow. and i’m feeling like i should do a something either before pilates or after bootcamp. i took 2 days off because i taught 10 classes last week (in 5 days) but i feel right now like i’ve never worked out a day in my life and i just want to do something.

that and i’m super stressed. but no need to go into all that.

got some new (to me) moves/forgotten moves for pilates i’m going to throw in —

  • knee together squats
  • planks with db
  • static lunges with “walking arms” and bicep curls
  • standing with one leg back and lifted, swing to front then back and lift
  • some tracy anderson moves (i know, not “classic” pilates but good stuff)

on to bootcamp!

after the warm up:

Circuit 1: 7 Reps 7 Rounds

  • push ups
  • DB thrusters (heavy)
  • plank knee to elbows (or spider push ups)
  • deadlift (heavy)
  • burpees
  • DB swings (heavy)
  • bridge chest press (heavy)

Circuit 2: 20/10 x2

  1. cross jacks
  2. standing oblique crunch
  3. lunge with core rotation R 
  4. lunge with core rotation L
  5. lunge stomps (hands to floor in lunge, opp leg swings up to hand)
  6. repeater knee
  7. wood choppers
  8. high knees
  9. ball plank with alternating knee
  10. double leg extension


Circuit 3: 30/10

  • jacks
  • push ups
  • flutter kicks
  • db thrusters
  • russian twists
  • mt climbers
  • squat jumps


  • partner sprints/lunges (one will run while the other lunges)
  •  sun gods (standing straight, arms raise to parallel palms up/down, rotate arms in small circles with light weight till failure)
  • plank to side plank (feet on ball) — 30 sec each x2



Jingle Bells

21 Mar

New puppy has a cat collar on so all I hear is this little bell . . . Bella Pepper

Thursday is Bootcamp and Pilates day! Here’s the plan:

Circuit 1: Turkish Get Ups

  • 1R 1L 2R 2L 3R 3L 4R 4L

Circuit 2: Cardio 50/10 x2

  • Rope — Windmill Jump Squats — Weighted Burpees — Dolphin Planks — Bicycles

Circuit 3: Two Person Ladder (alternate exercises start with 1 rep add on each round up to 9 reps)

Finisher: Burpees + Sprints 

  • Run one time across aerobic room, 1 Burpee
  • Run 2x, 2 Burpees
  • and so on up to 9

Our new baby

19 Mar


Meet Pepper, our 4 mo old 6 lb PomChi mix

Healthy isn’t just the weight

19 Mar

Spent the weekend in SC for my nephew’s first birthday. Good to see family but it’s so exhausting. In a good way but  –

So I didn’t get a chance to post today’s workout. I taught a beginner bootcamp (which looks like it’s going to be a thing) this morning and then my usual bootcamp this afternoon – it was 60 sec on/15 sec rest for 4 intervals I think followed by a 12 round Tabata and my favorite partner bounding burpees (one partner held squat + jab/cross) while the other partner did a burpee followed by a long forward jump across the aerobic room. And back. I’m not sure anyone else enjoyed that one. 🙂 

Tuesday is just bootcamp (but then there’s Wed: Sculpt, Beginner Bootcamp, Pilates) and we’re going to focus on legs. Here’s the plan:

After warm up: 4 Rounds of 45/10

  • 1. Double squat press on top of step to other side
  • Row to fly
  • Russian Twist
  • Surfer get ups
  • Push up to front raise
  • Double leg drop
  • DB swing + squat

——————————> Wall sit with plate

  • 2. BB [Heavy] squats
  • [H] BB split lunge R
  • [H] BB split lunge L
  • [H] Calf raise
  • [H] Glute lifts with BB
  • [L] Good mornings –> see picture –>
  • [L] Dead lift

——————————-> Wall sit with plate

  • 3. Repeater knee R
  • Repeater knee L
  • Staggered squat R with leg lift
  • Staggered squat L with leg lift
  • Globe jumps
  • Rev lunge with hop R
  • Rev lunge with hop L

————————————> Wall sit with plate

  • 4. Squat jumps
  • Box jumps
  • Push ups
  • Surrenders
  • Curtsey lunges
  • Back kick
  • Star jacks

————————————–> Wall sit with plate

Finisher: 5 min 10 reps of each exercise

  • Burpee
  • Goblet squat
  • Push ups
  • Burpee
  • Goblet squat
  • Mt climbers
  • Jacks

Finisher #2 2 Rounds 7 Reps [Heavy]

  • BB Lunges
  • BB jump squats
  • BB squats

Abs with plate

  • crunches
  • v up R
  • V up L
  • Hold V up
  • Russian twists

In unrelated personal news, I’m co-teaching a class with an instructor and part of it (that I suggested) is we ask the participants to give up an indulgence so … today I gave up sugar. In two weeks, I’m going to give up something else – add another something in 2 more weeks and another something in 2 more weeks. I’ll let you know how it goes. Day one: so far so good. 🙂 To be perfectly honest, I’m not a huge sugar person, so I chose the easiest one first.


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Arms and chest it is

13 Mar

I asked my [pregnant] friend who is not coming to bootcamp anymore [rough 1st trimester] what she would want to do if she did come and she said arms and chest. I think that sounds good. So, here’s the plan

Warm up — This is always such a challenge; I hate to do the same thing all the time! So, lunges getting lower and lower each time, then take it to the side getting lower each time then some pogo jumps and repeat. We’ll end the warm up with bridges/bridge kicks

Circuit 1: 3 sets of 10 reps

  • dive bomber push ups
  • scorpion push ups
  • chaturanga (hold 3 sec, push up)
  • plyo push ups (yes, push up and clap; modification will be regular push ups)

Circuit 2: 60 sec work/15 sec rest

  • squat jacks
  • up and overs on step
  • box jumps

Circuit 3: 3 sets of 10 reps

  • bench press (in bridge or on step)
  • flyes (in bridge or on step)
  • skull crushers (in bridge or on step)

Circuit 4: Repeat #2

Circuit 5: 7-13 min AMRAP 

Circuit 6: 3 rounds

[i’ll have chairs set up at one end with a bar across for limbo; hopscotch across room to DB and back to chair)

Circuit 7:

  • squat jumps (15)
  • DB thrusters (15)
  • 1:00 burpee manmakers
  • 1:00 alt lunge with bicep curl

Circuit 8: 

  • squat to Y press (15)
  • jump lunge (15)
  • 1:00 alt high pull
  • 1:00 push up burpee with lateral hop


  • Burpees
  • squats
  • 2 push ups
  • Start with 15 reps, decrease 1 each round


  • Plank on the ball (partner A), kick ball (partner B)




I love burpees.

11 Mar

I do. It’s a problem. No one loves burpees. So Tuesday bootcamp = no burpees.

That doesn’t mean I can’t do something else . . .

After the warm up: (leg swings, arm swings, running, high knees, butt kicks, carioca)

Circuit 1: Pyramid

  • Squat Jump 1-2-3-4-5 . . . 15
  • DB Swing 15-14-13-12-11-10 . . . 1

Circuit 2: 10 sets of 10

  • biceps
  • push ups
  • triceps

Circuit 3: Pyramid

  • Mt climbers 1-2-3-4-5 . . . 15
  • Jump lunges 15-14-13-12-11-10 . . . 1





Circuit 4: Fast (40 sec) – Slow (20 sec) – Hold (45 sec)

  • Squats
  • Push ups
  • V-ups

Circuit 5: Pyramid (Heavy weight)

  • Goblet Squat 1-2-3-4-5 . . . 15
  • 1-Arm Row (alternate arms each time) 15-14-13-12-11-10 . . . 1


Finisher/Abs: 60 sec no rest

Repeat 3-5x (as time allows)

  • Full sit up
  • Oblique L
  • Oblique R
  • DB Crunch (Heavy weight)

Daylight saving nothin/

11 Mar

It has been a LONG weekend. We have had guests since Thursday and it’s been GO GO GO since. I’m exhausted. Love having visits with friends/family but done. now.

Excited for Boot camp tomorrow. Took yesterday off (minus yoga) and today (minus chasing small children) so I’m ready for a workout. I must admit, after legs day Thursday and Tabata Friday, I was in some need of a rest break.

Here’s the plan:

Circuit 1: 50/10 (1 or 2 rounds)

  • Jacks
  • Forward/Backward Burpees at mat- squat jump forward, do burpee, squat jump back, do burpee
  • Plank Shoulder Taps
  • Running Mans
  • Mountain Spiders
  • Jump Rope
  • Plank Oblique Twists
  • Dolphin Planks
  • 180° Squat Jumps

Circuit 2: 10 Reps: 2 Rounds

  • Wide Squat with Arc Raise – palms facing out in between legs at bottom of squat; as you stand up you raise the DB’s to the side in an arc overhead forming a circle
  • Plank with [bent arm] Lateral Raise
  • Side Lunge Rotation to overhead leg lift crunch
  • Ski Jumps with Triceps Kickback – keep a squatted position, feet together and  squat jump to the side and do a kickback, alt back and forth

Circuit 3: 10 Min Amrap: 5 reps 

  • burpees (or push ups)
  • bent over rows
  • jump squats (or squats)
  • mt climbers
  • T plank
  • crunches

Circuit 4: 10 reps each – 2 rounds 

  • Pushup position alt row to frog press- do 2 rows from pushup position then jump feet in to a low squat, lift arms up and do a shoulder press. This is one rep
  • Toyota Squats
  • Jump Lunges
  • Wide Squat to Upright Row
  • Alternating Bicep Curls (20 total)

Finisher: 3 rounds  –  Groups of 3


  • burpees
  • pull ups
  • hand stands/hand stand push ups

run 1 lap between rounds

Abs: 10 reps 2 sets

  • reverse crunch
  • v -ups
  • flutter kicks
  • dolphin planks

Maybe one day . . .

Tabata Friday!

7 Mar

I’m teaching Tabata Friday afternoon. I’m going to keep it all bodyweight and mostly cardio. I downloaded the Tabata Pro app from iTunes . . . we’ll see if it works! It got good reviews and it seems pretty good. You set the timers, number of rounds and use the music on your phone. So all in all, I think it’s good. I’ll let you know!

Here’s the plan:

warm up: Jacks — Rope — High Knees — Butt Kicks (20/10 — repeat 2x)

Tabata 1: standing mountain climbers

star jack burpees

Tabata 2: Jump Lunges R

Jump Lunges L

Tabata 3: windmill squat jumps (squat, one arm in front, one raised behind, jump and switch arms)

pistol squats (alt legs each round)

Tabata 4: jacks with heelclicks 

push up to T plank

Tabata 5: flutter kicks

russian twists


*It’s a 30 min class so I think 5 Tabatas with a cooldown is good.