24 Sep
Deutsch: Liegestützender Mann in gelben Shorts...

Deutsch: Liegestützender Mann in gelben Shorts. Animiert. Verzögerung 0,2 s (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

or Monday workout #1 . . .


This is a weird class – it is somewhat like bootcamp but I think they changed the name because bootcamp scares people. So when I sub for the class, I usually just do lots of cardio. Here’s what we did this am:


Warm up: 30 sec

jog in place

butt kicks


high knees

1 min jump rope


Then: There’s a tiny track at the fitness center (1 mile = @15 laps, I think) so we used the track and did 10 sets of the following exercises followed by 2 jog/run/walk laps

10 jacks

10 burpees

10 push ups

10 sit ups (their choice)

After that: There is a rather large hill (about 30 sec jogging to the top) outside so we went outside and walked to the bottom of the hill. In partners, we alternated running the hill and


plyo lunges

jump ropes

Then we all shuffled up the hill and back inside

Partners —

Total of 25 burpees

25 push ups

50 sit ups

(I did it in partners because they seemed exhausted and I’ve found with partner work, they push each other more)


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