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Sweet Innocence

20 Oct

Today happy toddler and i went swimming after i struggled through a 6 mile run/walk. more on that later. the most amazing thing happened. i will try to remember it always.

we were getting dressed and she looked at my naked body and said “mommy so beautiful.” i nearly cried. what a beautiful, simple, innocent and absolutely lovely thing to say. and i’m sure her 2 year old mind has a conception of beauty that my 35 year old mind has lost.

so the next time i feel bloated or *gasp* the dreaded “f” word (i try not to say it . . . ) i will remember and cherish the words “mommy so beautiful.”


This seems pretty accurate

18 Oct

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Why I run

10 Oct

I’ve been thinking – particularly during this injury – about why I run/exercise and it’s really not to be a size 2 (I’ve never been that ever!) – I want to be strong, healthy & set a good example for My daughter. Running I love because there’s always room for improvement – running a race, running faster, etc – so I run to be stronger and better.


Real runners have injuries, right?

9 Oct

I haven’t been able to run since the half marathon. It’s so so so very disappointing. I’m trying my best to embrace cross training and I have done bootcamp class twice – there is running but not much. Ice, rest, wine are all my friends. And so I continue on.

I have fallen arches for whatever reason, insisted on wearing flip flops and Toms and now I have plantar fasciitis.

I didn’t run the 15k I registered for yesterday.

     I did get new shoes. And Powerstep orthotics.




Sunday morning

9 Oct


Painting with little bit