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Thursday Bootcamps

27 Sep
Picnic table

Picnic table (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

AM Plan:

Warm up with dynamic stretching and some light jogs – about 10 min

Going to collect balls in various colors (I’m not entirely sure what colors are available so this is the tentative plan) and put them in the center of the room. People will line up in the 4 corners of the room (depends on how many show up but at least partners, I hope!) and will race to the center to collect as many balls as they can — one at a time.

After they have collected all the balls I’ll then let them know that each ball signifies an exercise, for example:

  • yellow=push ups
  • blue=walking lunges
  • pink=mt climbers
  • purple=squat jumps
  • green=skaters
  • red=burpees

I might do these tabata style or maybe just so many reps

Moving on to upper body circuit, 4 rounds with heavier db each time while decreasing reps:

12x light 10x heavier 8x heavier 6x heaviest

  1. bicep curls
  2. reverse fly
  3. skull crushers
  4. push ups (various)
  5. bent over row
  6. seated deltoid press
  7. bent arm lateral raise
  8. renegade row

Depending on what the weather is doing tomorrow — we’ll go outside for a run. There’s a park close by so exercises with picnic tables –

  • step ups
  • one arm push ups
  • dips
  • balance sits
  • reverse lunge with foot on seat
  • stand on the seat and lift outer leg and crunch towards side
  • knee tucks
  • leg circles standing on the step

There’s a bridge close by and we’ll then do bridge suicides. Sounds morbid but it’s not! There’s street lights along the bridge (which is a hill, btw) so we’ll run the first, back, 2nd, back then 3rd and back to Y

Repeat upper body circuit

This class ends with a butt and gut circuit on Thursdays so here’s the plan for that:

45 sec on/10 sec rest

  • Deadlift
  • sumo squats with alternating knee lifts
  • reverse lunges to front kick (R,L)
  • scissor jacks
  • squat kicks, alternating

Partner abs:

  • 25 reps partner sit ups with high 5’s at top
  • 25 partner sit ups while other partner holds plank
  • 50 leg throws

We’ll then do some stretching before I come back at 4:30!


Tuesday afternoon bootcamp

26 Sep
Personal Training Outdoors - Lunges Category:F...

Personal Training Outdoors – Lunges Category:Fitness_training Category:Personal_training (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Workout #2 for the day:

We did a general dynamic warm up with some squats, lunges, jogging and stretches. About 10 minutes.

Evidently I decided walking was not something I wanted to do today so we focused on legs.

3 rounds 45 sec on/15 sec rest

  • squats – skaters (hands to floor) and hamstring curls with resistance band (looped around step and handles on feet – the 15 sec rest was time to set up)

3 rounds 20 reps

  • step ups or box jumps (they followed my lead and all had 3 risers under each end. ha!) – goblet squat with heavy db – step up over and back lunges (modification was to do them on the floor, which I was doing by the 3rd round!)

30 sec 1 set

  • Runner lunge – Warrior I-II-III without rest — my quads were shaking!

Took a rest and set up for leg circuit #2

1 set (mostly due to time) 15 reps each

  • box jumps with squat on top
  • one leg mt climb – foot comes down (not just toe tap) (R then L)
  • side plank with kick (R then L)
  • quad circles (15 each direction) (R then L)
  • roll ups with jump
  • step ups with front knee or kick (or box jumps) (R then L)
  • squat with side leg lift (one leg on the step, squat and lift outside leg) (R then L)

2 sets:

  • deadlift
  • DB squat
  • hamstring curls (with heavy DB — laying flat on bench, I helped everyone get the DB positioned between feet)

I had planned an upper body set and a medicine ball circuit but at that point there was 10 min left in the class! We did a butt/ab circuit and stretches

  • wall sit ups using stability ball, feet on wall
  • butt burn — fingers on wall, lift and pulse leg behind
  • grasshopper plank on ball (knee to elbow, feet on ball)
  • dolphin plank (hands on ball — was difficult b/c the balls need to be inflated)
  • superman over ball
  • warrior III with ball
  • repeated wall sit ups

And now I’m off to pilates!

Tuesday AM Bootcamp

25 Sep
Three stars

Three stars (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wow, exhausted doesn’t even begin to cover it. I had to teach at the college I work at part time last night so I didn’t get home till about 9:30 pm — and that’s when I ate dinner! Then Harper decided to get up around 4:30 in the morning saying something about cinderella babies. So. this morning came pretty early – class wasn’t until 10:45 but I was not fully prepared. I modified a workout I did with my afternoon class earlier this year. Here ya go:


Warm up: 2 push ups, 2 jacks, 2 squats adding on 2 reps each time till 30. Stretch, water.

Steps were set up in a straight line across the fitness room. We started at one end and

tap down with R foot – lunge back to start – tap L – 4 sets ending with 1 min jump rope

up and over hops – side squats to start – 4 sets ending with 1 min jacks

football straddle down row – inchworm back – 2 sets ending with 30 sec fast feet

box jumps up and over steps (or step ups or just jump over step) – back lunge to start – 4 sets ending with skiers

Then we took it outside. The “run and stop at street lights, do an exercise” has been popular in the afternoon class so we did it this am. Took a different loop than I did yesterday — was not feeling a hill today (bit of knee pain from acl surgery 100 years ago. I think it’s going to rain soon). So the loop went about 3/4 mile and with the stopping took maybe 20 min so class was over when we got back. We did abs and called it a day.

Back for part 2 later!

Monday Bootcamp

24 Sep

English: an exercise of upper back

or workout #2

Since I cardio’d it out this am, we’re going to do more strength work this afternoon. Here’s the plan:

Warm up: same as this am

  • 30 sec: jog in place – butt kicks – jacks – high knees
  • 1 min: jump rope
  • repeat 1-2x, no rest between

4 circuits – hopefully will have at least 6 people tonight – if so, we’ll have 2 groups of 3. The way we do pull ups is with the barbell bar. One person on each end, one in the middle doing pull ups (more like body rows at this point but that’s fine). If not enough people (this class is odd – some days, I’ll have 15 people, the next 2) then we will sub in bent over rows with heavy weight. Will probably still have them partner up both for the band rows and for encouragement.

  • 1. 5 push ups – 5 pull ups – 5 sit ups – 15 mt climbers (L+R=1) 5 sets
  • 2. 15 DB rows – 15 band rows – 15 knee tucks – 15 burpees 3 sets
  • 3. 15 thrusters – 15 DB lat raise – 15 rear delt fly – rope (1 min) 3 sets
  • 4. DB biceps (12 reps/12 pulses) – triceps extension (12 reps/12 pulses) – rope (1 min)

We will likely do the first 2 circuits, take it outside and run somewhere between 1/2 – 1 mile and return inside to finish the last 2 circuits

Abs: 3 sets, 30 sec each

  • bicycles
  • x crunch (lay flat, arms overhead open and legs flat and open. crunch lifting R leg and L arm, rep other side)
  • knee tucks
  • plank

Then we stretch. I’ll let you know how it goes.


24 Sep
Deutsch: Liegestützender Mann in gelben Shorts...

Deutsch: Liegestützender Mann in gelben Shorts. Animiert. Verzögerung 0,2 s (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

or Monday workout #1 . . .


This is a weird class – it is somewhat like bootcamp but I think they changed the name because bootcamp scares people. So when I sub for the class, I usually just do lots of cardio. Here’s what we did this am:


Warm up: 30 sec

jog in place

butt kicks


high knees

1 min jump rope


Then: There’s a tiny track at the fitness center (1 mile = @15 laps, I think) so we used the track and did 10 sets of the following exercises followed by 2 jog/run/walk laps

10 jacks

10 burpees

10 push ups

10 sit ups (their choice)

After that: There is a rather large hill (about 30 sec jogging to the top) outside so we went outside and walked to the bottom of the hill. In partners, we alternated running the hill and


plyo lunges

jump ropes

Then we all shuffled up the hill and back inside

Partners —

Total of 25 burpees

25 push ups

50 sit ups

(I did it in partners because they seemed exhausted and I’ve found with partner work, they push each other more)

Upcoming workouts I’m teaching!

23 Sep


This week (I’m subbing some):

Mon: Crosstraining & Bootcamp

Tues: Bootcamp x2

Wed: Pilates

Thurs: Bootcamp x2

Stay tuned!


22 Sep

That’s me on the left summer 2010.

That’s me, 2nd from left, summer 2012

Friday Pilates

21 Sep
Curso de Instructor de Pilates

Curso de Instructor de Pilates (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After teaching 5 Bootcamp classes and 1 pilates class this week, I thought I would take it easy and take a pilates class this am. It’s a class I have taken many times – the instructor has been teaching for years. Love her but 2 complaints — she has NO concept of time (which used to bother me more, now I just come and go when I want to her classes — she almost always starts late and ends late) and she talks the whole time. Again, not something that bothers me so much anymore; I just tune her out and she’s sweet.


Felt pretty good to do some stretching and just a little bit of work (ahem, planks!).

Stay tuned – at least 3 bootcamps and 1 pilates class coming up next week!

Thursday Bootcamps, part 2!

20 Sep

[that isn’t me . . . ]

Like I said in the previous post, I’m subbing this week so the am workout was in addition to my usual Thursday afternoon bootcamp workout. Here’s what I’m planning to do this afternoon (I might be back to update it — who knows what we’ll actually do!)

Warm Up: 20 sec on/10 sec rest 3 sets

Prisoner Jacks — Squat and front Kick — lateral jumps — squat with floor touches — squat with side lift — mt climbs

50 Seconds on/10 seconds rest:

touchdowns (squat and hop side to side touching alternate arm to toe)

10 kick outs (on hands and feet and kick legs side to side at the same time)/10 dips on step

Jackknife (using paper plates)

Knee to elbow abs (feet on plate) — (5) squats


10 donkey kicks/10 mt climbers

knee to elbow abs

10 lateral jump squats/4 pike push ups

burpee box jumps

10 lateral jumps/10 high knees

squat with db on shoulders – take 3 steps to side and press db up as you stand

jackknife (feet on plates)


Outside: Run about 1/2 mile total stopping every light post and doing 5 squats


20 sec on/10 sec rest

Medicine Ball (MB) squat thrust to one leg push up

MB turkish get up with jump

MB tabletop – kick legs

Squat one foot on MB

Lunge with ball knee crunch – jump lunge and switch

mt climb hands on MB

squat — rev lunge — low jack

We will then cool down a little bit with some planks/abs and stretching — I don’t know if there will be time for all of this. I’ll let you know how it goes!

So we were able to get through the whole workout — instead of 5 squats at the light posts, I let the bootcampers pick whatever exercise they wanted to do. And we ran up a busy street/hill so we waited till the top of the hill to do exercises.

For abs, I had them do partner MB donkey kongs, crunches with ball toss and back to back twists.

I thought it was a pretty tough workout and I had a few “thank you’s” on Facebook this morning! Love it!

Thursday Bootcamps

20 Sep
Performing the crunch

Performing the crunch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thought I would start posting workouts so I could share and so I could keep track of things I have done! So, I’m subbing for another instructor this week which means 2 bootcamps today. Here’s what we did this am:

Warm up: about 3 min of alternating butt kicks, high knees, jumping jacks, and squats. Then we took it to the short end of the aerobic room and did a couple of jogs, stability lunges, inch worms, frog squat hops and more jogs. Then we took it outside.

Everyone took a set of [heavy to them] dumbbells and a mat. We went to a corner of the parking lot and partnered off (I ended up partner-less which was fine). Partner A ran — I told them basically keep moving, walk when you need to and stay in sight. Partner B stayed and did 200 jump ropes. Then we switched. After that, things got fun!

One partner was running while we added on each time to the exercises:

200 jump ropes

15 burpees

4 man-makers

10 jump lunge/squats

10 turkish get ups

We ended with one partner resting while other partner ran about 10ish meters, 5 star jacks and back to switch.

Back inside — butt & gut series:

30 plank jacks

10 push ups

15 dolphin planks

10 hip dip side planks – 10 sec hold

repeat side plank other side

15 reverse crunch

15 T plank

20 second bridge hold

10/leg bridge one arm and one leg up – drop hips down and up

15 surfers

Repeated from plank jacks ending with bridge — into stretches