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You better not pout

8 Dec

so true.

i’m telling you why: i didn’t run saturday. there is a lot going on in our lives right now that i’m not going to go into here so suffice to say saturday just wasn’t the day for me to run. i ended up going to to gym and doing this circuit:

  • 500 meter row — 30 push ups — 1000 meter row – 20 push ups – repeat
  • .12 mile run — 50 lunges — 25 squats – i was not going to do 3 circuits but ran into a friend and ended up talking for a few minutes.

then i went to yoga. it was beginner which isn’t exactly what i wanted but i’m not likely to be able to do yoga at my house and that’s all that was offered yesterday. so.

finally got a schedule change — i am teaching a class at the college MWF from 11:20-12:20 which is during the time i teach Pilates on Wednesdays. When I found out about this schedule conflict i told my supervisor who said remind me in december. the easiest solution was to just back up the class an hour but nothing is easy, right? long story short, starting in Jan Pilates will be at 9:30 am on Wed. I also picked up a Group Power class at the other facility on Tuesdays at 5:30 and am going to shorten my Tues bootcamp class to a 30 min HIIT class.

Teaching schedule this week:

Monday: beginner bootcamp/tabata

Tuesday: bootcamp

Wednesday: pilates/bootcamp

Thursday: bootcamp

Friday: subbing Group Power, maybe yoga

Saturday: some kind of crossfit on my own & yoga




4 Sep

blah day. ran with pepper about 2 1/2 miles and boy that little dog was super happy about it! she probably could have run more but i’ve never run with her so i was a little hesitant to push it too much. it wasn’t a bad run but i felt a little big and lumbering. could be pms. could be that i’m big and lumbering.

taught bootcamp & tabata today. i felt off the whole time. bootcamp wasn’t very cardio-ish and tabata just sucked. it was the hour long class and it’s just horrible. the people didn’t talk to me or smile and one girl even left early. won’t be doing that again. thankfully i was just subbing.

new bootcamp class starts tomorrow. i hope it doesn’t suck. here’s what i have planned:


@5 min warm up

jog – jacks – jog – jacks – high knees – butt kick – high knees – butt kick – squats – inchworm = squat – inchworm

2 Rounds: 50/10

Renegade Rows — Squat hold with DB bicep curl — DB lateral shoulder raises — Bench dips — Plie Squat Pulses — Mountain climbers  — Star jumps  — elbow plank jacks — Skaters — rest and repeat

2 Rounds: 40/20

180 squat jump — push ups — fast feet sprawl — db swings — upright rows  — alt lunges  — double push up burpee

partner mb: 30-60 sec

oh pass with squat — lunge to chest pass — single leg chest pass — partner slams — partner shuffle — sit ups pass — v sit rotation and pass (back to back)

looking over it i completely hate that workout. it is super hard to know what to do the first class. i don’t want to scare any new people off so no running but i don’t want it to be too easy so i might do this:

  • 5 min warm up followed by lunge with twist, knee grabs, side lunge, down dog to push up at 1 min each

teams of 3 (depending on how many show up) — each team will work together to complete 300 reps of total of each circuit:

  • 1. push ups, squat jumps, knee up crunch
  • 2. oblique crunch (300/side), squats, plank with twist (300/side)
  • 3. bench dips, forward lunge (R+L=1), coffee grinder
  • 4. bonus: partner low 5 push ups 300x
  • 5. abs & stretching

so semi good news — it looks like i’m going to be teaching yoga at the crossfit place in town on Wednesday nights. should be interesting. cross fingers i might have some more yoga in the works. my poor husband. none of this happens while harper is at school and i don’t really make enough to afford a babysitter so it really sucks all around – but do what you love and the money will follow, isn’t that how it’s supposed to work? wonder how long you’re supposed to do what you love while you’re broke?

meh. we’ll see.

beginner bootcamp & tabata

26 Aug

beginner bootcamp: no one liked the workout i did last week. evidently partner workouts give people anxiety. so we won’t be doing that.

brief warm up: high knee marches, hamstring curls + arms up flutter, jog in place, jacks, standing leg lift, shoulder raise, arms up and back

45/15 one round:

1. squat to parallel — modify squat to a chair

2. overhead press

3. db row palms up, hinge at hips

4. push ups — modified as needed

5. shuffle 3x each way

6. hollow man

7. squat hold with forward press

8. lateral raise

9. hollow man chest press

10. high knees

11. plank

12. hammer curls

13. hollow man chest flyes

14. one arm row

15. other arm row

16. burpee – modified as needed; mt climbers or jacks, etc if necessary

17. crunches, legs at 90

18. upright row

19. skull crushers

20. side lunge jumps tap floor

stretch and get ready for


  1. warm up: warrior 2 lunges / squats with knee lift
  2. upper: tricep kick and dips / divebomber push ups
  3. cardio: squat jacks / skaters with punch
  4. lower: plie squats with bicep hold / oh press with squat abduction
  5. cardio: heel clicker squats / heismans
  6. abs: woodchoppers / oblique crunch with bicycle legs




Pepperoni eyes and a few workouts

25 Aug

my daughter just wandered by talking about pepperoni eyes. i wonder if i should have followed her? 

the plan for this week:

Monday: Beginner Bootcamp, Tabata

Tuesday: Bootcamp, orientation at preschool afterwards! 

Wednesday: C25k, Pilates

Thursday: Bootcamp 

Friday: Maybe a long run? Maybe yoga? maybe both? 

Saturday:  washing cars as a part of a fundraiser for a sick little girl http://www.gofundme.com/3h3tqc

Sunday: off

my schedule changed a little – notice no more C25k on Mondays; I am teaching philosophy class at the college during that time (yay!) and finally got rid of that 6:45 pm Tabata on Thursday. 

Meal plan: 

Sunday: leftovers/wing it

Mon: veggie burgers 

Tues: couscous and sausages 

Wed: fish and chips

Thurs: breakfast for dinner (eggs, bacon, pancakes, grits, etc)

Fri: pizza night!Image


Tabata Friday

23 Aug

I subbed yoga this am and there were all of 2 people there. There’s a lot going on this weekend including that big time Nascar race so I’m guessing the locals just don’t leave the house . . . or they go to the race? that’s where the instructor was. anyway, it was fun and i love teaching and totally enjoying teaching yoga these days.

Finally got myself back on the Tabata rotation. since no one showed up for class last night, I have a ready to go plan (of course i changed some things around. i can’t just leave it alone)


  1. Warm up: 2 jacks + 2 tuck jumps, 2 tuck jumps + power jacks
  2. Upper body: push ups with feet slides on plates,  push ups to down dog
  3. Cardio: burpees + *jacks, *jacks
  4. Lower body: windmill squats (R hand to L foot, jump and switch)/ice picker heel click squat jumps (R arm overhead, squat, jump up, click heels and L arm overhead)
  5. Cardio: double burpees (jump out and in 2x then up to tuck jump)
  6. Abs: planks (on elbows, hip twists; spider; cross body, toe tap)

Next week

17 Aug

yay! 2 days off — i might do some yoga at home but i’m not going to the gym, not listening to or practicing group power and i might even eat too much. whee!

so next week — i’m teaching all of these:

Monday: beginner bootcamp, tabata, pilates and c25k [we’re on week 7 {however, we have like 4 more weeks before the 5k so we’ll see what folks want to do} so it’s straight up running no walk breaks from here on out — gotta say, i really love those walk breaks . . . ]

Tuesday: bootcamp

Wednesday: c25k, pilates

Thursday: bootcamp, tabata

Friday: yoga (yay!), c25k (maybe?) & possibly tabata

notice — no group power next week (unless something changes in the next few days) and only one class on Tuesday? I might do crossfit in the morning. or you know, not.

Menu plan for the week:

Saturday: leftovers, clean out the fridge. sounds delicious doesn’t it?

Sunday: Fish & chips

Monday: veggie burgers and some thing on the side. corn? green beans?

Tues: pasta night

Wed: breakfast for dinner.

Thurs: sausage and couscous

Fri: pizza [probably homemade]


School [like school where my husband and i teach] starts the 26th. so my monday pm class is going to either change to another time (6pm monday? another day?) and i’ll also have class wed pm. super excited to teach philosophy again. not super thrilled that i’ll make like $.37 and the baybsitter will make $.50 but whatever. Unexamined life not worth living and all that, right?


So all of this happened

16 Aug

What a week! It’s been kind of all over the place.

Good stuff first — I’m teaching Philosophy this fall! yay! does mean one class at the Y will have to go/be rescheduled but that’s ok.

now in case you were wondering where i’ve been this week —

Monday: taught beginner bootcamp, tabata, practiced group power, taught c25k

Tuesday: taught yoga, practiced group power, taught bootcamp

Wednesday: taught c25k, taught pilates, practiced group power

Thursday: taped group power (shew! i messed up tons but the people who came to class said they didn’t notice), taught bootcamp, taught tabata

and Friday: teaching group power, teaching c25k

i’m tired, ya’ll.

Yoga! and Bootcamp!

13 Aug

First things first — I am taping my Group Power routine Thursday. I have to do that for the assessment portion. I practiced today with basically my boss at the Y and yay! I did it without notes and she sent me an email later that said I did a great job and that my enthusiasm was fantastic. I hope I can get through it while I’m taping it 🙂

Subbing yoga in the am — here’s the plan —

  1. cross legs, easy pose + set intention (for tomorrow: be here now, don’t worry about goals, just practice)
  2. butterfly [bound angle] + windshield wiper legs [drop knees to one side]
  3. wide leg straddles (see below) + windshield wiper legs [drop legs to the other side]
  4. chest to knee R
  5. chest to knee L
  6. chest to middle
  7. child’s pose
  8. sun salutation A
  9. sun salutation B
  10. down dog pedal feet + vinyasa
  11. plank/down dog shifting on breath 5x
  12. mt/tadasana
  13. pyramid/salutation seal
  14. standing wide fold
  15. W1
  16. side plank
  17. sphinx –> down dog
  18. seal (child’s pose with hands clasped behind back)
  19. bow (or 1/2 bow)
  20. locust
  21. child’s pose
  22. 1/2 shoelace (cow face legs, arm oh tricep stretch other arm grabs fingers) + wipers

    Shoelace pose

  23. bottom leg straight
  24. other side
  25. bridge
  26. one leg bridge
  27. wheel (optional)
  28. seated fold
  29. fire log L/R
  30. happy baby
  31. reclined twist
  32. savasana
  33. meditation


I think it’s going to rain so i’ll plan to do things indoors. can always run outside if it’s not raining.

  • warm up:
  • side lunge – high knees – skiers – squats x2
  • side lunge with db R x20
  • high knees 30 sec
  • side lunge with db L x20
  • plie with upright row x20
  • oh press x20
  • weighted skiers x20  (db oh or at chest)
  • repeat 1-3x

if it’s not raining, we’ll go outside at this point. if it is:

  • lunge R x20 (back foot on step)
  • wide jump squats x30
  • lunge L x20
  • skaters  1 min
  • one leg reverse fly x30 (switch legs at 15)
  • squats + bicep curls
  • crescent row x30

repeat 1-2x

  • run out and back across room 5x
  • 50 squat jacks
  • run out and back 3x
  • 50 jump lunges
  • repeat (OMG just typing that i died a little. that’s gonna be tough!) — if we are outside we’ll do this on the nearby hill. double ouch. and we’ll do it 2-4 x outside. yea.


  • toe taps x6
  • double leg extension x2
  • crunches x16
  • repeat 2x
  • 1/2 roll up 4x
  • full roll up 2x
  • crunches
  • double leg extension – hold beginning and end 10 sec






Bada$$ workout comin’ atcha

8 Aug

Good stuff for Thursday — before that, today was crazy. i taught 3 classes (group power, running c25k and pilates) THEN went to crossfit. and i LOVED it. going back friday – it’s free this week. otherwise i can’t afford it. cross your fingers – they want to add yoga . . . and i’m a certified yoga instructor . . . maybe a trade?

On to Bootcamp —

here it is:

a little jog around the Y, maybe 5 min

3 rounds: 12 push ups, 30 sec supermans, 1x bear crawl

And now the good stuff:

5 rounds:

5 ninja tuck jumps (you might want to start on a mat and also, this video has really poor sound)

10/leg bridge lift — foot on ball or chair

5 plank jack on bench push ups (an alternate version is to tricep push up while jumping legs wide)

20 one arm one leg bridge ups (start on your back and power up right arm, left leg)

5/leg one leg burpees

We’ll see how long this takes — i’m thinking 20 ish minutes

Finisher + abs:

50 total partner below parallel medicine ball squats

48 total (if barbell, switch sides after 12) partner weighted sync’d squats (we’ll see how we do this — possibly pistol squats or weighted with a barbell, one end on each partner’s shoulder)

30 sec 3x double leg extension toe taps (with db)

30 sec 3x leg raise plank


Then Tabata — I will likely do the same workout I did Mon am as it’s not usually the same people.

  1. squat jump/jump lunges
  2. burpee to floor with push up/push ups
  3. skaters over step/high knees over step
  4. v sit/weighted side plank starfish
  5. plank variations (feet on step, plyo to push up, lateral walking, reverse)
  6. stomp lunges (low lunge, power up one foot landing whole foot on floor)

Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 8.04.56 PM



Oh, hi there.

25 Jul

That’s me, 2nd from the end on the right. I always forget how short I am …

I’m back. I cannot even begin to express in words how TIRED and SORE I have been this week! Training for Group Power was amazing — crazy, but amazing. Anyone out there done Group Power? Anyone done the latest release like 15x in 3 days? Yea.

So Monday,  I broke out an old workout for Beginner Bootcamp & Tabata. Then there was running. Tuesday was Bootcamp – I *thought* I’d just do the workout with them but I got in the room and loaded up a barbell and decided to do it as stations.

  • Warm up: 5 min outdoor run (I sent them out on their own and directed late comers)
  • Each station was 3 rounds:
  • Station 1: 15 Burpees, 10 push ups, 50 mt climbers
  • Station 2: 15 Squat with DB raise, 15 pop squats (squat on floor, jump to step and squat, jump down and squat), 20 bench dips
  • Station 3: 30 sec Bench jumps, 15 bent over rows [40 lb sandbag], 10 walking lunges [each leg]
  • Station 4: 50 Toe Taps on bench, 21’s [barbell], 15 jump squats

We finished with about 15 min of abs with and without the ball. Looked like a good workout. I think I’ll do it again sometime and do it with them. 🙂

On the agenda for Thursday — Bootcamp & Tabata

I like the 5 min jogging warm up. I think we’ll do it for 10 min.

  1. Pyramid: Jump Squat, Push Up, DB Swing — Start with 10 reps and decrease by 2 each round. We’ll see how long that takes, possibly go back up
  2. 15 Deadlifts – 1:00 Double Unders – 25 Burpees – 15 Cleans – 25 Box Jumps – 1:00 Double Unders – 15 Squats – 24 HR Push Ups – 1:00 Double Unders – 15/arm Snatch – 15/leg Pistols – 1:00 Double Unders – 15 OH Press – 1:00 Double Unders — (This can be done with BB or DB)
  3. Finisher/abs: 10 burpees, 10 sit ups x5 (or 10 depending on time)

Tabata + Yoga

  1. warm up – jacks/butt kicks/plie squats/squats with punches x2
  2. wall sits/squats
  3. burpees with push up/sit ups
  4. jump lunges/reverse lunges with bicep curl
  5. mt climbers/dips
  6. plank jacks/pike press [with plates]

Yoga stretches

  • on back, knees to chest
  • rock to side, arms wide
  • child’s pose, wide legs, elbows bent, hands to prayer on head
  • on all 4s, shoulder stretch (one hand under opp shoulder, lower to ground)
  • easy pose, arms overhead then forward

on all 4’s:

  • one arm forward, circle around, repeat other side
  • knee to chest, extend foot flexed
  • child’s pose
  • low cobra, down, up R, down, up L, down, cobra
  • child’s pose
  • low lunge, revolved twist, lizard, repeat other side
  • bound angle
  • staff pose, grab outside of one foot and lean back lifting leg & twisting
  • chest to knee
  • repeat other side
  • seated fold
  • savasana

have a great day/night. i must grade now (i’m teaching an online class … it’s so casual i have a hard time sitting down and just grading)