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a week off …

29 Dec

last monday was the last time i taught a class – how weird! back at it tomorrow – Beginner Bootcamp & Tabata

Beginner Bootcamp:

warm up — jog, lunges, etc @5min


  • jacks
  • push ups
  • mt climbers
  • lunges
  • plank


  • jump rope
  • curls
  • jump rope 1 leg
  • squats
  • side planks


  • high knees
  • triceps
  • butt kicks
  • turbo lunges
  • rev plank leg lifts


WAR song (?) –> I’m previewing 2 songs Wed so I thought I’d get in a little practice during class. It’s a kickboxing class all choreographed like Group Power. The good part of this is that it’s pre-planned. The bad part is that choreography does NOT come easily to me so it takes me forever to learn a new routine. Currently learning both WAR #5 and Jan ’14 Group Power. ack.

abs — possibly the WAR track as well.


I’m TOTALLY over growing out my hair. Going to call my girl tomorrow and hopefully get a cut this week. YES!

tabata: — chair, heavy db, mb

  1. jog / forward lunges / jog / side lunges
  2. db swings
  3. slow plank jacks push up/fast plank jacks
  4.  wall balls
  5. step up to OH press (chair) –> step up R, OH press L then switch next round
  6. knee tucks on chair / side plank hip lifts on chair

still awake? yea, me too.

9 Oct

got my first every filling today. i’d like it to be the last one. not only do i have {imagine that} the worst dental insurance known to man, it was not even a little bit fun. but you know what is fun? bootcamp! pilates in the am and bootcamp in the afternoon. a little bit of philosophy in the middle.

yea. anyway, here’s the plan:

warm up: the usual. jacks, squats, ropes, etc.

circuit 1: 10 push ups

regular, slow

feet up the wall 6”

feet way up the wall

repeat 2x

circuit 2: 2x: 90/15 {light db}, 60/15 sec {heavy db}

pull downs

superman rows

bridge press

upright row

overhead tricep extension

db thrusters

circuit 3: running outside 15 min

15 prisoner squats

15 high knees L+R=1

15 Burpees

1/8 Run mile — start at 7th, run to locust; locust to anderson; anderson to locust; locust to Y — repeat.

Repeat as many times as you can do it in 15 minutes

circuit 4: super!

supermans with 2.5lbs — arms in V 30 sec then pulse 20x

rest 15 sec

superman arms to side 30 sec/pulse 20x

rest 15 sec

superman arms back 30 sec/pusle 20x

hopping inchworm across floor

walking (creeping?) spider push up back

finisher: 5 min

10 wall ups; 10 bear crawl push ups





Exploding Pyrex

8 Oct

Turns out that if you leave the stove eye on and an empty pyrex dish on said eye, pyrex dish will explode. way to go science. Totally exciting to humans and puppies alike. Anywho,totally love this weather – it’s not even 70 degrees. Makes me want to run! Alas, there’s bootcamp to do — just kidding, I love bootcamp.

My arms are a tiny bit sore today —  so legs! And some arms

sweet Jesus what is wrong with her arms?!

warm up: jacks, squats, inchworms, rope x2

circuit 1: 50/10, 40/10, 30/10 — increase DB each round

OH squats

box jump squats – holding plate

OH walking lunges

db burpees

wall sits with plate

circuit 2: 40 sec x3 no rest between rounds


curtsey lunges r


curtsey lunges l

circuit 3: run to ash street 

Partner 1 runs to top, 20 squats; other stays in squat hold


20 squat jumps + run/plank hold — partner 2 will do run first this round


everybody runs up to top of melrose/ 5 tuck jumps circle around short cut and do melrose again

run back to Y


10 wall ups – bear crawl 10 push ups x5 [if time]

plank/push up circle — one person starts, does 10 push ups and move to right till everyone goes. you can go to your knees only during push ups. if your knees hit the floor any other time, you’re out and have to do burpees till we’re all finished.


23 Sep

Pretty routine week coming up — here’s the teaching / additional workouts planned

Monday: beginner bootcamp/tabata, 3.1 mile run

Tuesday: dentist appt, hope to get a [long/slow] run in after before preschool gets out, bootcamp

Wed: another dr appt in the am so sub for Pilates, bootcamp

Thurs: bootcamp

Fri: group power (i think?), might go to yoga after

Sat: kettlebell/tabata workout

Sun: off


I had some new folks in Beginner Bootcamp so I’m going to try to step back a little — that said, all of these exercises can be stepped up!

  • warm up — crossover toe touch stretch, standing elbow to knees, torso rotations, high kicks, leg swings
  • jog in place jacks, windmill steps, static squat + punch, static lunge + curl, static lunge + tri ext, tick tocks, stutter step

with stability ball:

  • hamstring curls — push ups — crunches — wall squats — inner thigh squeeze — back extension — tricep push ups — abductor lifts


  1. warm up — 2 jacks + tuck jump, 2 squats + tuck jump
  2. upper — push ups on plates — feet then supine on hands
  3. cardio — burpees
  4. lower — wall sits, jump squats
  5. cardio — burpees
  6. abs — plank, sit ups

Two times the fun!

12 Sep

Double bootcamp day tomorrow! yea! I think i’ll probably do the same workout in both — but one has an additional butt and gut. i might leave the afternoon class inside and just repeat a circuit as well if it’s 4000 degrees outside

Warm up — the usual, 30 sec per exercise repeat 2x or so

Circuit 1: Biceps & Triceps 45 sec/no rest light to med db

  • bicep curl
  • top 1/3
  • bottom 1/3
  • hold middle 10 seconds
  • alt curls
  • waiters
  • side bicep curls
  • tricep kick backs
  • 10 sec pulse
  • alt kickback
  • skull crushers
  • oh to waist (supine)
  • alt crush
  • both arm crush

Circuit 2: Cardio

100 jacks – 75 mt climbers – 50 jump rope – 25 jump squat

Circuit 3: 30/30 x3 heavy db

  • lateral step and press (in wide squat step and press forward from shoulders)
  • one leg two arm row
  • switch jumps + oh press
  • db chop + rev lunge
  • one leg/other leg/both leg fast teasers

Circuit 4: running 1 mile OR repeat #2

Circuit 5: repeat #1

Circuit 6: Optional/use if not running outside 45/15×1

  • prisoner squats
  • push ups
  • alt lunges
  • jacks
  • jump squats
  • spider plank
  • power jacks
  • spider push up
  • squat to calf raise, arms oh
  • cross body mt climber (slow)

Finisher: 45/15×3

3 tuck jump burpee

Butt & Gut 15 min — 30-45 sec/each

  • lunge R, lift leg straight up on return
  • repeat L
  • squat + abduction R
  • repeat L
  • sumo squat
  • 4 count squat
  • static lunge
  • kneeling leg lift
  • kneeling knee to nose
  • fire hydrant
  • leg circles
  • plank – out out in in
  • donkey kongs
  • starfish
  • side v crunch
  • plank twists
  • elbow plank

****Updated to say: I can’t do the same workout twice in one day. I can’t even do the same workout twice in one year. So pm bootcamp might look more like this OMG I JUST DELETED THE WORKOUT I TYPED so here’s an attempt at a recreation:

warm up: 30 sec ea jacks — power jacks – front kicks – back kicks – repeat then dynamic stretching


  • burpees + push up  x8
  • dolphin planks x8
  • Starfish side plank 30 sec
  • Moutain climbers x8
  • Spider pushups x8
  • Plank jack x8
  • repeat 6 reps, 4 reps, 8 reps


  • jump rope 50x – lunges to end of room – 5 push ups, back and repeat
  • jump rope 30x – squat walk to end of room – 5 squat thrusts, back and repeat
  • jump rope 15x – db plate drag to end of room – 5 pike press – back and repeat


  • shoulder press/wide arm push ups alt 8 reps  3x
  • hindu squats/stomp lunge alt 8 reps 4x
  • tabata alt lunges 20/push ups 10 4 rounds

#4: 30 sec ea no rest

  • power jacks – log jumps – high knees – straddle jumps – fast feet – repeat to knee taps to repeater knees to squats

#5: 30 sec ea 10 sec rest

  • side squat R – box jumps center – side squat L – box jumps center – repeat
  • split squat R (+tri oh) – split L (+up row) – repeat 2x
  • coffee grinder feet on step

#6: finisher & abs

45/15 x3 forward jump burpee + tuck jump

elbow planks  — side planks – v sits – kneeling leg lifts and fire hydrants

Per request

27 Aug

had a request for a hard bootcamp tomorrow with a focus on upper body and cardio. careful what you wish for, folks — here goes:

warm up: @30 sec each

  • butt kicks/jacks x2
  • squats /heismans [step-step-hop] x2
  • rope 2 min

circuit 1: 60 sec – 50 sec – 40 sec – 30 sec – 20 sec – 10 sec with 20 sec between rounds

  • turbo squat
  • high knees
  • burpee
  • jacks
  • rest

circuit 2: upper body/cardio 2 rounds, 30 sec rest between rounds — db = double normal weight (see my # below)

  • 10 hollow man chest press (25lbs)
  • 10 bent over row (25 lbs)
  • 60 jacks
  • 10 weighted dips (25 lbs, db in lap)
  • 10 hammer curl (25 lbs)
  • 60 jacks
  • 10 front raise (10 lbs) [i know; these are my kryptonite]
  • 10 skull crushers (25 lbs)
  • 60 jacks

circuit 3:

  • short run — up and over the bridge pausing for 10 – 20 – 30 – 40 – 50 – 60 reps at each light posts

10 tuck jumps, 20 push ups, 30 wall sit (sec), 40 lunges, 50 squats, 60 single leg deadlift (30 per leg) — run down & back to Y without stopping

circuit 5: finisher & abs!

7 min AMRAP

  • walking lunges across room (short)
  • 30 sec handstand (or walk walk up)

abs: 20 reps each

  • plank with knee to opp shoulder
  • crossfit sit ups
  • slow bicycles
  • straight leg crunch oblique
  • reverse crunces


This has me laughing way too much.

beginner bootcamp & tabata

26 Aug

beginner bootcamp: no one liked the workout i did last week. evidently partner workouts give people anxiety. so we won’t be doing that.

brief warm up: high knee marches, hamstring curls + arms up flutter, jog in place, jacks, standing leg lift, shoulder raise, arms up and back

45/15 one round:

1. squat to parallel — modify squat to a chair

2. overhead press

3. db row palms up, hinge at hips

4. push ups — modified as needed

5. shuffle 3x each way

6. hollow man

7. squat hold with forward press

8. lateral raise

9. hollow man chest press

10. high knees

11. plank

12. hammer curls

13. hollow man chest flyes

14. one arm row

15. other arm row

16. burpee – modified as needed; mt climbers or jacks, etc if necessary

17. crunches, legs at 90

18. upright row

19. skull crushers

20. side lunge jumps tap floor

stretch and get ready for


  1. warm up: warrior 2 lunges / squats with knee lift
  2. upper: tricep kick and dips / divebomber push ups
  3. cardio: squat jacks / skaters with punch
  4. lower: plie squats with bicep hold / oh press with squat abduction
  5. cardio: heel clicker squats / heismans
  6. abs: woodchoppers / oblique crunch with bicycle legs




Pilates Bootcamp

21 Aug

Pilates tomorrow — here’s a workout I’m thinking about

warm up: neck circles, shoulder circles, twist and reach, wide squat shoulder to knee, side lunge stretch

upper body/core:

  • golf ball arms 45 sec each direction
  • arm raises (like jumping jacks) 45 sec
  • soccer ball arms 45 sec each direction
  • eagle arm chest press pulse 90 seconds
  • triceps push up 8 tempo, 4 4count up/down
  • 1/2 cobra push up 22x hold last one 10 seconds
  • tricep dips 15x
  • tricep dips with leg kick 12x/leg
  • reverse plank hold 10 sec, dip 8x, hold 10 sec


  • roll up x5
  • single leg extension (100 arms) x20 hold for 10 sec
  • roll like a ball x12
  • windmill straight legs x14
  • 1-2-3 pulse single leg extension legs x10
  • criss cross x20
  • single leg drop x8
  • double leg lifts x6
  • single leg lift x14
  • dig and drag — start with legs at 90, lower both toes to mat, extend and circle legs back to 90 x11
  • reverse crunch x6, jackknife x4
  • earthquake — roll down pausing 1/3, 1/2, 2/3 for 50 sec, 30 sec, forward fold after each hold
  • plank series — forward, side

legs & glutes

  • start standing, cross R ankle over knee, squat x30, hold 10 sec, pulse 40 sec
  • squats x10, hold 20, pulse 20 sec
  • hindu squats x13
  • on all 4’s with or without db behind knee: lift and lower leg 90 sec, knee circles x30 each direction, switch legs
  • grasshopper 90 sec (on stomach, bent knees, lift and lower)
  • leg extensions x30 (stay in grasshopper and with legs lifted, extend long)
  • heel beats x30
  • scissors on belly 30 sec
  • leg circles 1 min each direction/leg







Bada$$ workout comin’ atcha

8 Aug

Good stuff for Thursday — before that, today was crazy. i taught 3 classes (group power, running c25k and pilates) THEN went to crossfit. and i LOVED it. going back friday – it’s free this week. otherwise i can’t afford it. cross your fingers – they want to add yoga . . . and i’m a certified yoga instructor . . . maybe a trade?

On to Bootcamp —

here it is:

a little jog around the Y, maybe 5 min

3 rounds: 12 push ups, 30 sec supermans, 1x bear crawl

And now the good stuff:

5 rounds:

5 ninja tuck jumps (you might want to start on a mat and also, this video has really poor sound)

10/leg bridge lift — foot on ball or chair

5 plank jack on bench push ups (an alternate version is to tricep push up while jumping legs wide)

20 one arm one leg bridge ups (start on your back and power up right arm, left leg)

5/leg one leg burpees

We’ll see how long this takes — i’m thinking 20 ish minutes

Finisher + abs:

50 total partner below parallel medicine ball squats

48 total (if barbell, switch sides after 12) partner weighted sync’d squats (we’ll see how we do this — possibly pistol squats or weighted with a barbell, one end on each partner’s shoulder)

30 sec 3x double leg extension toe taps (with db)

30 sec 3x leg raise plank


Then Tabata — I will likely do the same workout I did Mon am as it’s not usually the same people.

  1. squat jump/jump lunges
  2. burpee to floor with push up/push ups
  3. skaters over step/high knees over step
  4. v sit/weighted side plank starfish
  5. plank variations (feet on step, plyo to push up, lateral walking, reverse)
  6. stomp lunges (low lunge, power up one foot landing whole foot on floor)

Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 8.04.56 PM



whole lotta working out goin’ on

11 Jul

Thursday: yoga, bootcamp, tabata/yoga


child’s pose
down dog
standing fold/rag doll

sun a
sun b
4x each

standing balance — tree pose?

vinyasa to warrior I (R) to warrior II repeat
in w2 lock fingers behind back, head to knee, back to w2
extended side angle
peaceful warrior
vinyasa and repeat

vinyasa to mt – forward fold – wide leg fold – goddess – garland – vinyasa to seated

seated fold – reverse plank – seated head to knee R/L
vinyasa to dd — slow vinyasa from dd to seated to 1/2 lord of the fishes and repeat

from dd to plank to hover to belly – bow — up dog — dd — seated — 1/2 hero head to knee R/L [ or pigeon ]  – vinyasa

from dd to belly — 1/2 frog R/L – locust – child – cat/cow – thread needle from table – puppy pose –
come to back and roll side to side knees to chest — 🙂 baby
reclined twist — savasana

workout #2: bootcamp
warm up then 2 rounds of 45/10:
oh press – chest flyes – db squats – db lunges – one leg deadlift – bicycles
5 min cardio then round 2
5 min cardio (?) then
DB clean and press squat ladder 1-5
db snatch ladder 1-5
run bridge — depending on time we’ll just run out and back or suicide

workout #3: tabata/yoga

  1. jacks – high knees – butt kick – squat
  2. air squats – hindu plyo squats
  3. db swing with squat (heavy)
  4. box jumps/donkey kicks
  5. push ups 3 ways
  6. plank — toe to shoulder, side with lower knee tuck

yoga stretch — 15-20 min:

child – cat/cow – dd – forward fold – mt – sun salutation – ext side angle – triangle – standing wide fold – lunge twist – bow – pigeon – one leg reclined ham stretch – savasana