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2 a day

19 Nov

Subbing am bootcamp in the morning. here’s what i have planned [going to see how it goes; i might do the same workout in the afternoon; might do stations]

here’s the playlist:



warm up: @10 – 15 min

  • jog perimeter of room.
  • lunge / squat –> in big circle, forward-side squat – back lunge repeat 10x then pulse.
  • repeat jog and then lunge/squat other leg.
  • high knees around room.
  • kicks –> big circle, walk in R/L/R/front kick, walk back, back kick repeat 4x, hold kicks: front L, back R 5x, then 10x hold front kick and extend leg 10x.
  • repeat high knees and kicks other leg

superset #1 45/15 — this will start around the time Blurred Lines starts

  • db deadlift — heavy #25
  • box jumps — with plate or db across chest
  • chest press — same heavy
  • repeat

 superset #2: 45/15

  • hover –> hold as long as possible, rest and repeat
  • alt lunges – med db #15
  • wall sit + bicep curl #10
  • repeat

Tabata weighted pop squats / sit down squat jumps [if this music starts before we’re done, we’ll start the Tabata – i’ve tried to time it but that always fails IRL]

superset #3: 45/15

  • OH press #15
  • db tri ext #15
  • wide squat hold 1 db #15
  • repeat

 superset #4: 

  • plank alt arm lift – 60 sec
  • flutter kicks – 30 sec
  • plank to failure –> 3 min, as long as you can, rest 15 sec, repeat

Tabata weighted pop squats sit down squat jumps

partner finisher [5-10 min dep on time]: one person is running other person does 10 reps then switch:

push ups, db squats with bicep curl, v sits, star jumps, tricep push ups, squat jumps, inchworms, db swings, burpees

abs: leg lowers — 1/2 back sit ups — hollow man — lay flat, bent knees, obliques — double leg extensions

I’ll plan to repeat the workout in the afternoon. If I do stations — it’ll be something like this: (1 min/station, repeat if time)

downdog push ups

one knee balance bicep curl to press

wall balls

barbell thrusters

db high pulls

partner burpee med balls

bridge chest press

wide arm push up to superman

goblet squat bicep curls

I feel like this is something my mother would say.



Girl with one eye

9 Nov

Classes on Monday:

Beginner Bootcamp

  • march in place 30 sec march wide 30 sec
  • bench march 30 sec switch lead, wide legs 30 sec
  • march lift knee r 30 sec, L 30 sec
  • repeater knee 30 sec r/l
  • bench stair runs 30 sec, hold squat 20 sec, repeat L
  • bench run  30 sec, squat pulses 20 sec, repeat L
  • bench run  30 sec, 16 squats, repeat L
  • band bicep curls slow
  • alt cross body bicep curls
  • alt band curls fast
  • crunch — feet on floor, 90, straight up
  • shuffles/skaters 30 sec 2x
  • lat raise / front raise with band
  • plank variations

 if time: 

  • jacks + front kicks
  • alt lunges foot on bench then pulse R/L
  • flyes with band
  • standing ab twists


warm up — burpee add on 4 min

  1. Medicine Ball Switch Pushups / Jumping Lunge
  2. Medicine Ball Slams / Burpees
  3. Medicine Ball windmills / Double tuck jumps 
  4. Medicine Ball Lateral Hops (lateral squat jump with mb oh) / Plank Jacks
  5. plank feet on ball / hands on ball / side plank hold ballImage

Thursday workout

7 Nov

Today is a bootcamp day! I took it pretty easy yesterday and while I am not 100% I think it’s time for a tough workout. So, without further ado, here’s the plan: 

Warm up: 

lunges front, side, back 30 sec each R, then L, then combo 

jog in place – butt kick – jog – high knee – jog – jacks – jog – jump rope @30 each

Circuit 1: 60/15 x1 — heavy db

  • heavy db high pull swing
  • burpee sprawls (belly to the ground, push up, jump up)
  • x body mt climbers
  • side to side slalom burpees (feet stay together, jump back, L, R, then up)
  • db side to side lunges
  • double burpees (2 push ups/2 jumps)
  • stability ball jack knife or knees to chest
  • grasshopper burpees (kick opp leg under arm from plank)
  • alt db rows
  • speed burpee (fast as you can!)


Circuit 2: 50/15×1

  • speed prisoner squat
  • skaters
  • wall up (5)/ burpee (1) (walk up and down wall 5x, do 1 burpee, repeat)
  • bear crawl / push up (3-6-9) (bear crawl 3 steps, 3 push ups, back to start, repeat 6 steps, 6 push, etc)
  • DB thrusters (heavy)
  • sit up and alt punch (light)
  • windmills up and over end of step
  • x squat — jump forward wide, jump back narrow

Circuit 3: 40/15 x1

  • plyo step ups — tricep dips — squat pulse up and overs
  • push ups — plank — oh press
  • biceps — alt double rows — squat abduction
  • with stability ball: crunches — obliques — bridge roll ins

Circuit 4: Tabata butt and gut

  1. scorpion (feet on stability ball, kick R leg under L and switch) / wedding move with heavy db
  2. elbow plank oblique twist / bridge kicks

Now to work on a new playlist. 

are the bubbles chasing me?

15 Sep

Beginner Bootcamp:

  • warm up: 15 forward lunges, 15 side to side squats, 5 inchworms, stretch
  • #1: 10 prisoner squats, 10 push ups x3, 45 sec of each 1x
  • #2: 10 box jumps, 10 DB swings x3, 45 sec of each 1x
  • #3: 10 tuck jumps, 5 chest press x3, 45 sec of each 1x
  • #4: 10 DB snatches, 10 DB pass lunges x3, 45 sec of each 1x
  • Finisher: 2 min of 10 mt climbers, 10 burpees, 10 push ups, 10 star jacks


  • Warm up: shuffle, high knee skips, jump rope, scissors
  • Upper: dips/alt bicep curls
  • Cardio: box jumps [3 risers]/burpees
  • Lower: [2-3 risers]one foot on step squat with abduction (add jump, opt)
  • Cardio: straddle jumps[1 riser]/burpees
  • Abs: spider plank/v sits


10 Sep

On the schedule today: Bootcamp! I might also go for a run. I have lots on my mind and a good run seems like it might be a good idea.

warm up: 30 sec x2

  • pogo hops — jacks — squats with heel lift — jump squats

Circuit 1 

  • jog out and back room 4x
  • leapfrog down, 10 jacks, jog back
  • repeat 3x

Circuit 2: Tabata

  • upright row — clean and press

Circuit 3: Run to Ash st

  • jog up/down hill 4x
  • leap frog up hill, 20 jacks, jog down
  • repeat till someone pukes

Circuit 4: Back to Y/Tabata

  • up right row — clean and press


crunches — planks — toe to shoulder

Just another Monday and a request

8 Sep

Beginner Bootcamp: 30 min

warm up: 30 sec each exercise

  • pogo hops — jacks — squats with heel lift — repeat from beginning — jog room — push ups — jog room — push ups

each exercise in every progression: about 30-60 seconds

  • step touch progression: start with step touch, add a squat, add a jump squat, change step touch to a leap; rest and repeat
  • forward jump 4x, jog 8 steps back — about 4 rounds
  • jogging patterns — high knees, butt kicks, fast feet, etc
  • lunge progression: alt lunge, add a knee, step foot back farther till hands to floor, stomp; rest and repeat same leg, rest and other leg
  • side leaps — 2 rounds, 2 leaps, 4 leaps, 8 leaps
  • jog wide legs 3 steps, tuck jump 30 sec, 8 tuck jumps @4 rounds
  • fast feet sprawl to 4 push ups
  • static lunge progression: static pulse 3x and stand, pulse 4 to stand, pulse 2 to jump, jump, rest and repeat
  • abs: planks and crunches

i wonder . . .

TABATA: advanced, 30 min

  1. warm up: @30 sec per exercise, 2x pogo hops, jacks, high knees, skaters
  2. push ups / plank jacks
  3. high knees / burpees
  4. jump squats / jump lunges
  5. jacks / mt climbers
  6. side planks / side burpees / planks / russian twists

What are your favorite songs to workout to? I’m totally bored with my playlists so help me out here!


4 Sep

blah day. ran with pepper about 2 1/2 miles and boy that little dog was super happy about it! she probably could have run more but i’ve never run with her so i was a little hesitant to push it too much. it wasn’t a bad run but i felt a little big and lumbering. could be pms. could be that i’m big and lumbering.

taught bootcamp & tabata today. i felt off the whole time. bootcamp wasn’t very cardio-ish and tabata just sucked. it was the hour long class and it’s just horrible. the people didn’t talk to me or smile and one girl even left early. won’t be doing that again. thankfully i was just subbing.

new bootcamp class starts tomorrow. i hope it doesn’t suck. here’s what i have planned:


@5 min warm up

jog – jacks – jog – jacks – high knees – butt kick – high knees – butt kick – squats – inchworm = squat – inchworm

2 Rounds: 50/10

Renegade Rows — Squat hold with DB bicep curl — DB lateral shoulder raises — Bench dips — Plie Squat Pulses — Mountain climbers  — Star jumps  — elbow plank jacks — Skaters — rest and repeat

2 Rounds: 40/20

180 squat jump — push ups — fast feet sprawl — db swings — upright rows  — alt lunges  — double push up burpee

partner mb: 30-60 sec

oh pass with squat — lunge to chest pass — single leg chest pass — partner slams — partner shuffle — sit ups pass — v sit rotation and pass (back to back)

looking over it i completely hate that workout. it is super hard to know what to do the first class. i don’t want to scare any new people off so no running but i don’t want it to be too easy so i might do this:

  • 5 min warm up followed by lunge with twist, knee grabs, side lunge, down dog to push up at 1 min each

teams of 3 (depending on how many show up) — each team will work together to complete 300 reps of total of each circuit:

  • 1. push ups, squat jumps, knee up crunch
  • 2. oblique crunch (300/side), squats, plank with twist (300/side)
  • 3. bench dips, forward lunge (R+L=1), coffee grinder
  • 4. bonus: partner low 5 push ups 300x
  • 5. abs & stretching

so semi good news — it looks like i’m going to be teaching yoga at the crossfit place in town on Wednesday nights. should be interesting. cross fingers i might have some more yoga in the works. my poor husband. none of this happens while harper is at school and i don’t really make enough to afford a babysitter so it really sucks all around – but do what you love and the money will follow, isn’t that how it’s supposed to work? wonder how long you’re supposed to do what you love while you’re broke?

meh. we’ll see.

beginner bootcamp & tabata

26 Aug

beginner bootcamp: no one liked the workout i did last week. evidently partner workouts give people anxiety. so we won’t be doing that.

brief warm up: high knee marches, hamstring curls + arms up flutter, jog in place, jacks, standing leg lift, shoulder raise, arms up and back

45/15 one round:

1. squat to parallel — modify squat to a chair

2. overhead press

3. db row palms up, hinge at hips

4. push ups — modified as needed

5. shuffle 3x each way

6. hollow man

7. squat hold with forward press

8. lateral raise

9. hollow man chest press

10. high knees

11. plank

12. hammer curls

13. hollow man chest flyes

14. one arm row

15. other arm row

16. burpee – modified as needed; mt climbers or jacks, etc if necessary

17. crunches, legs at 90

18. upright row

19. skull crushers

20. side lunge jumps tap floor

stretch and get ready for


  1. warm up: warrior 2 lunges / squats with knee lift
  2. upper: tricep kick and dips / divebomber push ups
  3. cardio: squat jacks / skaters with punch
  4. lower: plie squats with bicep hold / oh press with squat abduction
  5. cardio: heel clicker squats / heismans
  6. abs: woodchoppers / oblique crunch with bicycle legs





14 Jul


Beginner Bootcamp (30 min) followed immediately by Tabata (advanced/30 min)

  • warm up: [low impact] high knees, butt kick, squats, jacks
  • circuit 1: squats/push ups/jacks x3
  • circuit 2: squat thrusts/alt lunges/standing leg lifts w/ oh press x3
  • circuit 3: walk/jog around big gym (or outside Y) 3x with 1 min plank in between laps



  1. knee hugs/walking lunges/arm circles/jacks
  2. split jumps/down dog push ups
  3. squat thrusts + push up
  4. jump squats/spiderman push ups
  5. burpees variations (1/2 burpee + tuck jump, candlestick …)
  6. plank variations

C25k (1 hour, afternoon)

so it’s going to be 4000 degrees Monday afternoon so we might play this by ear — at this point we are only outside about 25/30 min so it shouldn’t be terrible and i think i will encourage folks to bring water with them.

Options this week:

  • warm up 5 min walk, run 1 min, walk 3 x5
  • warm up 5 min walk, run 90 sec, walk 90 sec; run 3 min, walk 3 min x2
  • warm up 5 min walk, run 2 min, walk 1 min x7

We’ll come back to the Y and do 20ish min butt/gut and stretching

  • donkey kicks (on all 4s)
  • plank – bring toe to knee and cross knee over and out
  • on belly, heels together, knees bent butt lifts x2
  • plank cross overs x2
  • i have no idea what to call this move: sit with one leg in front and other leg behind and bent, lifting back leg up and down then forward and back,
  • pretzel leg crunch
  • keep ankle over knee, bridge lifts
  • x crunch (right arm to left leg

repeat from the top depending on time

Lets go for a run!

30 Apr

This is going to be good! 


Warm up then go for short walk/jog towards the bridge. Everyone will walk/run across the bridge with the goal being to get across – the first person to get across is the marker and for subsequent rounds wherever people are when first person gets to the end of bridge that’s where you’ll go. I hope that makes sense. We’ll go back across and at the bottom complete 100 reps then run again

Power Jacks Squats (or regular squats or some combo)

Push Ups – knees or toes or combo

Lunges – forward, reverse, side, jump

Sit Ups or Crunches

Then we’ll return to the Y for a cooldown/stretch