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Longest run since April

10 Sep


Y’all! This was a slow, easy run — my longest in months! I feel great!!!


Couch 2 5k

29 Jul

Week 5! 11 weeks total so we r taking the 8 week app and slowing it way down.

Week 4 in the app is this


So I’ll see how the kids feel. We might repeat last week which was this


In addition to running we also do a few minutes of strength/toning:

Plank knee to chest
Single leg dead lift R/L
Off set push up
Goblet squat
Plank walks (lateral, up/down)
Donkey kicks
Side plank R/L
Bridge on ball with hamstring curl


2013 Race Schedule

8 Jan


(Pic from Laurel Run Park)

Just want to put this in writing – then maybe I’ll do it. 🙂 Found these races on both runtricities.org and http://www.trailrunnermag.com/. Some of these links are race entry forms if you’re in the area . . . bet you’ll beat me!

4/6 Power to the Tower Trail Run 21k (I really want to do the 50k but I don’t know that I can build up that much mileage that quickly given how stupid sick I’ve been)

4/20 Laurel Run Ascent 11 mile (Totally my favorite run from last year — crazy 5.5 mi uphill then the same down — though if it’s like the other trail races i’ve run, 11 miles is an estimate. most are off by .5-1 mile!)

7/7 Harbison Half Marathon Trail (Columbia, SC – this one depends on a lot. like am i really going to travel to SC for a race? I bet it will be hot hot hot — seriously, July in SC. What am I thinking? my sister lives there though so childcare is built in . . . )

7/16 Wolf Run 7 mile (missed this one last year due to vacation; I heard mixed reviews)

8/31 Iron Mountain 30M (missed this one last year. long story)

9/14 Bays Mt Trail Race 15 mile (missed this one last year)

Monday Bootcamp

28 Oct

Here’s the plan: (the order is [not mentioned] warmup, partners [in pink], tabata 1, dumbbell challenge then tabata burpee finisher followed by abs [also not mentioned].

No more races

12 Aug

Ran a 10k last night. I so wanted to run a sub 1 hour 10k. It’s so possible but for some reason I CAN”T DO IT and it’s taking the fun out of running that I fail at goals. So, for now, other than the Iron Mountain 16 miler on Sept 1, no more races. BTW i fully expect to DNF at the 16 miler. I haven’t been running much – I teach 3 bootcamps a week and 1 pilates and I just HATE HATE HATE running on the treadmill so I was undertrained for a 10k . . . 16 miles is not going to be pretty.

Chasing Snakes 10k

17 Mar

10k the morning! Time last year: 1:05 ave. pace: 10:30
Goal: <;1:00
May the road rise up to meet you!


Edited: I fell apart during this race. and forgot about all the damn hills. Ave pace: 9:56 finish: 1:01:43 which is faster than last year (and I threw up).

Long run

17 Feb

So I signed up for a 10 miler on Sat 2/25. Haven’t done double digits since, oh, Sept.

Today: 7.1 1:20! YEA! Admittedly walked some but I was on a treadmill. But yea I did it!

Happy Friday, y’all!

Virtual Run for Sherry

11 Feb

I have been following this story since I read about it on http://www.shutupandrun.net/

I used to run outside, the same route, every morning before work when I lived in MA. I ran through a dark park with no lights and I never thought twice about it. When I was training for the 1/2 marathon last fall, I ran by myself outside and while I did worry (funny what having a child will do), it didn’t stop me but I did not run the same route every day – in fact, I only ran my long runs outside and did most of the work inside on the treadmill (again, funny what having a child will do – my gym has a nursery that allows you to leave your children up to 2 hours; mom guilt won’t let me run outside that whole time [what if something happened?] so treadmill it is).

Point is, what happened to Sherry could have happened to me, to any one of us – be careful out there and give your loved ones an extra hug today.

Christmas in Lights

14 Nov

Awesome local 5k . . . and with my daughter! Her first race! So much fun – she LOVED it AND fell asleep on the way home! WIN!!!

Why I run

10 Oct

I’ve been thinking – particularly during this injury – about why I run/exercise and it’s really not to be a size 2 (I’ve never been that ever!) – I want to be strong, healthy & set a good example for My daughter. Running I love because there’s always room for improvement – running a race, running faster, etc – so I run to be stronger and better.