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You better not pout

8 Dec

so true.

i’m telling you why: i didn’t run saturday. there is a lot going on in our lives right now that i’m not going to go into here so suffice to say saturday just wasn’t the day for me to run. i ended up going to to gym and doing this circuit:

  • 500 meter row — 30 push ups — 1000 meter row – 20 push ups – repeat
  • .12 mile run — 50 lunges — 25 squats – i was not going to do 3 circuits but ran into a friend and ended up talking for a few minutes.

then i went to yoga. it was beginner which isn’t exactly what i wanted but i’m not likely to be able to do yoga at my house and that’s all that was offered yesterday. so.

finally got a schedule change — i am teaching a class at the college MWF from 11:20-12:20 which is during the time i teach Pilates on Wednesdays. When I found out about this schedule conflict i told my supervisor who said remind me in december. the easiest solution was to just back up the class an hour but nothing is easy, right? long story short, starting in Jan Pilates will be at 9:30 am on Wed. I also picked up a Group Power class at the other facility on Tuesdays at 5:30 and am going to shorten my Tues bootcamp class to a 30 min HIIT class.

Teaching schedule this week:

Monday: beginner bootcamp/tabata

Tuesday: bootcamp

Wednesday: pilates/bootcamp

Thursday: bootcamp

Friday: subbing Group Power, maybe yoga

Saturday: some kind of crossfit on my own & yoga



only one mile

1 Oct

impulse buy of the day: Tuaca. if you haven’t had some, go get some. it’s awesome.

annoying thing of the day: guy in philosophy class. he doesn’t read, doesn’t understand shit and barely tries. on top of all that he dominates the conversation with irrelevant inanity. SO ANNOYING.

good news: husband’s fainting spell was just that (did i mention that? he fainted last week so i made him a dr appt) – caused by stress due to his job and internalizing of stress. I was worried it was something more serious but happy to report he’s in otherwise great health. now if i can get him to the gym …

and now for Tuesday: