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Beginner Bootcamp & Tabata

8 Dec

Funny story: guy has been coming to class for months. he asked last week or so if there were other morning classes [because there isn’t a HUGE schedule posted outside on the wall . . . ] so i directed him to the am bootcamp classes on T/R. he loved the class – fabulous BUT [i cannot even tell you how much this annoys me] he told a mutual friend that the T/R class he went to was SO MUCH HARDER and he never gets a workout like that in my class.

can we talk about something: what does BEGINNER bootcamp mean to you? to me, it means, “geared towards those just starting out or returning to exercise after an extended absence.” Therefore, all workouts are designed with that in mind. While there are participants who have been taking the class for a while, most fall into the definition above. I keep the instruction low impact while offering ways to modify up or down — my thought is that dude is not working as hard as he could be, for one thing, and also does not realize he’s in a beginner class.

anyway, it’s annoying.

But on to the workout:


warm up (blow me)

  • circuit 1 (whistle): push ups x12 – wall sits w/ bicep curls x12 – stability ball crunch x15
  • circuit 2 (gangnam style): db row x 15 – lunge w/ lat raise x10 – supermans x15
  • circuit 3 (good time): push ups x15 – squats x12 – plank x30s
  • circuit 4 (one more night): chest press on ball x10 – wedding move x12 – oblique crunch on ball x10
  • circuit 5 (as long as you love me): dips x10 – dead lifts x10 – criss cross x20
  • repeat circuit 1 (without you) & circuit 3 (idealistic) –>depending on time?

cool down/stretch  (hello)

Playlist: Screen shot 2013-12-08 at 4.17.45 PM

tabata: equipment needed: mat and step

  1. curtsey lunges to sumo squat R/L
  2. suicide plank with plank jack
  3. abs: toe touch / reach through
  4. plank jack burpees / plank pendulum
  5. pendulum lunge up and over step
  6. squat jumps / pop squats with hand tap to floor
Princess Tinkerbell Snowflake

Princess Tinkerbell Snowflake


Wednesday – my new fav site for workouts

3 Dec

After Monday’s burpee fest, I promised class that there would be no more burpees this week. LOL.

Y’all ever heard of GPP fitness? It’s pretty awesome — crossfit type workouts. did one sat and it was AWESOME! Going to adapt one for bootcamp tomorrow!

EMOM = every minute on the minute

basic warm up (jacks – squats – lunges – t push, etc)

Circuit 1:

  • 10 HEAVY db thrusters EMOM during this circuit — whatever we’re doing, every minute on the minute, stop and do 10 thrusters
  • 3 min prisoner squats with holds
  • 3 min plate switches
  • 1 min rest

Circuit 2: Shoulders – 2 rounds — on my count:

  •            20 front raises 15/20#
  •            20 upright row 15/20#
  •            20 OH press 15/20#

Circuit 3: Triceps – 2 rounds

  •             10 tricep push-ups
  •             20 skull crushers 15/20#
  •             20 OH tricep extension 15/20

Circuit 4: Abs  – 2 rounds

  •             20 situps
  •             20 R side ups — side plank hip ups
  •             20 L side ups
  •             20 Superman back ext’s

Circuit 5: Legs  -2 rounds

  •             20 BTB squats  — hold squat at bottom, below parallel, up on my count
  •             20 jump lunges
  •             20 alt single leg deadlift 15/20#

Finisher: repeat circuit 1 


  • 20 v-ups
  • 20 side plank hip dips R
  • 20 side plank hip dips L
  • 20 superman back ext
  • 20 tap down crunches — bent knee toe taps + crunch
  • 20 sec bridges

Tuesday legs day

2 Dec

Bootcamp Tuesday will be a legs day. I’m thinking cardio Wed and upper body (biceps/triceps? shoulders/back?) Thurs

So — here’s the plan:

warm up: 30 sec or so each move x2

  • jacks – power jacks – squats- jump squats – alt lunges – plyo step ups

Circuit 1: 5 min

  • steps will be set up across the room in increasing height — no risers, 1 riser, 2 risers, 3 – 4 – 5 i think that might be all and then back down so 10 steps total. we’ll all start at one end and box jump across the room, slow lunge back. Drill continues for 5 min

Circuit 2: 5 min or as long as it takes to do 30 sec per step

  • everyone gets a step (if more than 10 ppl we’ll just have that many steps out) — 30 sec plyo step ups start with R leg/30 sec squats/repeat L leg — move a step and repeat — Drill continues for 5 min –> we’ll change it up, sometimes plyo step ups, sometimes box jumps, some squat to box jump, oh and my fav sit to squat jump along with split squats, etc

Circuit 3: upper body circuit –> with db – bicep curls 3 min vary

Abs: sit on step — knee in and outs 1 min

Circuit 4: repeater knees — go through each step so another 5 min

Circuit 5: upper body — triceps

Abs: plank for 1 min – side planks 30 sec/side

Circuit 6: 5 min –> jacks on floor – jacks on step 1 min switch lead leg after 30 sec. go through each step

Circuit 7: upper body — lat raises with band and flyes (cross band in front and pull back)

Abs: sit on step — russian twists

Circuit 8:

  • w/ medium db: 30 sec lunge R — 30 sec lunge L — 10 jump squats — repeat
  •  w/ plate — 30 sec wall sit — 30 sec squat to box jump — 10x jump lunges — repeat
  • 30 sec stomp R — 30 sec stomp L — 30 sec plate switches — repeat

***If there is still time ***

In groups of 3: (running group is timer)

plank                                      dolphin plank                                   squat hold

squats                                    alt warrior 3                                       turbo lunge

run out and back 2x          high knees out and back 2x            bear crawl out/crab walk back

abs and stretch and done!

Two times the fun!

12 Sep

Double bootcamp day tomorrow! yea! I think i’ll probably do the same workout in both — but one has an additional butt and gut. i might leave the afternoon class inside and just repeat a circuit as well if it’s 4000 degrees outside

Warm up — the usual, 30 sec per exercise repeat 2x or so

Circuit 1: Biceps & Triceps 45 sec/no rest light to med db

  • bicep curl
  • top 1/3
  • bottom 1/3
  • hold middle 10 seconds
  • alt curls
  • waiters
  • side bicep curls
  • tricep kick backs
  • 10 sec pulse
  • alt kickback
  • skull crushers
  • oh to waist (supine)
  • alt crush
  • both arm crush

Circuit 2: Cardio

100 jacks – 75 mt climbers – 50 jump rope – 25 jump squat

Circuit 3: 30/30 x3 heavy db

  • lateral step and press (in wide squat step and press forward from shoulders)
  • one leg two arm row
  • switch jumps + oh press
  • db chop + rev lunge
  • one leg/other leg/both leg fast teasers

Circuit 4: running 1 mile OR repeat #2

Circuit 5: repeat #1

Circuit 6: Optional/use if not running outside 45/15×1

  • prisoner squats
  • push ups
  • alt lunges
  • jacks
  • jump squats
  • spider plank
  • power jacks
  • spider push up
  • squat to calf raise, arms oh
  • cross body mt climber (slow)

Finisher: 45/15×3

3 tuck jump burpee

Butt & Gut 15 min — 30-45 sec/each

  • lunge R, lift leg straight up on return
  • repeat L
  • squat + abduction R
  • repeat L
  • sumo squat
  • 4 count squat
  • static lunge
  • kneeling leg lift
  • kneeling knee to nose
  • fire hydrant
  • leg circles
  • plank – out out in in
  • donkey kongs
  • starfish
  • side v crunch
  • plank twists
  • elbow plank

****Updated to say: I can’t do the same workout twice in one day. I can’t even do the same workout twice in one year. So pm bootcamp might look more like this OMG I JUST DELETED THE WORKOUT I TYPED so here’s an attempt at a recreation:

warm up: 30 sec ea jacks — power jacks – front kicks – back kicks – repeat then dynamic stretching


  • burpees + push up  x8
  • dolphin planks x8
  • Starfish side plank 30 sec
  • Moutain climbers x8
  • Spider pushups x8
  • Plank jack x8
  • repeat 6 reps, 4 reps, 8 reps


  • jump rope 50x – lunges to end of room – 5 push ups, back and repeat
  • jump rope 30x – squat walk to end of room – 5 squat thrusts, back and repeat
  • jump rope 15x – db plate drag to end of room – 5 pike press – back and repeat


  • shoulder press/wide arm push ups alt 8 reps  3x
  • hindu squats/stomp lunge alt 8 reps 4x
  • tabata alt lunges 20/push ups 10 4 rounds

#4: 30 sec ea no rest

  • power jacks – log jumps – high knees – straddle jumps – fast feet – repeat to knee taps to repeater knees to squats

#5: 30 sec ea 10 sec rest

  • side squat R – box jumps center – side squat L – box jumps center – repeat
  • split squat R (+tri oh) – split L (+up row) – repeat 2x
  • coffee grinder feet on step

#6: finisher & abs

45/15 x3 forward jump burpee + tuck jump

elbow planks  — side planks – v sits – kneeling leg lifts and fire hydrants

3 days off

3 Sep

seriously. 3 days off. i’m ready to strangle someone. i did do yoga on Sat but nothing Sun and nothing Monday. 


so thankfully tomorrow i have a few workouts planned.

AM: Harper starts preschool and i have a meeting after i drop her off. assuming i don’t lose speed, i’m going on a 50 min slow run — i need to get my running legs back so i downloaded an app called gipis and created a plan to ease me into running and get me ready for Charlotte Tough Mudder Nov 2. yea, that’s happening.

So beyond my run i also have two classes – subbing intermediate tabata which is a 60 min class. i kind of hate it — it’s really not tabata at all, like even less than the 30 min tabata is tabata. See Tabata Protocol.

But first – BOOTCAMP!

Focus on ABS & Cardio

5 min warm up –– x2

  • 30 sec seal jacks
  • 30 sec power jacks one hop, low squat
  • 5-6 inchworms – hop feet in or walk
  • 6-8/sidelunge to triangle stretch/revolved (bent knee)

Abs Circuit (30 seconds per exercise)

  • Stability Ball Leg Curl
  • Stability Ball Jackknife
  • Get-up (30 seconds per side)
  • Cross-Body Mountain Climber
  • Sprint across the room

Rest 1 minute — repeat 1 time.

50/10 x2

  • walk out push ups and tuck jump
  • 3 way burpee jump & OH press with mb
  • low jack
  • superman push up
  • donkey kong and jump abs with db (opt)
  • sumo knees (wide knee lift r/l with db oh) and half burpee

ABs: 1 round 50/10

  • tuck abs and raise arms
  • rev crunch diamond legs
  • toe touch R/L alternate


  • MB sit up to leg extension
  • elbow plank to side plank
  • MB slams with alt knee lift
  • spider plank
  • bicycles
  • side crunch
  • tighten core – lie on floor, crunch up, hold and drop MB to abs.

Running outside or 50/10×2

  • paper plate push ups
  • push up and pike ball rolls — stability ball
  • side plank inner thigh leg lift L – chair
  • side plank lift R
  • squat jacks
  • donkey kong abs and jump

50/10 x1

  • v sit R/L
  • toe touch and roll over
  • ball plank and under knees with stability ball

Tabata: (60 min) — i’m not sure i planned enough so if not, i’ll repeat something or make them do sprints in the parking lot.

20/10 warm up: rope, high knees, burpees, jacks x2

4 rounds: 45/15: — i remembered i have some music set to 45/15 but i’ve never listened to it so i don’t know how long it is/how many rounds/appropriateness of it but maybe … or gymboss!

  • squats — rest in squat
  • push ups with shoulder tap
  • plyo lunges – rest in lunge
  • repeater knees
  • side plank dips L, rest in plank / mt climbers
  • side plank dips R / everest climbers
  • one leg burpee/one leg deadlift
  • other leg burpee/other leg deadlift

Circuit: 25 squats/15 push ups/50 jacks 3x

20/10 Tabata:

  • hamstring ball curl/chest fly on ball
  • oh press on ball/back extension on ball
  • crunches on ball/lat raises on ball
  • plank with toes on ball, tap to either side

Circuit: 25 squats/15 push ups/50 jacks 3x


Busy Monday

18 Aug

I’ve taken it pretty easy this weekend – especially knowing I have to teach 4 classes Monday. Check it out:

Beginner Bootcamp

Warm up — [I might use this warm up all week]

  • Crescent Lunges — hold on each side 30 sec each
  • Overhead Squats — hold empty bar or arms overhead, 12 reps
  • Sit-Ups on the ball 12 reps
  • Hip Extension on the ball 12 reps
  • Dips on the floor 12 reps
  • repeat 1x

Circuit 1. Hustle — partners or 2 teams — 5 yoga blocks in a line = distance apart

medicine ball will be at the end of the room — one  person has to pick up and ladder back to the start (run forward 2 blocks, back 1, etc) — those waiting will perform high knees, butt kicks, squats with front kicks, burpees, mt climbers, etc dep on # of people

Circuit 2. blanket pulls — or optional pulling sandbag on a jump rope — forwards and backwards

Circuit 3. teams will be on one end of the room and one person at a time will run to other end, perform a clean with 2 presses and run back. repeat till everyone has gone — people waiting will perform squats, lunges, planks, push ups, etc depending on # of people

Circuit 4. everyone will take a weight overhead — medicine ball, dumbbell, sandbag-  and do one lap of walking lunges around the room

Circuit 5. 4 mats in a circle — the group must complete (as a team) 100 reps total of the following exercises:

  • renegade push ups
  • supermans
  • mt climbers
  • side plank high 5’s

Repeat one or more circuits depending on time





  1. jacks/mt climbers
  2. db thrusters/db high pulls
  3. lunge jumps/high knees
  4. burpees/supermans
  5. squat thrusts with push up
  6. plank variations

plank variations



I don’t know yet — I am SO bored with pilates. Maybe I’ll do some Yogalates tomorrow? I just feel like I do the same thing all the time — any ideas out there?



We’re getting to the home stretch here — the app is only 8 weeks long and from this week on it’s all running the whole time. I don’t know if everyone is ready for that so here are some options for this week:

  • warm up 5 min walk; run 4 min, walk 1 x4
  • warm up 5 min walk, run 5 min, walk 3 min, run 8 min, walk 3 min, run 5 min
  • warm up 5 min walk, run 9 min, walk 2 min x3

Then a bit of butt/gut & stretching

check out the workout for butt and gut routine following c25k

hour of power

18 Jul


So click that link and you’ll see what i’m in for this weekend. eek. Here’s another link. double eek.

Before that, Bootcamp & Tabata to get through [please note, we are leaving at 5:30 am. have i mentioned how NOT a morning person i am?]

had a request for some inner thigh work so here’s the bootcamp plan —


Circuit 1: 45/15

  • alt fly & ball crunch
  • curtsey lunge + bicep curl
  • back kick + oh press
  • pilates push up
  • bench dips, feet on the ball
  • surrenders
  • frog kicks
  • warrior III + tricep kick
  • deadlift
  • one leg hamstring curl on the ball

Circuit 2: 12 min AMRAP

  • 50 jump rope
  • 10 pilates push ups
  • 10 split jumps or jump lunges

Circuit 3: 1-15 ladder

burpees – plie squat with up row

Circuit 4: 1:00/:30 (alternate one move for 1:00, the next for :30, no rest)

squat jacks – side lunges R – squats – jog – burpees – side lunge L – pendulum lunge R – jump rope – plie jump squats – repeater knee R – pendulum lunge L – rope – plie squat jumps – repeater knee L

Circuit 5/finisher: 50/10

  • bridge on ball, move one leg up, down, side
  • squat, swing leg over ball
  • bridge other side
  • squat other side
  • side plank leg lift bottom, top
  • curtsey pulse squat
  • standing dancer swing
  • plies

Circuit 6: Abs

  • 30 ball crunches
  • 20 bicycles
  • 20 toe crunches (ball btwn feet)
  • 20 rev crunch
  • 15 plank dip r
  • 30 crunch
  • 15 plank dip l
  • 40 russian twists
  • 30 bicycles
  • 15 one leg v up
  • 20 rev crunch
  • 15 one leg v up
  • 10 leg lowers

Um, yea, this picture never gets old.


  1. warm up — something
  2. breakdance push ups
  3. squats/180 squat jumps
  4. x jumps (plank narrow to wide arms and legs)
  5. lunges/jump lunges
  6. get ups r/l


whole lotta working out goin’ on

11 Jul

Thursday: yoga, bootcamp, tabata/yoga


child’s pose
down dog
standing fold/rag doll

sun a
sun b
4x each

standing balance — tree pose?

vinyasa to warrior I (R) to warrior II repeat
in w2 lock fingers behind back, head to knee, back to w2
extended side angle
peaceful warrior
vinyasa and repeat

vinyasa to mt – forward fold – wide leg fold – goddess – garland – vinyasa to seated

seated fold – reverse plank – seated head to knee R/L
vinyasa to dd — slow vinyasa from dd to seated to 1/2 lord of the fishes and repeat

from dd to plank to hover to belly – bow — up dog — dd — seated — 1/2 hero head to knee R/L [ or pigeon ]  – vinyasa

from dd to belly — 1/2 frog R/L – locust – child – cat/cow – thread needle from table – puppy pose –
come to back and roll side to side knees to chest — 🙂 baby
reclined twist — savasana

workout #2: bootcamp
warm up then 2 rounds of 45/10:
oh press – chest flyes – db squats – db lunges – one leg deadlift – bicycles
5 min cardio then round 2
5 min cardio (?) then
DB clean and press squat ladder 1-5
db snatch ladder 1-5
run bridge — depending on time we’ll just run out and back or suicide

workout #3: tabata/yoga

  1. jacks – high knees – butt kick – squat
  2. air squats – hindu plyo squats
  3. db swing with squat (heavy)
  4. box jumps/donkey kicks
  5. push ups 3 ways
  6. plank — toe to shoulder, side with lower knee tuck

yoga stretch — 15-20 min:

child – cat/cow – dd – forward fold – mt – sun salutation – ext side angle – triangle – standing wide fold – lunge twist – bow – pigeon – one leg reclined ham stretch – savasana

Monday workouts

8 Jul

Beginner Bootcamp (30 min)

warm up -- basic mobility @3-5 min

reps based on feedback -- we'll go till someone says stop:

  • ball squats with bicep curls
  • hold squat just bicep curls
  • ball squats with hammer curls
  • hold squat just hammer curls
  • REST
  • plies with overhead press -- (using stability ball as weight)
  • hold plie just oh press
  • hold arms just plie
  • plie with overhead press
  • REST
  • bench press on ball
  • "wedding move" with db*
  • chest flyes
  • "wedding move" with db
  • tricep extensions
  • "wedding move" with db
  • REST
  • see-saw reach
  • plank on ball
  • crunch
  • superman

*wedding move is borrowed from another instructor. I'm sure it has a real name but you lean back against ball, db resting on legs and lower glutes to floor and back up -- story is that a girl used to come to her class and they did this move religiously to get her ready for her wedding. after the wedding she never came back. lol. i can't make this stuff up.

Tabata (30 min -- advanced) -- i might do what it says here but i might do a total cardio tabata. we'll see how we all feel.

Tabata with the band

why is that so miniature? clearly i can't master technology. it says:

Tabata with the Band

squats -- stand on band, wrap over shoulders
band jacks -- stay in squat and jacks

push ups -- band wrapped around back and crossed in front
overhead press

high pulls -- standing on band, both hands lift, elbows lead
bent rows

mt climbers band around back like in push up

split lunges R
split lunges L

plank - band wrapped around back like push up
alternate hold the first, then out out in in legs/plank jack

Couch to 5k

We are on week 2 -- I hope it doesn't rain. we ended up doing last wed on the treadmill which is fine but i hate to do that all the time . . . plus i hate the treadmill . . .

anyway i have 3 levels going: [we're all going to end up in the same place but i have a couple who are literally just starting so they are starting off walking. then i have not beginners who probably can run 3 miles but maybe want to run faster so they are starting off "advanced"]


warm up 5 min walk; run 0, walk 4 (fast) walk 1 (slow)


warm up 5 min walk, run 90 sec, walk 2 min = 20 min


warm up 5 min walk, run 2 min, walk 1 min x7

We'll then reconvene in the aerobic room for 20 or so minutes of butt and gut:

squats -- plie squats -- donkey kicks -- bridge kicks -- crunches -- v-sit -- leg raises -- planks

in fact -- i might just repeat beginner bootcamp for these guys. we'll see how it goes.


This week

27 Jun

So I’ve had a little insomnia this week.  I think I finally slept last night but you know how that goes –

now I’m really tired.

Workouts today include Yoga, Bootcamp & Tabata. Wanna hear about some? Bootcamp is gonna be awesome.

Warm up: 30 sec of each, no rest

  • jacks – seal jacks – cross over jacks arms overhead – high knees – run in place – squats – alt front kick – opp elbow to knee – calf raises – arm circles – side to side stretch – side lunges

Circuit 1: Cardio 30/15 x2

  • jacks – jump lunges – burpees – alt side lunges – squat jacks – push ups – skaters – plank jacks

Circuit 2:

  • 60/10:
  • rev lunge with front kick R
  • butt kicks
  • rev lunge with front kick L
  • butt kicks

rest 30 sec & repeat

  • 30/10:
  • R leg in front, tiny hops
  • fire hydrant R
  • L leg in front, tiny hops
  • fire hydrant L

rest 30 sec and repeat

  • bridge hip raise 60 sec
  • squat jumps 30 sec

rest 30 sec and repeat

  •  60/10: (5-10 lb db optional)
  • step up R (chair)
  • standing leg extension R
  • step up L
  • standing leg extension L
  • fast feet
  • triple pulse squat

rest 30 sec and repeat

standing leg extension

Tabata Abs: 20/10 x2

  • wood chop
  • russian twist
  • mt climbers
  • knee in and outs


Tabata + Yoga stretch

  1. Burpees + Squats
  2. Mt climbers + Lunges
  3. Jump rope + Tri dips
  4. High knees + Goblet squats
  5. Jacks + push ups
  6. Box jumps + Bicep curls
  • holding each 5-10 breaths:
  • standing chest to knee
  • gate pose
  • 3 leg dog knee bend
  • lunge –> revolved lunge
  • triangle –> revolved triangle
  • plank –> downward dog (inhale plank, exhale dog)
  • yoga squat
  • staff –>bound angle pose –> supine twist –> 2 min savasana

Yoga squat also called Garland Pose