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still awake? yea, me too.

9 Oct

got my first every filling today. i’d like it to be the last one. not only do i have {imagine that} the worst dental insurance known to man, it was not even a little bit fun. but you know what is fun? bootcamp! pilates in the am and bootcamp in the afternoon. a little bit of philosophy in the middle.

yea. anyway, here’s the plan:

warm up: the usual. jacks, squats, ropes, etc.

circuit 1: 10 push ups

regular, slow

feet up the wall 6”

feet way up the wall

repeat 2x

circuit 2: 2x: 90/15 {light db}, 60/15 sec {heavy db}

pull downs

superman rows

bridge press

upright row

overhead tricep extension

db thrusters

circuit 3: running outside 15 min

15 prisoner squats

15 high knees L+R=1

15 Burpees

1/8 Run mile — start at 7th, run to locust; locust to anderson; anderson to locust; locust to Y — repeat.

Repeat as many times as you can do it in 15 minutes

circuit 4: super!

supermans with 2.5lbs — arms in V 30 sec then pulse 20x

rest 15 sec

superman arms to side 30 sec/pulse 20x

rest 15 sec

superman arms back 30 sec/pusle 20x

hopping inchworm across floor

walking (creeping?) spider push up back

finisher: 5 min

10 wall ups; 10 bear crawl push ups






Favorites from the week and a day off!

31 Aug

It’s been a week! My husband went back to work (professor so he’s off all summer) this week and I started teaching a philosophy class (yay!). But the babysitter backed out on my last minute and i’m having trouble finding a new one. i got a recommendation from a friend for a girl but i don’t know her and that makes me nervous. it’s not like im asking her to watch my phone, i’m asking her to watch my child. my only child. so that’s a little stressful.

So this week in philosophy class we are discussing the Presocratics — the guys who were before Socrates, basically. Here’s a link if you’re interested. 🙂 They are really fun because think about it – the whole world was new and exciting for them. It’s like watching a baby — this sense of wonder that we simply don’t have because it’s all already been done.

so the other thing that happened this week – i saw a baby born! my friend Kellee had a scheduled c-section and i went to watch. pretty amazing. she had a little girl, Caroline Grace 8.1lbs 20 inches. 

Caroline Grace


We also visited pre school this week for orientation – Harper starts the 4 year old class this week. She is SO excited.

Harper and her friends

Harper and her friends


Monday is a day off from the gym – labor day and all. i’m going to try to do something on my own. i’d like to run but we’ll see. Sunday is the family reunion for my husband’s side of the family. i’d rather poke my eyes out with sharp sticks.

I’ll be back soon with some workouts


“ow eechy”

9 Jun

hey y’all. i’ve done yoga the last 3 days and i swear i’m more tense. i have been trying to give my body a break – at least from the high impact stuff. i swear i’ve gained 15 lbs. speaking of. advocare.

advocare. oh y’all. i am SO disappointed. i did not lose ANYTHING – inches, lbs, nothing after the 10 day cleanse. i have no clue why – i (obviously) workout, i changed my eating habits — cutting out sugar, processed foods, alcohol (!) and increasing calories through snacks and i switched my heavier meal from dinner to lunch. and NOTHING. i think my cousin thinks i hate her – of course that isn’t true; it must just be me and my dumbass metabolism (or lack of). pissed i spent so much money — i was doing fine not spending money and maintaining weight (and still drinking alcohol and eating sugar thank you very much). i talked to my cousin (who is not a dr, i might add) and while no one seems to have any clue why the supplements didn’t work – seriously, i even kept up with my fitness pal  — my cousin sent me a consolation prize of 2 canisters of spark, 2 packs of pouches and a thing of catalyst. i have added a multi-vitamin and i’m going to stick with the catalyst & i went ahead and opened the thermoplus that i ordered – i don’t know if it works but it’s already here.

what a good distributor i am, eh? here’s the thing — even though it didn’t work for me, my cousin has lost 40 freaking lbs. obviously it does something. or maybe it only works for people who have crappy diets and no fitness in their life before advocare? i haven’t thrown in the towel — spark is good stuff and you should order some (from me, duh) – and if you have a crappy diet, you should try the challenge. if nothing else, i am more conscious of what i put in my mouth. though admittedly i went off the deep end this weekendScreen shot 2013-06-09 at 3.38.15 PM

So, 3 days of yoga and i’m really ready to get some cardio in — neuroma and all.

Monday: 30 min beginner bootcamp, 30 min tabata, 60 min bootcamp

Beginner Bootcamp: 

  • warm up — jacks, hamstring stretch, high knees, jacks (all modified)
  • 1 min intervals, 15 sec rest, 2 rounds:
  • shuffle 3 steps each way, alternating lunges, bicycles, mt climbers
  • abs (1 min ea, 2 rounds):
  • double leg extension
  • modified starfish side plank


  1. split jumps/ice picks
  2. heel clicks/line jumps
  3. crazy burpees/jump lunges
  4. band push ups/pulse jump lunges
  5. static lunge band bicep curls/star jacks
  6. plank/bicycles

Bootcamp: chest & triceps

warm up: step up and across, jog in place, squat (slow), arm circles, jacks

3 rounds, 40/20:

  • bb bench press — increase weight each round
  •  incline db press
  • push ups (2 min)
  • close grip bb bench press
  • tricep kickbacks
  • skull crushers

**if it’s not raining** **if my foot can handle it**

setting my timer and we’ll run 5 min then lunge 2 min, run 2 min alt for about 15-20 min

rain plan: 20 min HIIT

50 sec jump rope alternated with 20/10 of:

  • push ups
  • skaters
  • lunge stomps R
  • lunge stomps L
  • high knees
  • star jacks

abs on the ball: weighted crunches, oblique, plank, glute lowers — 2 min each

That should do it. I hope my foot is ok — i have read some about neuromas and it’s not going to go away if that is indeed what’s going on. i will just have to hope for the best. *sigh*

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my shorts don’t fit

11 Apr

i put on shorts today from last summer and they are tighter. i’m guessing it’s muscle as i haven’t put on any weight (scale wise) so i’m not as upset as i would be. it’s super annoying that my clothes don’t fit however.

so we’re gonna have to start to run more in bootcamp and i’ll have to do more on my own when i can (currently teaching about 9 classes a week so that’s a challenge – open to suggestions!)

it’s supposed to rain tomorrow so i’m going to plan for an indoor workout but will take it outside if the weather is nice.






Circuit 1: 7 exercises 7 reps 7 rounds with heavy barbell

1. Sumo Deadlifts
2. Bent Over Rows
3. Barbell Thrusters
4. Alternating Rev Lunge
5. Bench Press
6. Bicep Curls
7. Barbell Roll Outs

Circuit 2: Cardio 30/10 x3 Rounds

  1. Jacks
  2. Mt Climbers
  3. High Knees
  4. Plank Jacks
  5. Burpees

Circuit 3: with barbell:

biceps,triceps, oh press

Finisher: Max rounds in 7 min: 7 burpee box jumps/7 back squats [barbell]


  1. Plate Around the World – Clockwise
  2. Plate Around the World – Counter-clockwise
  3. Knee Tucks
  4. Leg Flutters
  5. Russian Twists
  6. Alternating leg V-Ups
  7. V-Ups

Thursday + I need a new playlist

24 Jan

Tomorrow is bootcamp day. Yahoo! I’m thinking of incorporating the various workout machines – treadmill, rowing, bike while we do other circuits (including using the sandbag!). Here goes:

After warm up, we’ll go straight into this:

Partner Stations — I’m thinking that the stations will be 2 min? with 20 sec rest? then 1-2 min to switch stations?

1. a: Rowing machine

b: RUN on treadmill

2. a: sandbag bench press

b: break dance push ups

3. a:  spider drags + burpee (leave out the elbow plank part and just drag the db [since we have no kb] when you jump out into plank

b: squat and reach [on floor since we don’t have bosu . . . ]

4. Partners will complete 10 reps and continue to switch throughout the 2 min

a: partner pistol squat (10 per leg) [Stand 2 feet from partner, facing each other. Hold each other’s wrists. Lift and extend opposite legs. Support one another and lower into one-legged squat]

b: partner tricep dips (10 reps and switch) [One person stays in tabletop. The other turns away from partner and squats in front, placing hands on partner’s thighs, fingers forward. Standing partner walks feet away from body and lowers until triceps are parallel to ground]

5. a: cycle sprint

b: cycle uphill climb

We’ll see how long this all takes — I can throw in some fillers if we need and here’s the finisher:

  • 50 crunches
  • 15 push ups
  • 1 min plank
  • 30 sec side plank
  • 1 min bridge
  • 15 push ups
  • 30 sec side plank other side
  • 50 crunches
  • 1 min plank
  • 2 min bridge
  • 50 crunches


PS — I need a new playlist! Any suggestions?

Happy New Year!

31 Dec

So I’ve been sick. Like crazy, awful, delirious sick — it was the flu. I’m on the mend, finally and it feels good. I still feel weak and a little dizzy but oh so much better than I did last week!

Bootcamp later today — here’s the plan:

cardio circuit: 45/15 x8 rounds

burpees – ready-sets (squat low, fast feet, sprawl every few seconds) – jump squats – leap frogs forward and back (4)

weight circuit – 1 min each exercise (chest and tri today) x2 rounds

wide push ups – db bench press – db bench flyes – narrow push ups – standing db extension – tri kick back

repeat cardio circuit OR 12 min AMRAP

50 jump rope – 10 rotational push up (reg – wide R – reg – wide L = 1) – 10 box jumps


30 sec plank R – 30 sec plank L – V-up hold 30 sec – 25 crunches – 25 oblique crunch L – R