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I’m alive!

1 Sep

I don’t even know the last time I blogged. It’s been a HELLacious summer around here. I’ll spare you the details but briefly, in May, my grandfather died. Then in June, my MIL was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer. She had surgery in July and just started chemo treatments. So far, so good but cancer, man. That’s why my grandfather died. Then, last week, one of our cats died. 2 nights ago one of the black and white cats bit the shit out of my finger. I didn’t think anything of it at the time but the next morning, my finger was all swollen. $45 later, I had 2 shots, 2 antibiotics and a steroid. 

I applied for a full time job (didn’t get it) and a part time job (didn’t get it) and acquired another adjunct teaching job at another community college in the area. So I’m now teaching this:

Mondays: Humanities, Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, 2 yoga classes and a night Humanities class

Tuesdays: Eastern Studies and Intro to Philosophy; Group Power

Wednesdays: Humanities, Ancient and Medieval, 1 yoga and Bootcamp

Thursdays: Eastern and Intro; Bootcamp

Fridays: Power Yoga and Ancient and Medieval

I had to give up a few classes at the Y so I’m hoping (GOING) to add more running. Fall is almost here and I really miss a good run — I haven’t done much in ages mostly because I was teaching like 9 classes a week at the Y and my whole body hurt. I think that teaching more academic classes will be a good thing — my workouts can actually mean something and I will enjoy planning them again — I was seriously getting burnt out. 

I’ll try to stick around, share some workouts 🙂 IMG_4476 IMG_4524 IMG_4574 IMG_4605 in the meantime, here’s some photos of some fun things that we did during the summer IMG_4634 IMG_4655 IMG_4679 IMG_4720 IMG_4726 IMG_4729 IMG_4740 IMG_4748 IMG_4750 IMG_4765 IMG_4786


Next week

17 Aug

yay! 2 days off — i might do some yoga at home but i’m not going to the gym, not listening to or practicing group power and i might even eat too much. whee!

so next week — i’m teaching all of these:

Monday: beginner bootcamp, tabata, pilates and c25k [we’re on week 7 {however, we have like 4 more weeks before the 5k so we’ll see what folks want to do} so it’s straight up running no walk breaks from here on out — gotta say, i really love those walk breaks . . . ]

Tuesday: bootcamp

Wednesday: c25k, pilates

Thursday: bootcamp, tabata

Friday: yoga (yay!), c25k (maybe?) & possibly tabata

notice — no group power next week (unless something changes in the next few days) and only one class on Tuesday? I might do crossfit in the morning. or you know, not.

Menu plan for the week:

Saturday: leftovers, clean out the fridge. sounds delicious doesn’t it?

Sunday: Fish & chips

Monday: veggie burgers and some thing on the side. corn? green beans?

Tues: pasta night

Wed: breakfast for dinner.

Thurs: sausage and couscous

Fri: pizza [probably homemade]


School [like school where my husband and i teach] starts the 26th. so my monday pm class is going to either change to another time (6pm monday? another day?) and i’ll also have class wed pm. super excited to teach philosophy again. not super thrilled that i’ll make like $.37 and the baybsitter will make $.50 but whatever. Unexamined life not worth living and all that, right?


Yoga! and Bootcamp!

13 Aug

First things first — I am taping my Group Power routine Thursday. I have to do that for the assessment portion. I practiced today with basically my boss at the Y and yay! I did it without notes and she sent me an email later that said I did a great job and that my enthusiasm was fantastic. I hope I can get through it while I’m taping it 🙂

Subbing yoga in the am — here’s the plan —

  1. cross legs, easy pose + set intention (for tomorrow: be here now, don’t worry about goals, just practice)
  2. butterfly [bound angle] + windshield wiper legs [drop knees to one side]
  3. wide leg straddles (see below) + windshield wiper legs [drop legs to the other side]
  4. chest to knee R
  5. chest to knee L
  6. chest to middle
  7. child’s pose
  8. sun salutation A
  9. sun salutation B
  10. down dog pedal feet + vinyasa
  11. plank/down dog shifting on breath 5x
  12. mt/tadasana
  13. pyramid/salutation seal
  14. standing wide fold
  15. W1
  16. side plank
  17. sphinx –> down dog
  18. seal (child’s pose with hands clasped behind back)
  19. bow (or 1/2 bow)
  20. locust
  21. child’s pose
  22. 1/2 shoelace (cow face legs, arm oh tricep stretch other arm grabs fingers) + wipers

    Shoelace pose

  23. bottom leg straight
  24. other side
  25. bridge
  26. one leg bridge
  27. wheel (optional)
  28. seated fold
  29. fire log L/R
  30. happy baby
  31. reclined twist
  32. savasana
  33. meditation


I think it’s going to rain so i’ll plan to do things indoors. can always run outside if it’s not raining.

  • warm up:
  • side lunge – high knees – skiers – squats x2
  • side lunge with db R x20
  • high knees 30 sec
  • side lunge with db L x20
  • plie with upright row x20
  • oh press x20
  • weighted skiers x20  (db oh or at chest)
  • repeat 1-3x

if it’s not raining, we’ll go outside at this point. if it is:

  • lunge R x20 (back foot on step)
  • wide jump squats x30
  • lunge L x20
  • skaters  1 min
  • one leg reverse fly x30 (switch legs at 15)
  • squats + bicep curls
  • crescent row x30

repeat 1-2x

  • run out and back across room 5x
  • 50 squat jacks
  • run out and back 3x
  • 50 jump lunges
  • repeat (OMG just typing that i died a little. that’s gonna be tough!) — if we are outside we’ll do this on the nearby hill. double ouch. and we’ll do it 2-4 x outside. yea.


  • toe taps x6
  • double leg extension x2
  • crunches x16
  • repeat 2x
  • 1/2 roll up 4x
  • full roll up 2x
  • crunches
  • double leg extension – hold beginning and end 10 sec






Oh, hi there.

25 Jul

That’s me, 2nd from the end on the right. I always forget how short I am …

I’m back. I cannot even begin to express in words how TIRED and SORE I have been this week! Training for Group Power was amazing — crazy, but amazing. Anyone out there done Group Power? Anyone done the latest release like 15x in 3 days? Yea.

So Monday,  I broke out an old workout for Beginner Bootcamp & Tabata. Then there was running. Tuesday was Bootcamp – I *thought* I’d just do the workout with them but I got in the room and loaded up a barbell and decided to do it as stations.

  • Warm up: 5 min outdoor run (I sent them out on their own and directed late comers)
  • Each station was 3 rounds:
  • Station 1: 15 Burpees, 10 push ups, 50 mt climbers
  • Station 2: 15 Squat with DB raise, 15 pop squats (squat on floor, jump to step and squat, jump down and squat), 20 bench dips
  • Station 3: 30 sec Bench jumps, 15 bent over rows [40 lb sandbag], 10 walking lunges [each leg]
  • Station 4: 50 Toe Taps on bench, 21’s [barbell], 15 jump squats

We finished with about 15 min of abs with and without the ball. Looked like a good workout. I think I’ll do it again sometime and do it with them. 🙂

On the agenda for Thursday — Bootcamp & Tabata

I like the 5 min jogging warm up. I think we’ll do it for 10 min.

  1. Pyramid: Jump Squat, Push Up, DB Swing — Start with 10 reps and decrease by 2 each round. We’ll see how long that takes, possibly go back up
  2. 15 Deadlifts – 1:00 Double Unders – 25 Burpees – 15 Cleans – 25 Box Jumps – 1:00 Double Unders – 15 Squats – 24 HR Push Ups – 1:00 Double Unders – 15/arm Snatch – 15/leg Pistols – 1:00 Double Unders – 15 OH Press – 1:00 Double Unders — (This can be done with BB or DB)
  3. Finisher/abs: 10 burpees, 10 sit ups x5 (or 10 depending on time)

Tabata + Yoga

  1. warm up – jacks/butt kicks/plie squats/squats with punches x2
  2. wall sits/squats
  3. burpees with push up/sit ups
  4. jump lunges/reverse lunges with bicep curl
  5. mt climbers/dips
  6. plank jacks/pike press [with plates]

Yoga stretches

  • on back, knees to chest
  • rock to side, arms wide
  • child’s pose, wide legs, elbows bent, hands to prayer on head
  • on all 4s, shoulder stretch (one hand under opp shoulder, lower to ground)
  • easy pose, arms overhead then forward

on all 4’s:

  • one arm forward, circle around, repeat other side
  • knee to chest, extend foot flexed
  • child’s pose
  • low cobra, down, up R, down, up L, down, cobra
  • child’s pose
  • low lunge, revolved twist, lizard, repeat other side
  • bound angle
  • staff pose, grab outside of one foot and lean back lifting leg & twisting
  • chest to knee
  • repeat other side
  • seated fold
  • savasana

have a great day/night. i must grade now (i’m teaching an online class … it’s so casual i have a hard time sitting down and just grading)






whole lotta working out goin’ on

11 Jul

Thursday: yoga, bootcamp, tabata/yoga


child’s pose
down dog
standing fold/rag doll

sun a
sun b
4x each

standing balance — tree pose?

vinyasa to warrior I (R) to warrior II repeat
in w2 lock fingers behind back, head to knee, back to w2
extended side angle
peaceful warrior
vinyasa and repeat

vinyasa to mt – forward fold – wide leg fold – goddess – garland – vinyasa to seated

seated fold – reverse plank – seated head to knee R/L
vinyasa to dd — slow vinyasa from dd to seated to 1/2 lord of the fishes and repeat

from dd to plank to hover to belly – bow — up dog — dd — seated — 1/2 hero head to knee R/L [ or pigeon ]  – vinyasa

from dd to belly — 1/2 frog R/L – locust – child – cat/cow – thread needle from table – puppy pose –
come to back and roll side to side knees to chest — 🙂 baby
reclined twist — savasana

workout #2: bootcamp
warm up then 2 rounds of 45/10:
oh press – chest flyes – db squats – db lunges – one leg deadlift – bicycles
5 min cardio then round 2
5 min cardio (?) then
DB clean and press squat ladder 1-5
db snatch ladder 1-5
run bridge — depending on time we’ll just run out and back or suicide

workout #3: tabata/yoga

  1. jacks – high knees – butt kick – squat
  2. air squats – hindu plyo squats
  3. db swing with squat (heavy)
  4. box jumps/donkey kicks
  5. push ups 3 ways
  6. plank — toe to shoulder, side with lower knee tuck

yoga stretch — 15-20 min:

child – cat/cow – dd – forward fold – mt – sun salutation – ext side angle – triangle – standing wide fold – lunge twist – bow – pigeon – one leg reclined ham stretch – savasana

This week

27 Jun

So I’ve had a little insomnia this week.  I think I finally slept last night but you know how that goes –

now I’m really tired.

Workouts today include Yoga, Bootcamp & Tabata. Wanna hear about some? Bootcamp is gonna be awesome.

Warm up: 30 sec of each, no rest

  • jacks – seal jacks – cross over jacks arms overhead – high knees – run in place – squats – alt front kick – opp elbow to knee – calf raises – arm circles – side to side stretch – side lunges

Circuit 1: Cardio 30/15 x2

  • jacks – jump lunges – burpees – alt side lunges – squat jacks – push ups – skaters – plank jacks

Circuit 2:

  • 60/10:
  • rev lunge with front kick R
  • butt kicks
  • rev lunge with front kick L
  • butt kicks

rest 30 sec & repeat

  • 30/10:
  • R leg in front, tiny hops
  • fire hydrant R
  • L leg in front, tiny hops
  • fire hydrant L

rest 30 sec and repeat

  • bridge hip raise 60 sec
  • squat jumps 30 sec

rest 30 sec and repeat

  •  60/10: (5-10 lb db optional)
  • step up R (chair)
  • standing leg extension R
  • step up L
  • standing leg extension L
  • fast feet
  • triple pulse squat

rest 30 sec and repeat

standing leg extension

Tabata Abs: 20/10 x2

  • wood chop
  • russian twist
  • mt climbers
  • knee in and outs


Tabata + Yoga stretch

  1. Burpees + Squats
  2. Mt climbers + Lunges
  3. Jump rope + Tri dips
  4. High knees + Goblet squats
  5. Jacks + push ups
  6. Box jumps + Bicep curls
  • holding each 5-10 breaths:
  • standing chest to knee
  • gate pose
  • 3 leg dog knee bend
  • lunge –> revolved lunge
  • triangle –> revolved triangle
  • plank –> downward dog (inhale plank, exhale dog)
  • yoga squat
  • staff –>bound angle pose –> supine twist –> 2 min savasana

Yoga squat also called Garland Pose

Free Yoga!

18 Jun

yoga (Photo credit: GO INTERACTIVE WELLNESS)

Want to try free yoga? i’ve been using this site for a couple of months and it’s pretty awesome. check it out:



well this isn’t going to be easy

5 Jun

bad news at the chiro today — muscle in my shoulder isn’t doing what the doc wants it to and he casually mentioned that he thinks the muscle might be torn. which an MRI could confirm but $$$. i also have a neuroma in my right foot. which an MRI could confirm but $$$. he taped my shoulder and shrugged, told me to ice my foot and come back friday.

i’m not very happy. 

in other news it’s day 24 — i’ll let you know full AdvoCare 24 day challenge results tomorrow. don’t get too excited – they are going to be small. i have maybe 10 lbs to lose/convert to muscle so this is going to be a process. i know, i have a hard life. evidently i’m going to have to get a new job if i keep falling apart like this.

which i am in the process of doing – have i mentioned that i have 2 master’s degrees + 30 graduate hours in philosophy? well, it’s true. so i’m applying as an adjunct around town. there’s a few community colleges hiring. cross your fingers.

what else? oh, yea, workouts 🙂

tuesday was odd – had a guy show up in crocs so we did not go run. i did a random 30 sec on/10 sec off circuit a few rounds plus the 10 min amrap at the beginning. it was just odd. coupled with the whole is my class too easy problem . . . anyway – thursday. i *think* it’s supposed to rain/i have sharp nails in my foot so we’re going to run inside (and i might even skip that part)


simple mobility warm up

circuit 1: 

  • run across & back room 2x
  • OH walking lunges with db (outside room)
  • squats 70x
  • reverse OH walking lunges with db (outside room)
  • db push press 35x
  • run out and back 4x
  • db thrusters 15x
  • walking lunges no weight (outside room)
  • burpees 35x
  • reverse walking lunges no weight (outside room)
  • wall balls 35x
  • run out and back 6x
  • jump rope 70x
  • run out and back 8x

repeat from the top

circuit 2: 

  • squats 25x
  • push ups 20x
  • lunges 26x
  • bridge chest press 10x
  • flutter kicks 50x
  • jacks 30x
  • supermans 10x



later that night — Tabata! followed by unofficial pilates/yoga stretch (i’m thinking about 15ish min)

  1. jog-high knees – jacks – butt kick x2
  2. db swings (2 arm)/jump rope
  3. floppy burpees/squat jumps
  4. punch & squat/split jumps
  5. star jacks/db thrusters
  6. dolphin plank/side plank knee to elbow

Stretch: hold each pose 5-10 breaths — even if no one stays, i’m going to do this part

  • mt pose
  • standing forward fold
  • plank to belly to cobra easing into up dog
  • child’s pose
  • down dog – walk heels one at a time then both together
  • child’s pose
  • low squat, knees wide
  • forward fold hands behind back and lift
  • down dog to lunge to warrior 2 to arms OH knee straight a few times to w2 hold
  • down dog repeat all on R side
  • down dog
  • forward fold
  • child’s pose
  • savasana
  • easy pose



yoga AND bootcamp

22 May

Thursday is a yoga/bootcamp day – yoga in the am and bootcamp in the late afternoon. feedback i got from yoga on Tues was mixed – i should tell you about the instructor before i go any further. she teaches . . . odd. i am friends with her outside of class (we’ve known each other about 5 years i think) so i go to her class to support her but it is NOT a style of yoga that i could EVER teach – basically what she does is this:

light candles

breath for what seems like a freaking eternity

1/2 sun salutation

a pose – something crazy easy like mountain. seriously.

adjust people – depending on the class size this can take forever.

release. talk about things.

another pose. adjust people.

child’s pose. adjust people.

lying spinal twist.


seriously it’s the weirdest yoga class i’ve ever taken – it’s like she’s picking a pose of the day and saying ok, class, today we’re going to learn triangle (except we haven’t learned anything that challenging . . . )

So feedback for my class (see previous post) was mixed – an older lady told me it was too fast which i will chalk up at least in part to nerves but honestly i did not think it was fast at all – it was exactly an hour and flowed (i thought) really nicely. another friend was only there about 1/2 the class and she said it was great – that pacing was good. i did 1/2 sun salutation, ssA then ssB and we did them slow, slow, little faster, with breath and then poses we held for 5-10 breaths each. so whatever. i know you can’t please everyone and i know too that yoga is such a personal thing – when i say YOGA everyone immediately has some image of what this is in mind.

Class Thursday: Yoga

opening: theme of the class is ‘appreciate your body’ 🙂 notice any parts of your body that need care or attention. be happy with yourself and your body – it does amazing things every day

  • breath: in – in – in – out (repeat several times) adding movement: in (arms overhead) – in (arms wide to the sky) – in (arms overhead) – out (ragdoll) repeat several times
  • arm swings — like a kid, swing arms side to side (think floppy)

dynamic warm up

  • fold to all 4’s and cat/cow several breaths
  • down dog to knees several breaths
  • 1/2 sun salute
  • sun salute A
  • sun salute B

do each slow – slow – slow – a little faster – a little faster – with breath one time

Active Poses:

starting in down dog:

  • lift R leg
  • low lunge
  • warrior II
  • extended side angle
  • reverse warrior
  • low lunge
  • high plank
  • down dog
  • repeat L

repeat series several times


  • child’s pose – 1 min
  • hip circles (10 each direction)
  • down dog
  • lunge R – back knee taps floor and up
  • half split (lunge forward to forearms)
  • down dog
  • repeat L

Repeat series if desired

  • forward fold to chair 5x

  • downward dog
  • triangle R
  • extended side angle
  • downward dog
  • repeat L

repeat series 2 or 3x

depending on time:

  • low lunge hands to mat
  • down dog
  • pigeon R/L
  • happy cow
  • wide leg forward fold
  • bound angle
  • reclined bound angle
  • reclined twist

Relaxing sequence: 5-10 breaths each

  • child’s pose
  • hero
  • camel
  • down dog
  • pigeon R
  • down dog
  • pigeon L
  • bow
  • butterfly
  • legs up the wall
  • reclining twist

finish in savasana with a guided “thank your body” meditation:

bring awareness to ___ (for ex, your feet). how has ___ supported you in life? thank ___ for all it has done for you.

closing: poem by ee cummings with hands in thunderbolt seal (crossed in front of chest)

Gah. this post is long. back later with bootcamp. 

New Workout Week!

19 May

Exciting news: I’m subbing YOGA this week! My first time teaching yoga. Here’s what I have planned (Tuesday):

Theme (this is a little self serving because of the shoulder issues I have had) Fancy Tape IMG_0896 IMG_0895

LIBERATION of the shoulders . . .

Opening: seated in easy pose, inhale and lift shoulders, exhale and lower. we’ll move arms in various ways, concentrating on movement of shoulders and arms, easy pose with shoulder release (arm crossed in front of body), easy pose forward fold, ending with seated side bends (about 15 breaths here)

Dynamic Warm up: move to cat/cow about 15 breaths, down dog to knees 5x, 1/2 sun salutation 3x, sun salutation A 3x, sun salutation B 4x (we’ll do each one slow 1-2x then with breath 1-2x) — I will also play this by ear depending on who is there. If it’s all newbies, for ex, we’ll just do 1/2 sun salutation 8x or something

Active Poses: 5-10 breaths each pose

  • tadasana
  • warrior I (R)
  • bowing warrior (R)
  • return to mt/tadasana
  • warrior I (L)
  • bowing warrior (L)
  • return to mt/tadasana
  • inhale upward salute, exhale forward fold, inhale 1/2 fold, exhale hover, inhale up dog/cobra, exhale rest down dog 10 breaths

from down dog:

  • plank
  • cobra
  • locust
  • extended child’s pose
  • push up to all 4’s and into down dog for rest 10 breaths, forward to plank and repeat series

from down dog hop or step to mt pose. easy breath – inhale upward salute, exhale forward fold, inhale 1/2 fold, exhale hover, inhale up dog/cobra, exhale rest down dog 10 breaths

  • hop or step to mt/tadasana
  • eagle (just arms/R)
  • warrior II (R)
  • reverse warrior (R)
  • hover – up dog – down dog
  • hop or step to mt/tadasana
  • eagle (just arms/L)
  • warrior II (L)
  • reverse warrior (L)
  • hover – up dog – down dog

from down dog come to easy pose and rest 10 breaths

  • reverse plank
  • bridge
  • one leg bridge (R)
  • reverse plank
  • bridge
  • one leg bridge (L)

*relax between each pose 5-10 breaths)

after final one leg bridge, relax and turn to lying twist for 10 breaths each side

savasana — repeat theme of LIBERATION and talk about letting go of externally imposed rules that don’t make sense 🙂

playlist will include everything from Earth to OM to Lady Gaga. 🙂