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I’m alive!

1 Sep

I don’t even know the last time I blogged. It’s been a HELLacious summer around here. I’ll spare you the details but briefly, in May, my grandfather died. Then in June, my MIL was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer. She had surgery in July and just started chemo treatments. So far, so good but cancer, man. That’s why my grandfather died. Then, last week, one of our cats died. 2 nights ago one of the black and white cats bit the shit out of my finger. I didn’t think anything of it at the time but the next morning, my finger was all swollen. $45 later, I had 2 shots, 2 antibiotics and a steroid. 

I applied for a full time job (didn’t get it) and a part time job (didn’t get it) and acquired another adjunct teaching job at another community college in the area. So I’m now teaching this:

Mondays: Humanities, Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, 2 yoga classes and a night Humanities class

Tuesdays: Eastern Studies and Intro to Philosophy; Group Power

Wednesdays: Humanities, Ancient and Medieval, 1 yoga and Bootcamp

Thursdays: Eastern and Intro; Bootcamp

Fridays: Power Yoga and Ancient and Medieval

I had to give up a few classes at the Y so I’m hoping (GOING) to add more running. Fall is almost here and I really miss a good run — I haven’t done much in ages mostly because I was teaching like 9 classes a week at the Y and my whole body hurt. I think that teaching more academic classes will be a good thing — my workouts can actually mean something and I will enjoy planning them again — I was seriously getting burnt out. 

I’ll try to stick around, share some workouts 🙂 IMG_4476 IMG_4524 IMG_4574 IMG_4605 in the meantime, here’s some photos of some fun things that we did during the summer IMG_4634 IMG_4655 IMG_4679 IMG_4720 IMG_4726 IMG_4729 IMG_4740 IMG_4748 IMG_4750 IMG_4765 IMG_4786


Mondays suck.

25 Nov

Screen shot 2013-11-25 at 6.44.48 PM


Can’t go into details but suffice to say, we will not be getting out of debt or depression anytime soon. If you’re the praying type, now is the time. Or just some happy thoughts.

Countdown to Tuesday

12 Nov

Tuesday is a bootcamp day — I think I was going to do a long run tomorrow but #1 I’m exhausted (I know, it’s only Monday. Maybe it’s the time change but seriously by the time Harper is in bed, I’m ready to be in bed but unfort. that’s usually when my day starts. blah.) and it’s supposed to snow. Screen shot 2013-11-11 at 7.58.42 PM

don’t get me wrong — i love love love love love love love snow but harper had a cough all last week and i mainlined airborne and i have no desire to undo all that placebo work with a run in the snow. my body isn’t acclimated. evidently to anything. time changes, weather.

tomorrow afternoon is a bootcamp class – here’s what i’m thinking: countdowns + tabatas

warm up — jog, jacks, squats, etc

combo countdown 1 — 10 reps a. then 10 reps b., repeat with 9-9, 8-8, etc to 1

a. narrow squats + V raise

b. oblique lifts –> lie on one side, db between feet and lift upper and lower body

tabata jump rope (variations)

combo countdown 2

a. plie squats + oh tri
b. spider planks

tabata jacks (variations)

combo 3

a. calf raise + front/side raise

b. russian twists with db

tabata fast feet — mt climbers – jump lunges – jump squats

combo 4

a. plank butt-ups

b. bicep curls

tabata — up and overs & lateral burpees


db rows & decline db chest press – 15 reps of 3 alt sets –> use same weight for both

criss cross abs & roll ups – 8 reps of 3 alt sets –> use small balls

— Rest —

8 crunches + 8 crunch pulses x2

10 bent knee toe taps + 10 sec hollow man x2

update, because clearly i don’t have enough to do: this is a much more interesting version of everything:


9 Nov

regular old busy week coming up – in addition to teaching at the Y, I have to find time to read the rest of On the Soul (Aristotle) & Augustine’s Confessions (and I have to find my book . . . ) and decide what Aquinas to read AND work on syllabi for next semester, decide on a text for Modern Philosophy . . . oh and finish grades. And babysit. And make up a class we missed. And deal with a 4 year old who has gone into tantrum mode 67% of the day. so if you don’t hear from me, check a book.

Sunday — possibly a 5k. it’s $25 so i’m debating whether that’s in the budget. sad that $25 might break me. *sigh*

Monday — teaching beginner bootcamp & tabata

Tuesday — long slow run [hour twenty five minutes is the goal] & teaching bootcamp

Wednesday — short interval run, teaching pilates & bootcamp

Thursday — teaching bootcamp

Friday — yoga and teaching tabata

Sat — i’d like to go to the 10 am free crossfit class but depends on childcare

eats: nothing too exciting. trying to get the kid to eat some of these things —

homemade pizza

corn chowder in the crockpot

black beans and rice variations [currently obsessed with adding a sweet potato and tortilla chips & cheese]

soup and sandwiches


Tough Mudder!

7 Nov

Looks like fun, eh? I did have fun . . . until I got kicked in the eye. Medical bills were not what I anticipated.

Screen shot 2013-11-07 at 11.02.56 AM 484779_874101177130_1798669393_n 1393724_874101157170_1735635776_n 1395159_874213162710_1459504526_n 1421073_10201749089283055_832857803_o

Nov 2 was Tough Mudder Charlotte — it was a fun time and we had a fantastic team . . . until I got a kick in the eye. That was not fun. It was about halfway through on these hay bale things – i was almost to the top, waiting for the person in front of me to go and i guess he/she did not see me and landed his/her heel right in my eye as he/she went over [uh, no idea who the foot belonged to] . . . the severity of it did not hit until i was right at Rock Hill (about 20ish min from Charlotte). I stopped, got some ice and thought I was going to pass out. I don’t even know how I got to my sister’s house in Columbia. I was praying the whole time. Was totally out of it and delirious that night and Sunday I was dizzy and nauseous when I tried to walk around. I slept through church and got my sister to take me to Urgent Care later that day. Dr there said it was a scratched cornea and gave me prescription for eye ointment and lortabs. Told me not to drive. blah. recheck the next day and different dr said no prob, it was healing well and i could go home. my niece wanted us to stay so we did . . . in hindsight that was a terrible idea but it was her birthday the next day so maybe it was worth it. finally made it home yesterday.

so that’s my recap of tough mudder. a kick in the eye.

Here’s a link to some photos. There aren’t any of me or anyone on my team. Oh wait, there’s one – 9th row down, 3rd photo. Man, that water is cold. COLD.

Final thought — it was fun, loved the people who were part of the team, i’ll never do another one. it was long (11 miles), the obstacles were challenging (not impossible but many of them i could not do alone) and i’m all kinds of bruised. i think that if i had not had the additional kick in the eye injury i’d feel a little different. but yea, check this one off the bucket list.

eats and treats this week

27 Oct

halloween week!

on the schedule this week:

monday: teaching beginner bootcamp/tabata

tuesday: teaching bootcamp

wednesday: am short run + teaching pilates; pm teaching bootcamp

thursday: teaching am bootcamp (switched with another instructor)

friday: off to charlotte area

saturday: TOUGH MUDDER!!!!! EEK!!!!!


eats and treats:

monday: leftovers

tuesday: taco night

wednesday: pasta

thursday: TBD

weekend – out of town

There are reasons we use punctuation . . . .

There are reasons we use punctuation . . . .

my little minion

27 Oct



Halloween Fall Festival at my friend Nikki’s church.

still awake? yea, me too.

9 Oct

got my first every filling today. i’d like it to be the last one. not only do i have {imagine that} the worst dental insurance known to man, it was not even a little bit fun. but you know what is fun? bootcamp! pilates in the am and bootcamp in the afternoon. a little bit of philosophy in the middle.

yea. anyway, here’s the plan:

warm up: the usual. jacks, squats, ropes, etc.

circuit 1: 10 push ups

regular, slow

feet up the wall 6”

feet way up the wall

repeat 2x

circuit 2: 2x: 90/15 {light db}, 60/15 sec {heavy db}

pull downs

superman rows

bridge press

upright row

overhead tricep extension

db thrusters

circuit 3: running outside 15 min

15 prisoner squats

15 high knees L+R=1

15 Burpees

1/8 Run mile — start at 7th, run to locust; locust to anderson; anderson to locust; locust to Y — repeat.

Repeat as many times as you can do it in 15 minutes

circuit 4: super!

supermans with 2.5lbs — arms in V 30 sec then pulse 20x

rest 15 sec

superman arms to side 30 sec/pulse 20x

rest 15 sec

superman arms back 30 sec/pusle 20x

hopping inchworm across floor

walking (creeping?) spider push up back

finisher: 5 min

10 wall ups; 10 bear crawl push ups





Exploding Pyrex

8 Oct

Turns out that if you leave the stove eye on and an empty pyrex dish on said eye, pyrex dish will explode. way to go science. Totally exciting to humans and puppies alike. Anywho,totally love this weather – it’s not even 70 degrees. Makes me want to run! Alas, there’s bootcamp to do — just kidding, I love bootcamp.

My arms are a tiny bit sore today —  so legs! And some arms

sweet Jesus what is wrong with her arms?!

warm up: jacks, squats, inchworms, rope x2

circuit 1: 50/10, 40/10, 30/10 — increase DB each round

OH squats

box jump squats – holding plate

OH walking lunges

db burpees

wall sits with plate

circuit 2: 40 sec x3 no rest between rounds


curtsey lunges r


curtsey lunges l

circuit 3: run to ash street 

Partner 1 runs to top, 20 squats; other stays in squat hold


20 squat jumps + run/plank hold — partner 2 will do run first this round


everybody runs up to top of melrose/ 5 tuck jumps circle around short cut and do melrose again

run back to Y


10 wall ups – bear crawl 10 push ups x5 [if time]

plank/push up circle — one person starts, does 10 push ups and move to right till everyone goes. you can go to your knees only during push ups. if your knees hit the floor any other time, you’re out and have to do burpees till we’re all finished.

sick day

15 Sep

harper wasn’t feeling well Saturday so we all had a low key day after soccer. i wasn’t feeling great either so i was in bed by 9. which was weird. i think we all have colds. about right – school has been back 2 weeks. anyway —

workouts this week:

mon: beginner bootcamp/tabata

tues: bootcamp

wed: c25k, pilates, bootcamp

thurs: bootcamp

fri: tabata

sat: 5k race

sun: off


Sun: corn chowder is already in the crockpot! we’re also going to lunch with MIL & BIL so likely leftovers

Mon: corn chowder, maybe with a sandwich

Tues: taco smash/tacos

Wed: leftovers

Thurs: grilled cheese and soup

Fri: homemade pizza

back with monday’s workouts in a few!