9 Nov

regular old busy week coming up – in addition to teaching at the Y, I have to find time to read the rest of On the Soul (Aristotle) & Augustine’s Confessions (and I have to find my book . . . ) and decide what Aquinas to read AND work on syllabi for next semester, decide on a text for Modern Philosophy . . . oh and finish grades. And babysit. And make up a class we missed. And deal with a 4 year old who has gone into tantrum mode 67% of the day. so if you don’t hear from me, check a book.

Sunday — possibly a 5k. it’s $25 so i’m debating whether that’s in the budget. sad that $25 might break me. *sigh*

Monday — teaching beginner bootcamp & tabata

Tuesday — long slow run [hour twenty five minutes is the goal] & teaching bootcamp

Wednesday — short interval run, teaching pilates & bootcamp

Thursday — teaching bootcamp

Friday — yoga and teaching tabata

Sat — i’d like to go to the 10 am free crossfit class but depends on childcare

eats: nothing too exciting. trying to get the kid to eat some of these things —

homemade pizza

corn chowder in the crockpot

black beans and rice variations [currently obsessed with adding a sweet potato and tortilla chips & cheese]

soup and sandwiches



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