Tough Mudder!

7 Nov

Looks like fun, eh? I did have fun . . . until I got kicked in the eye. Medical bills were not what I anticipated.

Screen shot 2013-11-07 at 11.02.56 AM 484779_874101177130_1798669393_n 1393724_874101157170_1735635776_n 1395159_874213162710_1459504526_n 1421073_10201749089283055_832857803_o

Nov 2 was Tough Mudder Charlotte — it was a fun time and we had a fantastic team . . . until I got a kick in the eye. That was not fun. It was about halfway through on these hay bale things – i was almost to the top, waiting for the person in front of me to go and i guess he/she did not see me and landed his/her heel right in my eye as he/she went over [uh, no idea who the foot belonged to] . . . the severity of it did not hit until i was right at Rock Hill (about 20ish min from Charlotte). I stopped, got some ice and thought I was going to pass out. I don’t even know how I got to my sister’s house in Columbia. I was praying the whole time. Was totally out of it and delirious that night and Sunday I was dizzy and nauseous when I tried to walk around. I slept through church and got my sister to take me to Urgent Care later that day. Dr there said it was a scratched cornea and gave me prescription for eye ointment and lortabs. Told me not to drive. blah. recheck the next day and different dr said no prob, it was healing well and i could go home. my niece wanted us to stay so we did . . . in hindsight that was a terrible idea but it was her birthday the next day so maybe it was worth it. finally made it home yesterday.

so that’s my recap of tough mudder. a kick in the eye.

Here’s a link to some photos. There aren’t any of me or anyone on my team. Oh wait, there’s one – 9th row down, 3rd photo. Man, that water is cold. COLD.

Final thought — it was fun, loved the people who were part of the team, i’ll never do another one. it was long (11 miles), the obstacles were challenging (not impossible but many of them i could not do alone) and i’m all kinds of bruised. i think that if i had not had the additional kick in the eye injury i’d feel a little different. but yea, check this one off the bucket list.


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