6 Oct

Screen shot 2013-10-06 at 9.34.44 AM


Schedule this week + fails from last week:

Mon: attending Group Power to check form [new release, new moves], Teaching Beginner Bootcamp, Tabata & Pilates

Tues: getting my first ever filling, doing a damn long run, teaching bootcamp

Wed: doing a damn interval run, teaching pilates, bootcamp

Thurs: 2nd chance to do damn long run in case filling takes too long, teaching bootcamp

Fri: teaching pilates, perhaps an interval run or kettlebells

Sat & Sun: off — sat includes soccer, birthday party, pool party (i think?) and a grown up birthday party

Fails: i did not do any extra runs. i guess i don’t care about finishing the tough mudder NOV 2!!!!! i was going to go yesterday but husband was driving his mom (=no child care) and totally don’t feel like going today. plus he’s working.


still have leftovers — black beans, veggie sloppy joes

slow cooker lasagna

tater tot casserole — with veggie meat crumbles

need to pick up some kiddo lunch food. whatever that is. she has not been eating much at all lately. unless pirate booty counts.





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