Now, burpees

6 Oct

Maybe not in Beginner Bootcamp: it’s going to be boxing day. i’m terrible at kickboxing but i think i can incorporate some super basic moves

warm up: go over all the punches and kicks

2 min intervals, 30 sec rest:

1. 10 high punches, 10 hammer punches [punch to side], 10 knees

2. left jab, left jab, right cross, left uppercut, right uppercut



3. crunch and punch, start with 2 & add on up to 10; go back down if time

4. seated: punch 20 straight overhead narrow, 20 wide

5. sumo stance, 10 punches, shuffle forward, 10 punches, shuffle back, 10 punches

6. 100s: someone calls out a punch, do 100 reps, repeat during time

7. hook – uppercut – side kick

8. 10 knees, 10 front kicks, switch legs

stretch: down dog, crescent lunge to side angle, wide leg forward fold, repeat other side, down dog, up dog, child pose



1. high knees, jump ropes, jacks, squats x2

2. push up + pendulum leg

3.  burpee: + star jumps

4. lunge stomps

5. burpee: + wall balls

6. planks + hovers

repeat stretches


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