This week

8 Sep

We’ll just let that speak for itself.

so saturday was full of soccer and a birthday party



today FOOTBALL! Harper is really excited. 

Schedule for the week:

Mon: Beginner Bootcamp, Tabata, philosophy class 🙂

Tues: Bootcamp

Wed: c25k, Pilates, philosophy class, Bootcamp

Thurs: Bootcamp

Fri: Group Power, Tabata


Eats: i’m so over trying to eat meat to save time and money. it makes me sad and i don’t even like how it tastes. back to veggies for me.

Sun: leftovers!

Mon: Lasagna [crock pot i think], salad

Tues: stir fry — veggies and tofu over rice; maybe some kind of meat for chris?

Wed: roasted veg over whole wheat pasta

Thurs: taco smash (chris will have regular tacos)

Fri: veggie burgers and salad and green beans

Sat: leftovers/wing it

lunches will be leftovers as well — or sandwiches. Picky pants will likely have mac & cheese . . . i need to start adding veggies to her mac & cheese. i used to do that when she was a baby. anything orange usually works.

back with workouts!


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