it’s wacky wednesday

5 Sep

Harper’s new favorite book.

Harper woke up in the middle of the night last night and I went to her room and as I was trying to go back to sleep I was SO STRESSED out about teaching yoga at the Crossfit place. They were going to offer me a trade which is great, I’d love to try Crossfit BUT let’s get real: when on earth do i have time to work out more? and i need money not more workouts. so i just sent them an email saying i can’t do it now but let’s talk in Jan when maybe I won’t have 47 things to do on Wednesdays. I feel awful as the whole thing was kind of my idea but it was literally keeping me awake last night.

on to the workout – just one class today: bootcamp! i feel like i have been slacking a little bit this week. i’m sure that’s true. so no slacking today:

warm up: 500 meter run (why yes, i am using the metric system now) which roughly equals running behind the  y to anderson st to the bottom of the bridge. on the way we’ll do some butt kicks, high knees, lunges.

now the fun: HILLS. I went to map my run and each light post on the bridge is about 10 meters apart.

circuit 1: 7 min AMRAP

  • run 20-30 meters (so 2-3 light posts) and back
  • 7 star jacks
  • 21 squats
  • 7 hand release push ups

circuit 2: 5 rounds

  • walking lunges 10 meters, jog back down
  • mt climbers x15
  • lateral push ups x10

circuit 3: 5 rounds

  • sprint 20 meters (2 light posts)
  • 20 squats
  • sprint 20 meters (another 2 light posts)
  • 15 squats
  • sprint 20 meters (you get the idea)
  • 10 squats
  • sprint 20 m
  • 5 squats
  • jog to the bottom

not sure how long this will take so if there’s still time we’ll do the next circuit. if not, we’ll do a few planks and talk about how much fun running the bridge is and call it a day

circuit 4: 3 rounds

  • long jump 10 m
  • run backwards 20 m
  • 10 power jacks





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