4 Sep

blah day. ran with pepper about 2 1/2 miles and boy that little dog was super happy about it! she probably could have run more but i’ve never run with her so i was a little hesitant to push it too much. it wasn’t a bad run but i felt a little big and lumbering. could be pms. could be that i’m big and lumbering.

taught bootcamp & tabata today. i felt off the whole time. bootcamp wasn’t very cardio-ish and tabata just sucked. it was the hour long class and it’s just horrible. the people didn’t talk to me or smile and one girl even left early. won’t be doing that again. thankfully i was just subbing.

new bootcamp class starts tomorrow. i hope it doesn’t suck. here’s what i have planned:


@5 min warm up

jog – jacks – jog – jacks – high knees – butt kick – high knees – butt kick – squats – inchworm = squat – inchworm

2 Rounds: 50/10

Renegade Rows — Squat hold with DB bicep curl — DB lateral shoulder raises — Bench dips — Plie Squat Pulses — Mountain climbers  — Star jumps  — elbow plank jacks — Skaters — rest and repeat

2 Rounds: 40/20

180 squat jump — push ups — fast feet sprawl — db swings — upright rows  — alt lunges  — double push up burpee

partner mb: 30-60 sec

oh pass with squat — lunge to chest pass — single leg chest pass — partner slams — partner shuffle — sit ups pass — v sit rotation and pass (back to back)

looking over it i completely hate that workout. it is super hard to know what to do the first class. i don’t want to scare any new people off so no running but i don’t want it to be too easy so i might do this:

  • 5 min warm up followed by lunge with twist, knee grabs, side lunge, down dog to push up at 1 min each

teams of 3 (depending on how many show up) — each team will work together to complete 300 reps of total of each circuit:

  • 1. push ups, squat jumps, knee up crunch
  • 2. oblique crunch (300/side), squats, plank with twist (300/side)
  • 3. bench dips, forward lunge (R+L=1), coffee grinder
  • 4. bonus: partner low 5 push ups 300x
  • 5. abs & stretching

so semi good news — it looks like i’m going to be teaching yoga at the crossfit place in town on Wednesday nights. should be interesting. cross fingers i might have some more yoga in the works. my poor husband. none of this happens while harper is at school and i don’t really make enough to afford a babysitter so it really sucks all around – but do what you love and the money will follow, isn’t that how it’s supposed to work? wonder how long you’re supposed to do what you love while you’re broke?

meh. we’ll see.


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