Pepperoni eyes and a few workouts

25 Aug

my daughter just wandered by talking about pepperoni eyes. i wonder if i should have followed her? 

the plan for this week:

Monday: Beginner Bootcamp, Tabata

Tuesday: Bootcamp, orientation at preschool afterwards! 

Wednesday: C25k, Pilates

Thursday: Bootcamp 

Friday: Maybe a long run? Maybe yoga? maybe both? 

Saturday:  washing cars as a part of a fundraiser for a sick little girl

Sunday: off

my schedule changed a little – notice no more C25k on Mondays; I am teaching philosophy class at the college during that time (yay!) and finally got rid of that 6:45 pm Tabata on Thursday. 

Meal plan: 

Sunday: leftovers/wing it

Mon: veggie burgers 

Tues: couscous and sausages 

Wed: fish and chips

Thurs: breakfast for dinner (eggs, bacon, pancakes, grits, etc)

Fri: pizza night!Image



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