Tabata Friday

23 Aug

I subbed yoga this am and there were all of 2 people there. There’s a lot going on this weekend including that big time Nascar race so I’m guessing the locals just don’t leave the house . . . or they go to the race? that’s where the instructor was. anyway, it was fun and i love teaching and totally enjoying teaching yoga these days.

Finally got myself back on the Tabata rotation. since no one showed up for class last night, I have a ready to go plan (of course i changed some things around. i can’t just leave it alone)


  1. Warm up: 2 jacks + 2 tuck jumps, 2 tuck jumps + power jacks
  2. Upper body: push ups with feet slides on plates,  push ups to down dog
  3. Cardio: burpees + *jacks, *jacks
  4. Lower body: windmill squats (R hand to L foot, jump and switch)/ice picker heel click squat jumps (R arm overhead, squat, jump up, click heels and L arm overhead)
  5. Cardio: double burpees (jump out and in 2x then up to tuck jump)
  6. Abs: planks (on elbows, hip twists; spider; cross body, toe tap)

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