Busy Monday

18 Aug

I’ve taken it pretty easy this weekend – especially knowing I have to teach 4 classes Monday. Check it out:

Beginner Bootcamp

Warm up — [I might use this warm up all week]

  • Crescent Lunges — hold on each side 30 sec each
  • Overhead Squats — hold empty bar or arms overhead, 12 reps
  • Sit-Ups on the ball 12 reps
  • Hip Extension on the ball 12 reps
  • Dips on the floor 12 reps
  • repeat 1x

Circuit 1. Hustle — partners or 2 teams — 5 yoga blocks in a line = distance apart

medicine ball will be at the end of the room — one  person has to pick up and ladder back to the start (run forward 2 blocks, back 1, etc) — those waiting will perform high knees, butt kicks, squats with front kicks, burpees, mt climbers, etc dep on # of people

Circuit 2. blanket pulls — or optional pulling sandbag on a jump rope — forwards and backwards

Circuit 3. teams will be on one end of the room and one person at a time will run to other end, perform a clean with 2 presses and run back. repeat till everyone has gone — people waiting will perform squats, lunges, planks, push ups, etc depending on # of people

Circuit 4. everyone will take a weight overhead — medicine ball, dumbbell, sandbag-  and do one lap of walking lunges around the room

Circuit 5. 4 mats in a circle — the group must complete (as a team) 100 reps total of the following exercises:

  • renegade push ups
  • supermans
  • mt climbers
  • side plank high 5’s

Repeat one or more circuits depending on time





  1. jacks/mt climbers
  2. db thrusters/db high pulls
  3. lunge jumps/high knees
  4. burpees/supermans
  5. squat thrusts with push up
  6. plank variations

plank variations



I don’t know yet — I am SO bored with pilates. Maybe I’ll do some Yogalates tomorrow? I just feel like I do the same thing all the time — any ideas out there?



We’re getting to the home stretch here — the app is only 8 weeks long and from this week on it’s all running the whole time. I don’t know if everyone is ready for that so here are some options for this week:

  • warm up 5 min walk; run 4 min, walk 1 x4
  • warm up 5 min walk, run 5 min, walk 3 min, run 8 min, walk 3 min, run 5 min
  • warm up 5 min walk, run 9 min, walk 2 min x3

Then a bit of butt/gut & stretching

check out the workout for butt and gut routine following c25k


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