Next week

17 Aug

yay! 2 days off — i might do some yoga at home but i’m not going to the gym, not listening to or practicing group power and i might even eat too much. whee!

so next week — i’m teaching all of these:

Monday: beginner bootcamp, tabata, pilates and c25k [we’re on week 7 {however, we have like 4 more weeks before the 5k so we’ll see what folks want to do} so it’s straight up running no walk breaks from here on out — gotta say, i really love those walk breaks . . . ]

Tuesday: bootcamp

Wednesday: c25k, pilates

Thursday: bootcamp, tabata

Friday: yoga (yay!), c25k (maybe?) & possibly tabata

notice — no group power next week (unless something changes in the next few days) and only one class on Tuesday? I might do crossfit in the morning. or you know, not.

Menu plan for the week:

Saturday: leftovers, clean out the fridge. sounds delicious doesn’t it?

Sunday: Fish & chips

Monday: veggie burgers and some thing on the side. corn? green beans?

Tues: pasta night

Wed: breakfast for dinner.

Thurs: sausage and couscous

Fri: pizza [probably homemade]


School [like school where my husband and i teach] starts the 26th. so my monday pm class is going to either change to another time (6pm monday? another day?) and i’ll also have class wed pm. super excited to teach philosophy again. not super thrilled that i’ll make like $.37 and the baybsitter will make $.50 but whatever. Unexamined life not worth living and all that, right?



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