Yoga! and Bootcamp!

13 Aug

First things first — I am taping my Group Power routine Thursday. I have to do that for the assessment portion. I practiced today with basically my boss at the Y and yay! I did it without notes and she sent me an email later that said I did a great job and that my enthusiasm was fantastic. I hope I can get through it while I’m taping it 🙂

Subbing yoga in the am — here’s the plan —

  1. cross legs, easy pose + set intention (for tomorrow: be here now, don’t worry about goals, just practice)
  2. butterfly [bound angle] + windshield wiper legs [drop knees to one side]
  3. wide leg straddles (see below) + windshield wiper legs [drop legs to the other side]
  4. chest to knee R
  5. chest to knee L
  6. chest to middle
  7. child’s pose
  8. sun salutation A
  9. sun salutation B
  10. down dog pedal feet + vinyasa
  11. plank/down dog shifting on breath 5x
  12. mt/tadasana
  13. pyramid/salutation seal
  14. standing wide fold
  15. W1
  16. side plank
  17. sphinx –> down dog
  18. seal (child’s pose with hands clasped behind back)
  19. bow (or 1/2 bow)
  20. locust
  21. child’s pose
  22. 1/2 shoelace (cow face legs, arm oh tricep stretch other arm grabs fingers) + wipers

    Shoelace pose

  23. bottom leg straight
  24. other side
  25. bridge
  26. one leg bridge
  27. wheel (optional)
  28. seated fold
  29. fire log L/R
  30. happy baby
  31. reclined twist
  32. savasana
  33. meditation


I think it’s going to rain so i’ll plan to do things indoors. can always run outside if it’s not raining.

  • warm up:
  • side lunge – high knees – skiers – squats x2
  • side lunge with db R x20
  • high knees 30 sec
  • side lunge with db L x20
  • plie with upright row x20
  • oh press x20
  • weighted skiers x20  (db oh or at chest)
  • repeat 1-3x

if it’s not raining, we’ll go outside at this point. if it is:

  • lunge R x20 (back foot on step)
  • wide jump squats x30
  • lunge L x20
  • skaters  1 min
  • one leg reverse fly x30 (switch legs at 15)
  • squats + bicep curls
  • crescent row x30

repeat 1-2x

  • run out and back across room 5x
  • 50 squat jacks
  • run out and back 3x
  • 50 jump lunges
  • repeat (OMG just typing that i died a little. that’s gonna be tough!) — if we are outside we’ll do this on the nearby hill. double ouch. and we’ll do it 2-4 x outside. yea.


  • toe taps x6
  • double leg extension x2
  • crunches x16
  • repeat 2x
  • 1/2 roll up 4x
  • full roll up 2x
  • crunches
  • double leg extension – hold beginning and end 10 sec







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