Bada$$ workout comin’ atcha

8 Aug

Good stuff for Thursday — before that, today was crazy. i taught 3 classes (group power, running c25k and pilates) THEN went to crossfit. and i LOVED it. going back friday – it’s free this week. otherwise i can’t afford it. cross your fingers – they want to add yoga . . . and i’m a certified yoga instructor . . . maybe a trade?

On to Bootcamp —

here it is:

a little jog around the Y, maybe 5 min

3 rounds: 12 push ups, 30 sec supermans, 1x bear crawl

And now the good stuff:

5 rounds:

5 ninja tuck jumps (you might want to start on a mat and also, this video has really poor sound)

10/leg bridge lift — foot on ball or chair

5 plank jack on bench push ups (an alternate version is to tricep push up while jumping legs wide)

20 one arm one leg bridge ups (start on your back and power up right arm, left leg)

5/leg one leg burpees

We’ll see how long this takes — i’m thinking 20 ish minutes

Finisher + abs:

50 total partner below parallel medicine ball squats

48 total (if barbell, switch sides after 12) partner weighted sync’d squats (we’ll see how we do this — possibly pistol squats or weighted with a barbell, one end on each partner’s shoulder)

30 sec 3x double leg extension toe taps (with db)

30 sec 3x leg raise plank


Then Tabata — I will likely do the same workout I did Mon am as it’s not usually the same people.

  1. squat jump/jump lunges
  2. burpee to floor with push up/push ups
  3. skaters over step/high knees over step
  4. v sit/weighted side plank starfish
  5. plank variations (feet on step, plyo to push up, lateral walking, reverse)
  6. stomp lunges (low lunge, power up one foot landing whole foot on floor)

Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 8.04.56 PM




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