30 Jul

It’s always weird the days I only have one class, right? So this am I got up at 5:30 (AM y’all. AM) and went to the 6 am Tabata class at the Y (the instructor requested that I come along with a couple of other female instructors). I had heard him talking it up so I guess my expectations were super high or I’m just more fit than I thought but it wasn’t very hard. Or maybe I just wasn’t awake? So I think that we (the female instructors) should team up and teach the class. Pretty sure we would have them on the floor.

On to the afternoon — Bootcamp!

warm up: my usual, butt kicks, high knees, arm circles, etc

squat jumps  x25

push ups (on TOES!) x20

alternating back lunge with DB x20/leg

reverse plank 30 sec

chest fly in bridge x20

plank jacks 1 min

tricep dips x20

repeat this.

then we will run. i think it’s a good day for a bridge suicide. that always sounds horrible.

Anderson Street Bridge. Suicide run.



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