This weekend

14 Jul

It’s been a long weekend – I was gone for all of 24 hours to a personal training workshop — It was pretty intense. 6 hours of lecture Friday night, visit with friends & up late studying [ahem, learning ALL the names of muscles! Like “biceps brachii” not just biceps!] and back up at 6am to get ready for more lecture and the exam at 7:30.

Have I mentioned I’m not a morning person?

So I think I did ok — I will know Monday. Stay tuned

Y’all! I passed – 98 on the written exam & excellent review on the practical! Rock!

Coming up this week:

Mon: beginner bootcamp/tabata, c25k

Tues: visiting a 6am tabata class {wth?}, I think subbing yoga is over?, subbing bootcamp, my regular bootcamp

Wed: c25k, pilates

Thurs: bootcamp, tabata

Fri: leaving super early to get to Atlanta (about 6 hrs from here?) by 12 to go to another workshop. this time for group power certification. i’ll be there till sunday. whee.


Sun: Whole bunch of leftovers? I don’t think I have any fresh produce . . .

Mon: Tuna lettuce wraps with pesto and couscous

Tues: Mexican salad/Tacos

Wed: Pasta/Spaghetti Squash with Garlic, Mushrooms, Tomato and Feta

Thurs: Pineapple chicken over rice (stir fry red and green peppers in sesame oil, add chicken & pineapple till warm)

Fri-Sun — I’ll be dining out every meal and leaving the husband and kid here to fend for themselves. Probably a pizza night in there for them.


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